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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sunflower Club Business ~ Ampkay Unflowersay 2011

Hi girls! And boys. Wilma here. I have a couple of items on my agenda to share with you all. The first being that we planted a Josie Sunflower Sister memorial sunflower out back.

See it back there behind me and Britte? That was last week, when we used to have sunny days. It has grown almost a foot already. We are surrounding it with sunflowers planted as seeds to grow up all around her. It's gonna be real pretty. Then we can all meet on top and talk about boys and visit with Josie. I think she will love it!

Now go away boys. Stop being so nosy. This next part is for members only! Go on, go scratch yourselves somewhere...

:::::sunflower spy filters activate:::::

Let's not forget the sunflowers we planted at the boys Fire Hydrant Fortress during our ice cream social girls. They should be growing nice and tall by now. Hehehehe

Now, second order of business is our Camp Sunflower 2011.

It will be held the weekend of July 23 and 24, same as last year. We are still in the planning phase aside from having a date. So I need ideas and suggestions about how you would like this years event to go. Mom says it is real helpful when you all send pictures of your selves to post to the party. Just send 'em to the email address on our profile page. Mom says she may eliminate that email from our profile after the party. She thinks the public nature of the information has been behind numerous inheritance notifications she has been receiving. I say take the money man, more treats for me! We will of course have group shots of the activities and such. But having pictures of you all on hand makes it that much easier. Perhaps a shot of you enjoying a marshmallow would be nice...what Mom, don't encourage bad eating habits? Phooey!

We are very excited about Camp Sunflower and can't wait to put the plan into action. Have a great weekend all! I will leave you with a shot of Pearl and Brigitte dancing in Sal's disco from last year.

:::sunflower spy filters deactivate::::


  1. Camping sounds like so much fun! But is there A/C in our camp? My mom says probably not...unless we all ride out in RVs! That would be fun. And how about we set up some of those mega mister fans like at the amusement parks? Swimming would probably be fun too, although I've never been in a pool before. Oh, and we must have some sort of eating a BBQ picnic. And what about setting up an agility course or doing some of the fun things that those Purina challenge dogs do? Ok, I'm out of ideas. It's going to be a blast just hanging out!

  2. PS. What a wonderful tribute to Josie! I can't wait to see it grow!

  3. Wilma,
    It's IzZY and TriXie here -
    and Momma is sitting next to us.. you truly touched her heart this morning and made her eyes leaky.
    Momma says she recalls Josie telling her about the conversations she use to have with you about the sunflower and spying on her beau and such.

    What a beautiful tribute and kind heart you have Wilma-
    We send our love - and like Miss Payton said..
    We can't wait to see our Josie flower grow!! :)

    IzZY & TriXie

  4. Oh my goodness momma is slobbering
    Love and snorts
    Benny & Lily

  5. Hi Girls, Tika and Kizzy here. We are so excited about this event. We can't wait. Squeeeeee.

    PS we have been spying on the boys and Winston is preparing for the unveililng of the new clubhouse very soon and some reports he got from sluggo. Not sure when this is all going down though. stay tuned for more updates to come.

    Cheek kisses

    T & K

  6. ooooh, this will be my first official event as a Sunflower member!! I am so excited!!!!!

    Pugs & Kisses,


  7. That is a great tribute to Josie. Count us in for the par-tay. BBQ or picnic sounds fine to us. But maybe we can have a ninja raid on the boys! lol


  8. Count us in! We'll send some pictures or you can take some from our blog or both.

  9. I love that the pugs look like they're monitoring the progress of the sunflower garden...

  10. I need to get photos sent in tooooo!
    can't miss out on this



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