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Friday, June 17, 2011

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom, on Flashback Friday, with some Sunflower Power of the Paw Thrown in

You gotta keep a full compliment of treats in your arsenal. You never know which one you'll need to retrieve at any given moment.

Hi friends, I'm back. Mom hasn't been able to help me as much with the blog, or post as many comments this week because of sadness. I am cutting her some slack, because I too have been a little sad. But I told her, what better way to feel better than to help me spread my wisdom, joy and antics on the blog. She agreed. She wanted me to tell you all thank you so much for your kind words after the loss of our friend Sheila. Bloggy people are such good friends too!

Anyway, back to my wisdom. See, I also know how Mom gave me up for being all tender and stuff last week. But, I am OK with that. You see, you gotta be able to deal with all kinds of things when you are trying to raise these humans into good servants. The trick is to only pull out the most sweetest stuff when it's really needed. Otherwise, it doesn't hold as high of a value. If you know me, you know that I do have a softer side. My secret is that I only dole it out in small doses. Mom and Dad really appreciate that about me. They know that I will always be a real clown just when they need it. I will sidle up and be sweet and tender only at the most crucial times. My timing is impeccable. Always has been. I knew Mom needed me real bad last week. I could smell it. So I stepped up to the plate.

So what I am saying friends, it is okay to be you. Knock over the trash from time to time. Don't come when you're called. Just as long as when the chips are down, you are there for them. They will love you all the more for it.

Well, we also need some of that Power of the Paw for one of our southern belle sistas over at Southern Fried Pugs. Petunia is having a growth removed today. So we need for her to do well for the procedure, and we also need the lab to prove that it is only a beauty mark. It could be a while before they find out, so they will need our support during the long wait for an answer. Show them the love.

I hope whatever you do this weekend, you have fun. We are expecting some nice weather I am told, so I think I will enlist Sluggo and Brigitte to harangue the parents until they take us somewhere. Followed up by some nice whippy of course.


  1. Sending love to Petunia for a painless procedure that ends with good news, to Wilma for a great post, and to Wilma's mom to cheer her up!

  2. Oh Wilma- we haven't been around to comment as much either, butt we are glad you helped your Momma during her sad time.

    You made Momma snort with your words of wisdom-
    don't come when your called, knock over trash from time to time... teehees

    We will go over to Miss Petunia's bloggy and and show some love for sure-

    IzZY, TriXie and Anakin Man

  3. hi wilma!
    you have such as dear wise heart!
    thank you so much for sharing your love and words of wisdom with us!
    we are sending your mom big hugs and will go and send our love to petunia too!
    we love you!
    a & m

  4. Thanks for marshaling your powers of good for Petunia. She is home on crate rest for a bit. Pathology report should be in next week.
    Blog friends are awesome!

  5. Hi Wilma,

    I think I missed a post about your friend Sheila. I am so sorry for your loss ...

    And of course, I agree it is always OK to be you. In fact, it is essential - life would be so boring otherwise!

    My paws are crossed for Petunia!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Hi Wilma
    Your so real. That is what I love about you.
    It's like "what you see , what you get".
    And one more thing,,, there is song that reminds me of you, and its called "True colors",
    you know that song. I agree,,, just be yourself.
    Your words of wisdom are always the best. I look forward to what you have to say... so thank you Wilma.
    I am sending the power of the paw and love over to Southern Fried, for Petunia.
    I also keep my paws around your moms tender heart.

  7. Wilma, honey......I could not agree more I tell ya what.

  8. Sending lots of love, from the puggy over the irish sea. xxx

    Pug Hugs!

  9. sending all good wishes to all who are hacing any lind of sickness, hope you all get better and wilma you are so great to spread the news to all and help for people to join in and give their best wishes



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