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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hi There!

Hi everybody! Remember me? Wilma the Pug? Yeah, I know, I have been conspicuously absent around blogville. I am trying not to get mad at old Thumbs, since she has been kinda busy, trying to help her Uncle, and his cat through some life transitions. I haven't met this cat, but I have smelled him, and seen photos. He seems kinda nice. His name is Ringo.

Pretty cute huh?
Anyway, I convinced Mom to slow down long enough to help me share some Sunflower Sister business.
Many of you may have heard about Winston's idea to plant some pink flowers in memory of our friend Payton. Well, I sent mom out to find some pretty flowers for the task, and look what she found!

Strawberry Blonde Sunflower seeds. The petals grow into a pretty pink color! I checked them out...

and I approve! Our sunflower garden will be pink this year to honor our Sunflower Sister Payton.

I think she would like that.
We are also looking for something special to plant for Yoda. Maybe something red for his Red Wings, and the Fire Hydrant Club. Do you think fire hydrant and sunflower club flowers could grow together?

Oh, one more thing...

It's my half brother Pablo's Birthday today! He turns eleven today, just like I did a couple of weeks ago. Our dad must have been very busy back then. Some might even call him a slut!

Go on over, and wish Pablo a Happy Birthday. He looks great! Must be the good stock he comes from!

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  1. You and your brother are the cutest! The sunflowers will be beautiful and that cat is pretty cute too. We got our coupon for the pugs int he kitchen treats and are super excited. Mom is making us save it until we eat up the treats we already have (and she sure is stingy with them), phooey.

    Urban Hounds

  2. Hi Sunflower Sister Wilma,

    What a great idea! Pink Sunflowers. Payton would love it!


  3. Honey, I think Payton will approve o' them pink sunflowers! An' yeah, you can plant the Fire Hydrant flowers with 'em - just be sure tuh put manure on the Sunflower Club ones! HA!

    I din't know you had a half-brother. Happy birfday tuh the old boy.

    PEE S: That Ringo's perty good lookin'....fer a cat.

  4. Pink sunflowers for Payton ... that is awesome! We're gonna have to see if we can find some of those! We have pink bleeding hearts to plant in our garden in Payton's memory. Mama said they will come back every year ...

    We like the idea of planting something red in memory of Yoda ... we asked mama to look for something for our garden!

    Happy Birthday to Pablo!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Sis! I had a fantastic time at the dog park. Mom will be posting some photos as soon as she gets her lazy ass in gear.

    And belated birthday greetings to you! We share some mighty fine genes. We're both aging gracefully!


  6. Hi there is right! So glad to hear from you. I think the sunflower garden is a wonderful idea and will be a beautiful tribute. Wonderful! Happy Birthday to Pablo!

  7. Pink sunflowers sound perfect! We will have to go look for some of those. We have pink rain lilies to plant in memory of Payton.

  8. this is really interesting, and I'm sure that's a great tribute for Pablo, Happy Birthday Pablo more birthdays to come :)

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  9. Oh my gosh Wilma,.
    I love the idea of pink sunflowers. What could be more perfect than that? I know Payton would think it was a perfect idea.
    And something red for Yoda is a wonderful idea too!
    You have really been thinking.
    I also wanted to wish Pablo a happy birthday too.
    Ringo is very cute. He reminds me of a kitty that we used to have - long ago

  10. hi wilma!
    oh the pink sunflowers you chose are so perfect for payton!
    i think red daisies or sunflowers would also be so perfect for yoda!
    you have such a wonderful heart!
    we can defintely all grow together in one big happy garden!
    m & a



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