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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Goodbye to a Dear Old Friend

Sheila Lynn DeLancey Hamelin
December 12, 1966 ~ June 10,2011

Hello friends. Today's post is a sad one. I am handing over the blog to Mom tonight so she can pay tribute to our beloved friend Sheila. I loved Sheila, and she loved me. We were special friends. Together we helped Mommy plan her and Dad's wedding. I will miss her. She was a friend to all animals.

One of my oldest and dearest friends lost her valiant year long fight against the evil monster cancer yesterday morning.
Actually, she won against cancer, as she was cancer free after a stem cell transplant in December of last year. It was the way the treatment ravaged her body that left her too weak to battle against a blood infection that ultimately took her, much too soon, from a family and friends who loved her so deeply.

Sheila was my first friend in my new school in fourth grade. It was my fifth school in as many years, so I was used to being the new kid. I was still shy. She introduced herself on the bus, and from there our friendship has grown lasted over these past, well, a lot of years.

So many memories have flooded my mind over the past day and night, and I still find it impossible to imagine that I can't pick up the phone and hear her voice at the other end. As life does, it took us in different directions over the years. It could be months sometimes when we didn't talk. But when we did, we could just pick right up from where we left off. She was one of those unconditional friends. The ones you can tell anything and they love you just the same. without judgement. The ones you could call at any hour and you know they would be there. The ones who know you. The real you. Not only who you have become, but who you have always been.

The world is a sadder place today without Sheila. She was a loyal friend, a loving wife and a devoted Mother. She was a wonderful sister and a beloved daughter. Parents aren't supposed to bury their children. This isn't how it is supposed to be.

I will miss my dear friend. and my one comfort is knowing that she is no longer suffering.

You should all know that my most intuitive and sensitive baby pug Wilma has been by my side for the past day. She has been tender and loving and has not busted chops one time. She is such a loving girl under all that fur and punkiness. She is always there for me when I really need her. Just don't tell her I told.


  1. Our thoughts to you and your family to all those who's lives Sheila touched.

  2. I'm so sorry. Condolences to you and her family.


  3. I'm so very sorry for your loss.


  4. I am deely sorry for your loss.

  5. You were so lucky to have such a wonderful friend in Sheila. If only we all could have such a jewel!

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and her family in these next painful days.

    Minnie and Mack and their mom

  6. Our sympathies for your loss. It sounds like she was the kind of friend that we all need. You were lucky to have found her early.

  7. We are very sorry to hear this and we send many hugs to you and your family at this time.

    Sequoia Tuni Emma and Jenn

  8. We are very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Sheila's family.


    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  9. You are in our thoughts and prayers.


  10. sorry for your loss of a wonderful friend
    Benny & Lily

  11. This is so very sad. I am so sorry.
    Cancer is so very bad, and hurts so many people.

  12. What a lovely tribute to a wonderful friend.

    We are so very sorry for you and Sheila's family and friends.

    Sarah, Hank and Molly

    PS Good work, Wilma.

  13. kathy
    that was very nice and i really appreciated it. Sheila loved you and would also say such good things about you and your friendship.
    Sara Hamelin

  14. Awww our thoughts are with your mama. So sad. Pug snorts and kisses all over her.


    Minnie Moo

  15. Wilma,
    Please give your momma some cuddles for me. I am so very sorry for the loss of her dear friend.

  16. Kathy (and Wilma),
    So sorry to hear about this. Please know that you and Sheila's family are in our prayers.
    Christy (and Payton)

  17. oh kathy and puggies
    i am so sorry for your loss and i am sending you all of my love.
    melissa & archie

  18. We won't tell. Our girls are there when we need them, make no mistake, and nothing can comfort like they can. So sorry about your friend.

  19. This is so late but I just wanted to send my condolences. Soooo sorry for your loss. Your friendship sounds amazing. Thinking about you and her friends and family.

    Gina (and Vito too)

  20. OH KATHY! ((((((HUG))))))

    I'm so sorry that we're behind with blogging and I'm just now seeing this terrible news.

    Please know that we're thinking of you and we're so sorry for this great loss. You're so lucky to have had a lifelong friend like Sheila!

    Laura (and S-Dog too)



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