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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Question and Answer Edition

Good day, all my friends. Today marks the addition of a new element to my Wednesday Words of Wisdom.
In last weeks post I talked about fielding questions from you all on some of my Wednesdays.

This weeks question is from my friend Pearl.
She's really put me to the test, as this is quite a weighted question.
I will do my best to answer, and I invite you all to chime in as well in the comment section.

Here it is...

"My question for you for next week is this: Why are there so many pugs in rescues? Pugs are SO over-represented in rescues and shelters and I just can't figure out why that is. Furthermore, why do people do mean things to animals? We are the sweetest things ever. I have just been thinking about that today and looking at some rescue sites. I want to take them ALL HOME. And I would like to poop on all of the losers who treat animals badly. So you just give a wisdom about how I can make that happen!! :)"

Little Miss Pearl

OK, my friend. To start, I will address the first part of your question.
Why so many pugs in rescue?
Well, I think there are many reasons for this.
One is that over time we pugs with our cute faces and sparkling personalities, have come into fashion.
At times we can be very prominent in the public eye
Some humans just have to have the next big thing. I have heard "keeping up with the Jones'" being used in relation to this phenomenon.
Many times these folks, while they may have good intentions, don't do their due diligence when it comes to finding out what is really involved when you commit to care for we somewhat high maintenance pups.
Once the kids are "over us" or the reality of what it takes to keep us in the fashion we are accustomed to sets in, these humans realise they haven't got what it takes.
People who have only ever had a "dog" in the past don't understand that we are a breed apart.
So they give up on us.
That was kinda Brigitte's story, her first Mom "always wanted a pug" but only ever had  labs.
She didn't have the time to devote to Brigitte. She had the whole full time job, husband with full time job, 2 kids, 1 infant, a big dog, and a cat going on. It was too much, and Brigitte wasn't getting the care and attention she deserved. So she lovingly surrendered her to my Mom.
I believe she had every intention of remaining committed to Brigitte , and it was very difficult for her to give her up. But she did what was best for Britte. (better than she could have ever imagined)
Then there are the other factors, such as costly medical issues and changes in life's circumstances. (Although I personally never understood the "I am moving and my next place doesn't allow pets" bullsh*t, but that's a whole other issue)
Unfortunately too, this business about the economy (don't ask me, I don't let it change the amount of money that is spent on me) has more and more people having to give up their pets due to financial hardship.
Plus, with more people becoming aware of the hideous practices at puppy mills, many of these delicate souls are becoming available due to rescues freeing  them at auction.
Every rescue pug has their story, some very much worse than others.
So that is my short answer to part one of your question.

As for part two. Honestly Pearl, I really cannot even begin to try and come up with an answer for that one.
I can only think that people who would hurt an innocent animal are extremely sick individuals.
I like the idea of pooping on them though, or worse!

[ Insert cute picture to lighten up serious post]
Sluggo steals a kiss from Wilma

Now, Pearly, that last part, about making it happen. I wasn't sure if you were talking about pooping on losers, or taking home all the rescue pugs.

I am going to take the high road on this one, and talk about the ways we can help the pugs who need people. The pooping part, I think that will all work it self out in the end. No pun intended.

One thing I'd like to point out, is that all of you out there on your blogs are already doing something to help put pugs in the spotlight.

Puglet with his flat self.
Punchy and her crew over at Pug Possessed, with the work they do with rescue.
The folks over at A Pugs Voice who bring us up close and personal to the blood, sweat and tears involved on the front lines of pug rescue.

So, on what ever level they can, our humans should keep on keeping on giving us a voice.

Some things we can all do, is to educate, educate, educate the people who stop us, where ever we are, to get a piece of us.
Give them the good, the bad and the ugly, and if they still think they are up for it, tell them all about rescue.
Now, that is not the easiest thing for me to say. I am a pedigreed pug from champion lines. My breeder, God rest her soul, was deeply committed to the pug breed her whole life. And for those people, who are so devoted to continuing to breed healthy happy pugs, I have a deep respect.
But, I did have a talk with Mom and Dad when I was younger, and we have agreed that any new pugs who came to live with us, would be rescues.

I have some other ideas about how I can help those flat faces out there, and I will be working on them together with Mom.
One thing, is to work a little with the side bar on the blog. I want to include more resources and links and things of that nature.
We can all do a little more. Be creative. Money is good, but that's not all that can be done.
We can contact our local rescues and volunteer to transport pugs in need.
We can donate towels, food, toys, crates.
We can use our voices. Bark out loud for all the pugs who don't have one.

All that being said, and I didn't even say everything I wanted to. I am going to close what may turn out to be my wordiest post yet.
This weeks post was a little on the serious side for me. But, I'm OK with that.
Sometimes, life is serious. We must balance our comic sides with our dramatic, our yin with our yang.
Balance our chi, make a deposit into the good karma account.

May you all have a beautiful day.


  1. Hi Wilma! You have outdone yourself this time. You took a very complex set of questions from Pearl and addressed them perfectly. What can I say but bravo!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Wilma,
    Bravo! You are so right in explaining why so many pugs are in rescues. That's how we got Lincoln. Someone had just dropped him off, probably because their kids got tired of him or they moved and didn't take him with them. Every time mommy gets an e-mail from the pug rescue people saying they need another foster home, she wants to cry. I would have 20 foster brothers and sisters if we had the room. It's good of you to highlight how important it is to help all kinds of rescue dogs, not even just pugs. (though pugs are pretty much the coolest!)

