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Monday, August 16, 2010

You Like Me....You Really Like Me

I am so honored to announce that I have received my first award. Now at first I had my pals over at Those Elgin Pugs, Izzy, Josie and Anakin to thank. And thank them I do! It sure means a lot to me. Then low and behold, Mom calls me over yesterday to see that I have been awarded again by my friends over at The Pugs Strike Back. Wow, thanks Yoda and Brutus. I am truly humbled. Aw, who am I trying to fool, there is nothing humble about me, but Brigitte and Sluggo most certainly are.

So next you get seven things about us you didn't already know. Since we are such an open book here at Wilma the Pug, this will be tough. tough, but fun.

1.) Brigitte likes yogurt, but hates Greek yogurt. Don't try and fool her, she can't be tricked

2.) Sluggo can be upset by random items placed on top of certain surfaces. He has been known to cry and bark at said items until someone figures it out and removes them.

3.) Large white dogs get us very excited.

4.) Brigitte will sit or stand on any rug or piece of furniture when you are trying to move them. Don't try and make her move, she won't. Just take the extra 20 pounds and go with it.

5.) Sluggo is not gay, he is bi- curious.

6.) I don't like to go the same way on my walks. I require variety. If I disapprove of the direction my walk is taking, I have been known to park it until my demands of new horizons are met.

7.) I like to find the perfect tuft of grass then circle 33 times getting ready to pee while the blades of grass tickle my belly.

OK, for the next part, we are going to pass this award on to 15 blogs that we just discovered that we think are fantastic.

So, here goes, we are going to try and not repeat anyone who has already gotten the award, but we can't make any promises.

First award goes to my boyfriends new blog  It's a Pugs Life.
No apologies here, I love me some Murphy man and I want everyone to go and meet him.

Second award goes to my Auntie Diva, my inspiration over at Beacheats.
I didn't see any rules against nepotism.

Third, I would like to pass this award along to The Blab Labs.
They re new bloggers, and they came over to follow me. I think they are just great!

Fourth recipient, Amazon Cares.
I met these guys through pets blogroll and am in awe of the work they do in  Peru for stray animals.

Fifth blog to get the award is I am Marlene Hear Me Roar
I just started following her. I think she rocks.

I just love Louise, I want to be just like her when I grow up.

The seventh bog to receive the award is A Minnie Minute
Minnie Moo is a little princess with a brand new blog and a foster brother named Lincoln. Go over  and give her a shout.

For our eighth selection we chose Noodles Lady Liberty over at A Bowl of Noodles
She is just the cutest!

Number nine is  for Sasha & Cleo
They have been blogging for a while, but they are new to us.

The tenth blogger we would like to give the award to are Baby and Lucy
Brand new bloggers with a very nice look.

Blog number eleven is Lola bugs
We love her blog. She just lost her beloved brother Skeeter, please stop by and say hi.

For the tenth spot, we choose A Day in the Life of our Pugs
Another new to us blog.

Eleventh nominee is those Slimmer Pugs
We love all our peeps over there. They have only been blogging since May, and they feel like old friends.

For the 12th blog we would like to recommend Jessica Lynn, James Dean and Ringo the pugs over at  Rebels with a Cause
Jessica is a very talented young lady with the cutest pugs. She also has an ETSY shop where she sells hand crafted items.

Alright, lucky number 13 goes to Puglette
Not really new to us, but if you haven't checked her out, you should.

For award number fourteen, we choose Mason
I like the way this pug thinks!

Last but not least is Ying and Yang
Cutest Puggles I know.

Thanks again to my good friends for giving me this award!


  1. Hi Wilma! Congrats on your award! I love learning little tidbits about all my friends and I find your tidbits most interesting.

    I find it very interesting that you don't like to go the same way on your walks. I must go the same way so I can stop and see all my friends. And I don't know what bi-curious is but I hope it's not contagious!

    Stubby xoxo

  2. Congrats on your 1st award you guyz! You is so deserving of it. I luvs learning new stuffs 'bout my furiends.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  3. Awsww, Wilma, my love, I'm honored. Duke and I have never gotten a blogging award before! Mommy is tickled! Maybe that means she'll make us some homemade cookies at lunch!

    We love your blog and all of your fans!

    Have a great week!
    -Murph Man and the Duke of Whirl

  4. Thanks for awarding Amazon CARES! Your first award - congrats! Is it the most versatile blog award? Do I need to pass it on? Inspired by you I think my Follow Fridays this week will be all pugs! Just now calculating prize results for the hammock at Hope you win! From Molly at

  5. Thanks for the mention, Wilma. I'll be sure to pass it along to Louise (who isn't quite ready to wake up yet, even though we really ought to go for a walk before it gets too hot outside.) I'll link your blog to hers so we can follow easier!

