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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom

"Be the best you you can be"

How do you like this layered picture of me, Brigitte and Sluggo?

Hello my peeps. I'll have you know, I struggled with this weeks wisdom. Not that I don't have volumes of brilliant observations and information to share with you, because I do, but sometimes it can be difficult to articulate.

Then, I was looking back over the past  week, and thinking of all the interesting things I learned about all of you. I had a couple of thoughts. Canines, in particular but not exclusively we of the pug dog ilk, have a lot of unique qualities. At the same time we consistently have many similarities.

I mean, who would have thought when I told you about how Brigitte likes to remain on top of anything you want to move, that Toby Moses would chime in that he does the same thing? And who knew there were so many PIPs (poop eating pugs) out there?

We all differ in many ways as well. Some of us like to swim, while others (such as myself) must be carried over puddles.Some of us (like Sluggo) are very clingy, lovey dovey dogs, while others (like me) are fiercely independent.

So, for this weeks wisdom, I am asking you all to celebrate being you. You are all fabulous, wonderfully quirky, little beasts.There will never be another you. Follow your heart and don't make excuses for what you think, do or say. Even if  it's eating poop. I guess some of it tastes just as good the second time around. (A mint would be nice though) I am not so sure this is really any kind of revelation, especially to us pugs. But I decided this would be a good time to emphasize it.

Lastly, I was thinking that, in addition to sharing my many nuggets of wisdom, I would like to make this Wednesday thing relevant to all of you as well.
So starting next week, I will be fielding questions. If  there is something you have been struggling with, or you just have a curiosity, leave a comment on any of my posts, and I will do my best to answer it in a Wednesday Wisdom post. Right or wrong, I will have something to say, rest assured.
If you are shy, and would like to ask anonomously, you can e-mail my Mom and she will pass it along. Her e-mail is on my profile page.

I hope you all are having a great week.
Peace out,


  1. Wilma, I just LOVE your wisdom this week. And every week, of course!

    We really should celebrate our similarities and our differences! You are so right! I am quirky and high maintenance and according to my momma... perfect! :)

    My question for you for next week is this: Why are there so many pugs in rescues? Pugs are SO over-represented in rescues and shelters and I just can't figure out why that is. Furthermore, why do people do mean things to animals? We are the sweetest things ever. I have just been thinking about that today and looking at some rescue sites. I want to take them ALL HOME. And I would like to poop on all of the losers who treat animals badly. So you just give me your Wilma wisdom about how I can make that happen!! :)


  2. Hello Wilma!!
    Great post!! We's were once told by someones to blog wits more purpose..butt.. our shtick is making people laugh and smile. If 'dats something we's can make just one person do... mission accomplished!!

    We's are who's we are.. and we's ain't changing..
    Mommy studies comedy at Second City in Chicago and writes.. we's get our humor from her..
    we's all can have same blogs...
    and for us wanting to maintain to integrity of our blog when asked to maybe change.. well..

    thanks sister!!
    IzZY and Josie Sista

  3. I's try to say 'dat...

    we's all can't have same blogs...

  4. Dis is a wunderful ideas Wilma.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

    PeeS Josie and IzZy girlfuriends! DO NOT change your bloggie ways! Youz makes us laugh and that is a good thing!

  5. Oh Wilma! We missed you and your wise ways!!!

    Mom is catching up with your bloggie and your vacation looks like it was SO NICE!!!!

    She also "honk laughed" (like a goose) when she read that Sluggo isn't gay...he's bi-curious. Riiiiiiight.

    S-Dog (your Sunflower "Sista")

  6. hi wilma!

    oh wht a wonderful post!

    we cannot wait to read your answers to all of the worldy questions that will be coming in!

    i will have to put my thinking cap on to ask one too!


  7. Wilma we luvs the post! Ok we are going to start thinkings hard about what important questions to ask yous.

    Sequoia and Tuni

  8. How do you throw off the pug-leader?
    -Lily :)

  9. How do you keep the mamas home? They've been off doing lots of things...which Isa just dont likes.
    -Toby Moses

  10. How do you paw without "claw"?
    -The Slimmer Mamas
    Pee-S: Seriously...Lily and Mimi do not get the concept like the older ones. :)

  11. Oh Wilma, you are wise beyond your years! I am going to start celebrating me right now!!!

    Your pal, Pip

  12. Great words of wisdom, Wilma! Reading your words makes us really like who we are.
    ~~Your puglet duo, Baby & Lucy

  13. Great words of wisdom..thank you for reflecting over the past week. BOL
    Benny & Lily

  14. Well,well, Pearl,
    You certainly have given me a lot to think about. Those are some heavy questions,but I will do my best to share my thoughts.

    Izzy and Josie Sistas,
    My girls, you make me smile every day, and I appreciate the he!! out of that. So don't change a thing. I love you guys, and Anakin too!

    Maggie Mae,
    I am glad you like it, thanks.

    Hi Sal,
    We sure did have a great time on vaca. I am going to go ahead and let Sluggo speak for himself. When he is ready.

    Melissa and Emmett,
    Don't think too hard, I don't want to get stumped right out of the gate.

    Hi Sequoia and Tuni,
    You just let me know when you are ready. I will hook my girls right up.

    I may have to reject that question.I don't want to give any of my secrets away!

    Now Toby Moses,
    I just may be able to help you out, I have been very successful with that as of late.

    Slimmer Mommas,
    Hmmmm...paw without claw. Not sure I can answer that one. Mom has a couple scratches from helping with our nails this weekend.

    That's the attitude!

    Baby and Lucy,
    That's what I'm talkin' about.

  15. Wilma you is so very wise. This is good advice to follows. Mum luvs that I am me even though I am a bigger pug.

    I do have a question to ponder for a Wednesday. Why do complete strangers always have to state their opinion when they pass us pugs on a leisurely walk......." Oh my you are too fat, or you could Do with a die"t. You wouldn't say this comment to a person why make this comment to a pug? It makes mum mad when people always have to voice this comment. Maybe these people should worry less about my weight and more about their own weight. Why do people feel the need to make this comment?

  16. I'm glad to have such a wise friend, Wilma....thanks for your tidbits of wisdom. I'd like you to know that I would be happy to carry you over the puddles. (Before I roll around in them)

  17. This is a great idea Wilma. You are the perfect choice for advice.
    Our question is, how do I find a good man without seeming too eager? I am single and ready to mingle, but also want the boys to compete for me with poetry and fun dates and even a post dedicated to me. Am I asking too much? Mom says I am living in a dream world.


  18. this blog is very interesting wilma and emerald you can carry wilma nanny over the snow and ice this winter- o.k.?



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