    Thanks Wilma!

  3. Excellent post. Pugs ARE cute. Its really too bad owners don't do the research before they take home the puppy. With labs, many people don't realize how high energy they are. (Referring to the field dog variety like me)
    Too many humans choose their dogs based on looks or maybe something they've seen on TV, and just expect it to fall into place.

    We need lots of time, training, exercise and tons of LOVE...they should be made to believe it is like taking on a part time job...except, we're so much more worth it.
    If I ever have puppies, I want to have a whole application form so that my babies only go to homes with humans that are prepared for the challenge. Then I'll know there will be a lot of loving.

  4. Wilma, this is one of my favorite posts that you have ever written! It may be a bit serious, but it is so full of intelligence and love :]

    That photo of Sluggo stealing a kiss completely made my day.

    I think that we should all team up with those awesome men from Rescue Ink and stop the people who are cruel to animals. Puggies pooping on these people sounds like a good idea.... also, that horrible fishy smell that puggies sometimes leak from their bums is also a good weapon.

    Much love to you, dearest!

  5. Oh Wilma,

    You have given me some excellent answers. THANK YOU for addressing my question!!

    I'm sorry it was so serious, I was just hoping we could all discuss and bring attention to that issue. My momma used to do the in-home adoption visits for our local pug rescue, and she met so many families who had unrealistic expectations about pugs. And had so many people call to 'return' their new pug because it shedded too much, snorted, etc. Stuff that made momma want to hit them. But then, of course, we'd always rather them give them back to us than keep them in an unloving home- just like what Brigitte's old family did for her. Gave her a better life.

    And on the other hand, momma met some wonderful families who gave homes to these sweet babies. You can see some of them in this post:

    Anyway... I am rambling now. But I agree with all of your sentiments and encourage all of our sweet friends to help out with their local rescue organizations. It is so rewarding!

    Have a great day, friends!!

    Sunflower Sister,

  6. hi wilma!

    oh you are a very smart puggy!

    pug rescues are truly amazing organizations that work miracles through their love and dedication.

    this is the good stuff life is made of!

    m & e

  7. You're right, Wil, sometimes life is serious - and these issues are serious. I love your answers and especially the part about barking loud for those who don't have a voice.

    You are as wise as you are beautiful, Wil! :)


  8. First Pearl we love that you asked such great questions and if you need extra poopers Tuni and I volunteer!

    Second Wilma thanks for the great answers...and Tuni agrees. She is so happy she made it to us even after all the bad before.

    Thanks (PS Sluggo geting a kiss from you=pricless!)

  9. Thank you for that wonderful explanation. We also were thinking of the same thing of why we end up in shelters and how come some humans hate us by hurting us.
    ~Baby and Lucy

  10. Hey Stubby,
    Thanks for the props. I really appreciate it.

    Hi Minnie Moo,
    I am so glad Lincoln is with you. getting love and cared for. As it should be.

    Hi Emerald,
    Yes,like a part time job. Only you have to pay. Your paycheck comes in the form of unconditionallove. And an occasional poop on the floor.

    No need to appologise my dear. I am glad you brought up such an important issue.
    One of the people who were looking to adopt Sluggo was on the phone with Sammy, Sluggos foster Mom, and Sluggo (Howie at the time) was barking in the background. She asked "is that my pug?" Sam said yes. She said " he's awfully vocal". That was the end of that.
    Godd for your Momma helping all those sweet pups.
    There is a local program that teams senior dogs with senior citizens. I am trying to convince my Nana that she needs one of these babies. I think she's cracking.
    Love you Sunflower Sister!

    Melissa and Emmett,
    Yes, the good stuff. Isn't is awesome to be able to witness!

    Aw shucks Auntie,
    That means so much coming from one diva to another.
    Right back atcha!!

    Hi Sequoia and Tuni,
    We are so glad Tuni made it to you also. She spreads somuch love, we are happy to know her!

    Hi Baby and Lucy,
    It's just so wrong. Some people are just plain bad!

  11. Wilma
    You did awsome with that challenging question.
    We sometimes wondered the same thing.

  12. Oh Wilma!! You really addressed a serious issue with class 'cuz my Momma would have inserted some words to makes truck driver blush.

    Mommy picked up an 8 year old because the lady gave birth to hooman... okay.. butt isn't yous Puggie part of yous family too?? You had her for 8 years!! Surely the Puggie was not vicious or put hooman in danger.. just 'prolly matter of 'da Momma not wanted to take care of 'da Puggie anymore gave now she had 'da baby??
    Who knows.. butt it was 'da saddest thing..
    That little puggie cried the entire time and Mommy transported her an hour drive.

    If Mommy and Daddy ever lost 'da farm.. and the new place didn't allow pets (we's not pets..whatever) Mommy said she'd live in a yurt wits us or sometimes... even 'dere little red beetle!!

    Great Post Wilma!!!

    Power to 'da Puggie!!
    We's special and shed and snuff and snore and grunt and farts and stubborn and potty issues.. butt guess what...

    Our Pawrents wouldn't have it's any others way!!


    Josie and IzZY sista.. and Anakin Man (s'up lady)

  13. hee hees... 'da Josie meant to say after yurt.. or somewhere.. like..even 'dere little red beetle..

    ha ha!! Yeah.. Sometimes...snorts.. Mommy and Daddy lives in 'da beetle... ba ha ha ha..

  14. i think you are correct---- poop on all those who are mean to us wonderful little creatures



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