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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for an Intervention

So, I had a request from my Dad to lighten up on the blog content. He said he was thinking about not reading anymore.

I definitely agreed that we all could use a good laugh, however my current subject matter is kinda serious. Somehow, I think he'll enjoy it just the same.

Many of you are aware of Brigitte's, eh hem, problem. If not, well, here's the deal...... She eats poop. Not any poop, just her own, but, it's really gross. She's been coming up with all kinds of sneaky ways to snag it up too. As gross as it is, I won't say that I haven't enjoyed seeing mom and/or Dad running around the back yard in their pj's or even less, screaming "Brigitte!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!"

We have decided as a family, that it is time for an intervention. We have contacted Jeff Van Vonderen of the TV show Intervention and he has agreed to help.

Since Brigitte is so busy scheming how to eat poop, she won't be reading the blog. So if any of you would like to attend the intervention, please leave a testimonial depicting how Brigitte's poop eating has affected your life in a negative way in the comment section. Or you can discuss how Brigitte has changed since she has become addicted to poop. we will include you in the intervention which will be held in some random hotel, sometime within the next week or so. Please don't tell her of our plan.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi There!

Hi everybody! Remember me? Wilma the Pug? Yeah, I know, I have been conspicuously absent around blogville. I am trying not to get mad at old Thumbs, since she has been kinda busy, trying to help her Uncle, and his cat through some life transitions. I haven't met this cat, but I have smelled him, and seen photos. He seems kinda nice. His name is Ringo.

Pretty cute huh?
Anyway, I convinced Mom to slow down long enough to help me share some Sunflower Sister business.
Many of you may have heard about Winston's idea to plant some pink flowers in memory of our friend Payton. Well, I sent mom out to find some pretty flowers for the task, and look what she found!

Strawberry Blonde Sunflower seeds. The petals grow into a pretty pink color! I checked them out...

and I approve! Our sunflower garden will be pink this year to honor our Sunflower Sister Payton.

I think she would like that.
We are also looking for something special to plant for Yoda. Maybe something red for his Red Wings, and the Fire Hydrant Club. Do you think fire hydrant and sunflower club flowers could grow together?

Oh, one more thing...

It's my half brother Pablo's Birthday today! He turns eleven today, just like I did a couple of weeks ago. Our dad must have been very busy back then. Some might even call him a slut!

Go on over, and wish Pablo a Happy Birthday. He looks great! Must be the good stock he comes from!

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