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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Lost on you Challenge~ Sluggo's Contribution

Hello people's! Sluggo here. Wilma has let me borrow her blog today so I can give you some important information. We got and Email from Home Again. They are the folks who monitor my microchip. They are having an campaign to raise awareness about how to keep us pets safe during the Independence Day holiday. They are calling it Not Lost on You It seems that the greatest number of pets go missing on Independence Day each year, than any other day. Makes sense, I know I hate all the loud scary noises. I totally freak out when people start firing off those darn salutes.

So if you follow that link above to the website they give you a link to take the pet safety awareness quiz, as well as take a pledge to keep all of us critters safe during all the chaos. Or you could also click on the banner on the sidebar to get to the page. It's a whole social media blitz to raise awareness so I have a feeling Britte will be tweeting about it too!

I do want to make sure everyone understands that there are plenty of things to include us in over the weekend. So don't just abandon us for those dumb rockets.

Some of the things we can participate in...

1.) BBQ's

2.) Swimming

3.) Trips to the beach

4.) Parks

5.) Hiking

6.) Whippy

Or you could just stay home and watch Criminal Minds re-runs.

Whatever you do, be safe and have fun!

Thanks Wil, for letting me post today!



  1. Sluggo,
    I'm not too keen on those fireworks either. They can be very loud. Thanks for the great information...and good ideas on how to spend time on the upcoming holiday.

  2. I'll be spending time in my new Thundershirt for sure on the evening of the 4th, if not before!

    Thanks for reminding us of those important things.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Great post! I say a cup of whippy cream is the best way to celebrate! Fortunately, I have never been bothered by fireworks, but I know many dogs are - stay safe everybody!

    Your pal, Pip

  4. We are so grilling this weekend. And swimming. Mom keeps the tv up loud during the weekend, even though fireworks are banned in our city. The cats are more freaked out than we are although we do bark sometimes. Isabelle is the only one who doesn't have a problem. Being deaf can be a blessing!

  5. Hi Sluggo
    Thank you for sharing this great information with all of us. And all the ideas of things we furries can be involved in toooo.
    We live way out in the country, and you would be shocked to see soooo many furries who ran from the city because they were scared,, and the doggies just sit on the side of the road waiting for all the noise to stop and for someone to come take them back home. They get so afraid.
    I wish everyone could also learn how to make the 4th of July not so scary for animals.
    Good post Sluggo.
    And I love that photo of you- up top.

  6. we almost fell over when we got to the last photo
    Benny & Lily

  7. July 4th looks like such a fun holiday...apart from the whole getting lost thing.
    Have fun


  8. What lucky pugs you are having such fun parents! Happy fourth!


  9. Hola Sluggo!!
    What a great postie!! We also hat Firework!! even though we are in Mexico, we live next to border to San Diego, and we can Here the Firework near our Home none of us like them, but we promise to be safe!!And La Mamma is seeing right now Criminal Minds !! jajaja that is Funny!!
    Well take care of Las Chicas!!!
    Spongy & Licky

  10. this is good info you have provided. The suggestions for the July 4th celebrations are goods too. I like the beach one and Mum likes the Criminal Minds one. She lol'd hard at that one.

    I will tells you that we have that problem but for us it is on Halloween. Weird huh! Here in Vancouver people luv to celebrate halloween with fireworks and firecrackers. It makes us animals very scared to hear the noise. Mum does not get the Halloween and firework connection. She thinks it is totally stupid. She says it makes way more sense for it to happen on the Country's Birthday and not on dumb silly Halloween.


  11. hi sluggo, wilma and brigitte!
    oh how fun!
    we wish we lived closer so we could come and party with you!
    thank you for all the great info on how to stay safe this holiday weekend!
    a & m



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