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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stuffing It!!!!

Hi everybody!!! I'm checking in to let you know that my doghouse is getting stuffed to the gills! Everyone has been sooooo generous! I love you guys.

Pearl and Daisy sent a nice soft dog bed, and treats!

Rae, and her puggies Priscilla and Phyllis sent shampoo and treats!

Every ones pal Ruthie, sent 2 kinds of shampoo

Ruthie's friends Daisy, Belle and Roxy from Down-under Daisy sent treats and more shampoo! Those are going to be some squeaky clean pups)

Oskar and Pam sent along a really fun squeaky toy and jerky treats!

Marcia Shimer, thank you for sending 3 whole bottles of shampoo!

Everyone knows how generous those Slimmer Pugs are. Well, Momma Mindy did the sweetest thing! She sent gifts to the puggers in memory of our dearly departed Yoda!
She sent nail trimmers, 2 different kinds of puppy teethers, and one of those awesome hide a squirrel toys! Thank you so much Momma Mindy Slimmer.

Another really nice lady named Arielle donated 100 whole dollars! She saves Shar-pei's all on her own from high kill shelters in New York. When Mom helped to transport one of the dogs Arielle saved, she was happy to contribute to the Homeward Bound Rescue. Thank you so much Arielle!

Can you believe all this loot?!!!

We are also continuing to match your donations with blankets and toys. I just don't have a picture right now.
My birthday is this Sunday, so there is still time to join the challenge.
If you haven't been acknowledged for your donation, please don't be offended. Organization is not Mom's strong suit. Just give us another heads up. We don't want to miss anyone for the drawing.

Thanks again everyone. You are the best!


  1. I'm glad everyone is hopping aboard your wonderful way of celebrating your birthday and I certainly hope you have a most wonderful birthday on Sunday!


  2. YAY!!! We plan to donate some more in honor of Payton's birthday, which is tomorrow. We're so happy your birthday wish is being fulfilled!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  3. Hi Wilma! Of course, everyone is participating! It was such a great idea of a great pug! And don't forget to stop by and participate in my Birthday Comment-a-thon tomorrow for your project!

  4. PS. Your new blog header pic is fabulous!

  5. I am missing everything! Momma has been way too busy to help me with my bloggie so I have no idea what is going on. Do I send doggie things to fill your house up? Or do I send money? Or do I send myself? HELP!


  6. yay! i'm so happy you are doing this wilma! how sweet of you to use your birthday to help those sweet puggies.

  7. Just donated a cuddle bed, to celebrate Payton's birthday. Thank you for helping rescues!!!

  8. What a wonderful thing you have done to help these puggies

    Urban Hounds

  9. Wow that dog house really is getting stuffed with "stuff"!
    How wonderful this is.

  10. Hi Wilma! I love your new blog backround photo! You look super cute! You are so thoughtful with it all, it is such a great thing you have done to help the poor pugs! I'm so happy you have all that good loot to give them - love the photo of you with the loot too! Love, Licks and Pug Hugs from Frank xxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Wilma,

    We made a purchase over at Amazon and left the info on your original post.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  12. Did I send two? I think it was only one shampoo...


  13. Ok guys,

    Please bear with me. Mum and i are heading cross the border this saturday for pug meet. We are going to load ups and send our stuff from washingmachine state as it is WAY WAY cheaper in postage!


  14. what great news!

    Stop on by for a visit



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