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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for an Intervention

So, I had a request from my Dad to lighten up on the blog content. He said he was thinking about not reading anymore.

I definitely agreed that we all could use a good laugh, however my current subject matter is kinda serious. Somehow, I think he'll enjoy it just the same.

Many of you are aware of Brigitte's, eh hem, problem. If not, well, here's the deal...... She eats poop. Not any poop, just her own, but, it's really gross. She's been coming up with all kinds of sneaky ways to snag it up too. As gross as it is, I won't say that I haven't enjoyed seeing mom and/or Dad running around the back yard in their pj's or even less, screaming "Brigitte!!!!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!"

We have decided as a family, that it is time for an intervention. We have contacted Jeff Van Vonderen of the TV show Intervention and he has agreed to help.

Since Brigitte is so busy scheming how to eat poop, she won't be reading the blog. So if any of you would like to attend the intervention, please leave a testimonial depicting how Brigitte's poop eating has affected your life in a negative way in the comment section. Or you can discuss how Brigitte has changed since she has become addicted to poop. we will include you in the intervention which will be held in some random hotel, sometime within the next week or so. Please don't tell her of our plan.

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  1. We had this issue with the late great Dr. Z

    urban hounds

  2. The horror of Brigitte's obsession has caused my left pinky to twitch in an uncontrollable fashion ever since I heard tell of her.....current eating habits. The mere thought of it has me totally losing my appetite and as a Gampy I must maintain my Gampy figure.

    Please Brigitte, come to your senses (and when you do go help Puglet!!).


  3. Brigitte's poop eating is causing mommy's PTSD (poop trauma stress disorder) to flare up as I (Pearl) love to snack on my own poo and it makes mommy CRAZY!!!! She goes especially cuckoo when I do it while she's eating lunch and can see me in the back yard. Then she has to run out and poo pick. It's great!

    I say eat all the poo you want! Just do it fast before your parents catch you. (Mom says I'm an enabler. What's the problem with that? It sounds like a good thing)

    Pug love from,
    Pearl (& Daisy)

  4. Bridgett's poo eating has caused great distress in my life. Like Pear, my mum suffers from PTSD. Although she knows that I would NEVER think about eating poo, she is scared that Poppy (who is very influential) will see Bridgett's poo eating as a great way to rebel. Unlike Bridgett, Poppy seems most interested in MY poo - while it is still coming out of me. Do you know how traumatic it is to have your mum screaming wildly at your sister to stop sniffing you poo - while you are trying to poo? It just wrecks my concentration and messes up my entire day.
    Please Bridgett, you need to be a good role leader and give up the poo.

  5. All this poop talk- has cause me to automatically now walk uncontrollably over to the cat box, and start looking at the cat poop.
    My poop is picked up quickly by moms before it even hits the ground.
    Soooo, then I go outside and look at the bird poop. Now I am beginning to sniff and drool over bear poop.
    I hope all this poop issue gets taken care of soon!
    I think you should write a term paper on the benefits of eating that poop- maybe things would change.
    Now I am singing songs about poop!
    "Swing that butt all around
    let the turds fall to the ground"!

  6. Let's hope the intervention works!

    Minnie and Mack

  7. Pssst. Brigitte. Come on over here. Mom can't keep up with all four of us and poop so you're good!

  8. Brigitte why are you eating your poop, are you hungry or what, I hope the intervention works well for you Brigitte :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  9. Ohhhh poor Brigitte!
    I eat poop but its usally cat poop or some other dogs very tasty poop, I dont eat my own! I wonder why she eats just her own poop?? It sounds so funny, all your ways of trying to stop her doing it! At leat she cleans up after herself! Hee,Hee! Well I dont think you need an intervention at all, its a cute little quirk! Ha,Ha! I guess you dont get many kisses though!! Hee,Hee!
    Happy eatting! Love, Licks, Hugs and Tummy Rus from your Friend Frank xxxxxxxxxxxx
    PS. Have you seen my blog, I have been waering the collar I had of you and I get comments on how beautiful it is and how it compliments my fur all the time! so THANK YOU again! xxxxx

  10. Ever since Brigitte started eating poop, my life has been on a downhill slide. I can't sleep. I dream of turds. I curse all the time because I want to be a potty mouth like Brigitte!


    I hope she gets help!


  11. Oh my dog!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. Since we learn of nasty eating Poo habit, La Mamma that when we meet, we are not allowed to receive any kisses from Brigitte!!! She does not care we are Mexican Cousin!!! no Kiss!! so please Brit-brit!!! you need to STOP!!!
    Your loving Mexican Kissing Cousins!!!
    Spongy,Licky & Patrick

    P.S. La mamma says she LOOOOOOVEs your Banner Photo!!! and porfavor Di NO a las Popos!

  13. Brigitte, honey.....I got this disease called the I.B.S. (I'm thinkin' that stands fer "I Be Sh*ttin'".)

    Anyhoo....ever' time I hear 'bout you eatin' yer doo, it gits me all grossed out an' upset an' the I.B.S. kicks in tuh gear.

    Honey, addiction really does hurt the people in yer life I tell ya what.

  14. Just wanted to let you know we got our prize and it is terrific we posted about it today. Thanks so much for having the contest and raising money fpr pug rescue

    urban hounds

  15. "Wilma the Pug" has been included in this weeks Sites To See. I hope this helps to attract many new visitors here.

  16. I'm just glad to hear that there's another pug out there with the same problem. cleo used to eat sasha's poop, not her own, not anypug else's. after keeping them separated for long time, she finally snapped out of it, but I still catch cleo giving sasha's bum a wistful look every once in a while :)



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