  6. Oh wow! Thank you Wilma for the special honor! We will be sure to make note of it on our pug blog site. We never won a blogging award before. It's quite a honor and we'd like to congratulate you on your 1st place win.
    ~Baby and Lucy

  7. Aw, thanks for the beautiful award, sweet Wil! I truly appreciate it and will put it up later on in the week. You sure did make me smile ... like you always do!

    Hugs and kisses!

  8. We love learning more about our furiends :) It is interesting that you don't like to go the same way on your walks - we bet that you just like to have a little variety.

    Brutus here - Yoda & Sluggo may get along very well since he is a little curious too!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  9. Ms. Wilma...I's totally like you in the fact that I rule the roost at homes and I also circle a bazillion times for a potty spot. Toby, my brudder, is like Brigitte in the whole I'm not moving off the item your trying to move thingy.
    Thanks for the awards...we should post in a few days or so...
    Much Sunflower Sister high paws,
    Gracie Lynn

  10. thank you so much for the award! we love it!! and we love you guys too. the seven facts you shared are too funny. what's up with the large white dogs? thanks!!

  11. Thank you so much Wilma for the award! This is my first award ever! It's so very exciting!

    Lola Bugs

  12. Hi Stubby,
    Yeah, I get bored real easy. Our old neighborhood used to have a lot of options, plus a bakery and my Grammy and Grampy's house. Now I live on a dead end st. I like to insist we take a ride to a new location for walks.
    Don't worry Stubby bi-curious isn't contagious

    Thanks Maggie Mae,
    So do we.

    Hi Murphy and Duke,
    I am glad you like your award. It is very exciting isn't it?!

    My pleasure, I have really enjoyed getting to know Louise through your blog. Enjoy the award.

    Hi Baby and Lucy,
    You are welcome. I hope you enjoy revealing fun things about yourself. I am looking forward to learning them.

    Love you Auntie! Kiss kiss

    Hi Yoda and Brutus,
    Good to know there are other open minded pugs out there.

    Hi Gracie Lynn,
    It's good to be the boss, isn't it? I am also easily distracted while circling. I have been known to relocate after half a million turns.

    Thanks Sallie.

    Hi Puglette,
    The big white dog is a recent development. We started barking at every big white dog we saw at the cape. It wasn't exclusive to the Cape either, Sluggo barked at two big white dogs at the park last week.

    Hi Mama Monster,
    I am so glad you like your award.

  13. Wilma congrats on receiving this award and thank you so much for passing it on to us! We're sending HUGE pug hugs your way and we will be sure to share this in our next blog post :]

    x's & o's

    -Jess, JD, and Ringo

  14. Congrats on your 1st award! We knows there will be many more.

    Your friends, Butter, Sugar, Uncle Fred, and the skunk Jazzy

  15. Wilma, Brigitte, and Sluggo!! Congratulations on your award!! You guys are such great furriends to us and always bring smiles to our faces!!

    We's toast Mint Juleps to the East Coast's Finest!!

    Wilma.. IzZY here... Pip's sister 'dat Kat is plotting a take over of the SunFlowers... now yes she's a girl, butt she's a KITTY and bother's 'da Pip!!! Pips needs help with this.
    Pip told Josie that Rosie "da boss"...Kitty is causing 'da troubles and sleeping in his sock monkey bed!!
    Rosie is trouble!!
    Okay... so we's got your other message too and yes, is the answer to that.. sad huh...

    Okay den!!!
    Flower Power!!
    IzZY sista

  16. pee-s.... Sluggo... hee hee's it's Josie.. yous funnys...

  17. Hi Izzy and Josie (Anakin too)
    OK, I have looked into this Kat character.She might be a cat, but she's a girl and homies don't play dat.
    I have a plan, but it may take a few days to put it into action. Meanwhile, Pip needs to keep a close eye on things at his end. Any changes We will need to be notified immediately.I will fill you in on the details soon. Thanks for the tip.
    Sunflower Power. The Sisters can't be infiltrated!

  18. thx for the award! your pugs are such cuties! sasha does the same thing as wilma -- circle one million times to do her thing on that perfect blade of grass.

  19. Aww thanks Wilma!!!! I feel like a real princess pug now! I can't wait to tell Lincoln.
    You the bestest!

  20. Hi there Wilma!

    Oh you totally just reminded my absent-minded typist that somepuggy gave me this award too! I need to post about it!

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello to my Sunflower Sistas! Ok, ok.. you too Sluggo.


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  22. Hi Wilma
    Congratulations on your award. And so cool how you gave your awards to new ones so we can go say hi,
    I admire you soooo much.
    I loved all the stuff you share about yourself. Yes I can relate to some of the same stuff
    love your sunflower sister



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