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Friday, June 24, 2011

I Got a Brutha From Anutha Mutha

The strangest thing happened over the weekend. I was catching up on my blogs, and when I started reading Confessions of a Pugophile's Father's Day post, I almost pooped in the house. His Mom was giving a shout out to his biological dad Sisnben's Moonlancer. Can you guess what's coming next?

If you guessed that MY biological father is Moonlancer too, than you are a very bright individual. My Mother was Sisnben's Pollyanna, and Pablo's was Morgan Pride of Gateway.

What makes things even crazier, is that Pablo is also ten years old like me. He turned ten April 14th, so by me being 20 days older than him, that makes me the big sister. Technically that means he has to do what I say. That is good, because I am rather used to being the boss. He lives in Pennsylvania, that is close by some standards, but kinda far too. So I don't know wether we will ever meet in the fur, but it sure is cool to be able to keep in touch by blogs.

All this family relations stuff got me to thinking. I wonder if any other of my siblings are out there blogging? Do you wonder the same thing about yourself? Well, if anyone who reads this post has any relation to Moonlancer or Pollyanna, give me a shout out. And, if any of you know of your lineage (I know lots of you were rescued, and/ or recycled, but not all of you) leave a comment with your pawrents names and I will check for connections.

If you haven't already, go on over to meet Pablo. He is very handsome, and bears quite a resemblance to moi!


  1. What a small world! It's always good to have more subjects to boss around! Have a great weekend, Wilma.

  2. Cool beans! Maybe you could start a tv show like the one for humans where long lost relatives find each other.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  3. Wow that is a nutty coincidence! But very cool
    Benny & Lily

  4. That is SO cool! I doubt we are siblings, but I'm envious of you. Hopefully someday I can meet my siblings too!

  5. Wilma this is exciting news!!! I know I have a brother out there and 4 sisters, probably all still in Virginia. We are heading over to say hi to your bro!


  6. COOL! Mum found one of my sisters on the site. They were members of the same pug group we were members of. Mum saw the birthdates were the same and she looked just likes me. She contacted the owner and tah dah..... yup it was my sister! Her name is sophie mae. I was one of 8 puggers and Mum thinks I was the first born cuz I am super bigs!

  7. Jeepers,,, you got a family connection going!
    I only know that my daddys name was Hawkeye.
    I don't know my mamas name... maybe it was "cabage leaf" or something.

  8. OMGosh, Wilma! I would have pooped in the house, TOO!!!

    And this is Sarah talking - not Hank.



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