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Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello peeps and pups!!!

Stopping in for a quick update, as I only have old " Thumbs" for a few minutes.
I can't even begin to express how happy I am about all of the participation in my challenge. It has been so awesome to see how everyone pulled together to help out the Homeward Bound Pug Rescue. I will give a more detailed description of all the additional donations on a later post. But, I really wanted to show you THIS!!!

We did it!
My house is pretty stuffed, and I know there is something on its way from Winston to add to the pile! (you can't really see it, but there is a fire hydrant print blanket as a nod to the boys)

The house is stuffed with blankets that Mom made, under my supervision, of course. Plus, all those lambies!

Like I said, there have been additional items purchased for the pugs, and I want to thank our friend Payton for her Commentathon! Thanks to her generosity, those pugs are going to be showered in even more wonderful gifts.
 Fear not! if you haven't been able to check out the rescues Amazon wish list, you still have time. My Birthday isn't til tomorrow. So if you would like to add something to my virtual doghouse, you still can!

I will be working with Mom to complete our package, and compose a final tally of all the items donated, along with pulling together my giveaway. So check back soon.
 Thank you again, from the bottom of my impish pug heart!
Could it be that it took me almost eleven years to figure out that what they say is true? That giving actually is better than receiving?

I'll have to let you know.


  1. so awesome!! those pugs are going to love that big box of blankets and toys!

  2. Wilma
    This is just so very exciting and I am happy right with you. Just think of the big difference this will make in so many puggy lives and those who are trying to help take care of them.
    Your house is popping at the seams!
    good job!

  3. Hey, can we make our momma donate a pug rug? when is our deadline? she's sloooooow.

    Gen & Foo

  4. This is awesome Wilma! And thanks for the shout out. I was happy to help, and can't wait to see all the donations and final totals.
    PS. Hope you had a great Birthday yesterday!!

  5. Whoohoo! That's wonderful that your doghouse is FULL!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy



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