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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rainbow Bridge

Yesterday was a sad day. I knew right away, because Mom's eyes were all leaky first thing.
Most of you know that our good friend Payton, lost her battle to Pug Dog Encephalitis early yesterday morning.
She did not give up with out a fight though. Not for a minute. Payton was really a miracle pug. She baffled veterinarians and specialists alike. Living nine years, overcoming what most dogs with this disease succumb to in a very short time.
She did this, I believe, due to the deep devotion, love and commitment of her family, and her own amazing zest for life.
Payton taught us a lot in our short time of knowing her. we are all better pugs because of her.

Payton came to me in a dream last night...

She wanted to let me know that she was OK. That at the bridge, she can run free, breath easy, and there are trees that have bones growing on them. 

She said that Yoda was the first to greet her, and that he gave her a snack straight away.  All the friends who went to the bridge before her are there. They send messages of love to everyone.

Stubby, Lilo, Louise, Dr Zira, Payton, Yoda, Molly O'Mally and Josie

She also wanted me to tell you all that she can see everyone coming together to hold her Mom, Dad, Gammy and Gampy in their hearts right now. She said thank you from the bottom of her heart.
She said that she misses her family very much, and she feels their love all the way at the bridge. But she does not want us to stay sad for too long. She wants us to know, that she will be watching over her family and friends, and that she will always live in our hearts.

Some memories...

For Payton and Yoda, and all the friends who went before you, we miss and love you. Until we meet again


  1. Dear Wilma
    This is such a beautiful tribute to our dearest bravest girl with so much courgage... our Payton.
    Payton was so loved by everyone.
    Thank you for sharing your dream about Payton with us. I know what a happy day it will be for all of us, when we all walk across that Rainbow Bridge in the sky- and we all run to meet each other- with open paws and arms.
    Thank you for always knowing how to say the things that we find hardest to say.
    Payton will live in our heart forever.
    Run free sweet Payton- until we meet again.

  2. What an awesome tribute! However, mama's eyes are leaking, again. She has done a lot of that since Thursday night! We keep licking her tears away but then she grabs us and hugs us really tight. Then she kisses us and tells us that we will never know how much she loves us ...

    We never got to meet Payton or any of the others in the Rainbow Bridge picture but it makes us happy that everyone was there to greet Payton when she got there!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  3. So beautiful...what a wonderful dream Wilma :-) Thank you for sharing it with us, sharing our sorrow & our gratitude for knowing Miss Payton.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. Such a beautiful and true tribute to such a fighter. We will all miss her so very much. Her family loved her so, as we all know from the care they gave her.

    Minnie and Mack

  5. What a lovely post and we are so touched you put Dr. Zira in the picture. Its been a sad month in blogville, we know Zira was so happy to see Payton and Yoda and that the three of them are having a lot of fun now at the all yo can eat buffet.

    Again we just love the picture Mom does not know how to make those special pictures and is so impressed that you can.

    urban hounds

  6. We were so sad to hear about Payton. Thanks for sharing with us what she told you in your dream. We are happy to know that Yoda and so many of our other furiends already at the bridge were there to greet her.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Brutus & Ellie

  7. I know Payton is looking down at us and smiling happily at how many friends she has who were so grateful for her friendship. I have seen so many tributes today and I hope it can help Payton's mama and daddy a little bit during this hard time. Thanks blogville, for caring so much for all of us and creating such a caring community.

    RIP Payton. You will be dearly missed. :(

  8. What a beautiful tribute to the lovely Miss P. She is profoundly missed by all who knew her xoox

  9. Hi Wilma!
    This is an amazing Tribute to an amazing Pug! I was so upset to hear about the passing of such a wonderful Pug, Payton was such an inspiration to everyone, she touched all our hearts! Payton was a fighter right to the end and her story is one of courgage and love! I am so sad to hear that she is over the rainbow bridge but she will be waiting for us all there and we will play fetch forever! She will be forever in my heart! Love to all those who have left us and their Familys! Love, Hugs and Tummy Rubs from your Friend Frank xxxxxxx

  10. Hi Wilma!

    This is such a nice tribute.
    We were so sad to hear about Payton.
    She was a fighter, and she has many
    friends at the Rainbow Bridge now.
    We will miss her.

    -Dana, Daisy & Bruce



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