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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wildlife Weekend

I should start by telling you that Mom and Dad were convinced that a gigantic bull frog was living in the neighbors pool. You see, for the past few weeks, there have been some seriously loud croaking sounds coming from the other side of the fence.

So yesterday afternoon, the guy next door says he's going in after the guy. Operation relocation, so we can all return to enjoying a good nights sleep. Personally, it wasn't bothering me one bit. I lull myself to sleep each night to sound of my own snoring.

On the way down to the river, Monsieur LeFrog took a pitstop in our back yard. Unfortunately, we pugs did not get to meet mug to mug. Something about scaring the little guy, and him being potentially poisonous, or some nonsense like that. Because we all know, that giant humans wielding cameras with booming voices and huge fingers pointing at them is not at all frightening to a mere 6 inch long frog. That's right. The guy with the huge pipes was only a wee thing.

This is him in the skimmer, before he was placed in an IKEA bag for the entertainment and amusement of adults and children alike.

Check out those suction cup fingers with opposable thumbs. What I couldn't do with a pair of those. He is pretty cute though, dontcha think?

Here he is getting ready to fly the coop.*

*No frogs were actually harmed in the making of this blog post.

That was only the beginning of our wild animal adventures this weekend.
Cue breakfast this morning. I am banished to the front porch to scoff down my kibble while Brigitte languishes over hers, in the comfort of the kitchen. Delicately removing her pills and placing them on the floor, next to her bowl, to eat last (Wierdo). So Dad sees her gobble up her pill and lets me in. I, of course, have to inspect the bowls of Sluggo and Brigitte for any microscopic crumb that may have been left behind. Well, what Dad didn't realize, was that Brigitte had an entire kibble on the floor behind her dish. I went for it, she went for me! Bit me on the cheek she did. Took a nice chunk for herself. Not only that, but then she tweeted about it. The nerve! Tweeting like a Tweety Bird.

Being a forgiving dog, living for the next big thing and all, I was excited to find out we were going on a car ride. After cleaning up my wound and saddling us up, off we went with the parents to Kettletown State Park. Well, no sooner do our paws hit the trail, and we run into this guy...

A real snake in the grass. No, really he was a snake, and he was in the grass. Kinda big, I thought. About 18 inches long

He slithered away, and off we went, first down to the beach area.

There, we saw a duck couple, floating along.

Then we hit the trails, it was National Trails Day yesterday. We were a day late, but not a dollar short, as there was no parking fee for parking this weekend. Good, money for whippy!

Here's Dad strolling us down the plank trail. Nice smooth ride.

Mom and I at the lookout.

Resting before we head back.

Brigitte an Dad chill in' on the bench.

On our way back, things started getting crazy. People were talking about going in the stream and stuff!

Me, I chose to stay on dry ground, thank you very much.

Not Britte, she went right in, happily, with Mom.

Then, Sluggy Bee needed his Mommy...

"Now, what do I do?"

Brigitte thought I was going to sell her down the river due to the morning nip...

I thought about it... but I would miss her too much.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend. Topped off with triple whippy!

Hope you all had a great one!


  1. Wilma,
    Your weekend was great! Filled with new [slimy] friends and adventure. You went to Starbucks and got a cup of whipped cream!?! You have the most awesomest pug-rents of all time!!!
    I would tell Brigitte that kibble on the floor is fair game and she better back off!

  2. EEK! Invasion of the FROGS! I am sure the whippy cream made everything OK!

    Your pal, Pip

  3. What a fabulous weekend! The momma here is impressed at the use of an Ikea bag for frog relocation.

    We think the whippy makes all things worthwhile...

    Sugar the Who

  4. Wilma we are twins sometimes. I have to be locked away in the laundry room while sweet pea Tuni takes her sweet pea time eating her food (and now Emma who is slow by the way). Tuni does the weird pick out her pill thing too and eats it last, weirdos those two. Anyways Tuni trys to gum my legs when I come in to clean up her soft food mess/crumbs too.

    I hope you cheek is ok and that frog is cute you know for a frog.


  5. Okay-
    we have been trying to leave a comment-

    now we can! :)

    Momma LOVES froggies (so did Josie)
    that Froggie Man is super cute!!!!!!!!

    Momma was the nerd in science class in Jr. high that refused to dissect a froggy
    Hers used computer instead-

    That was a big guy-

    Your daddy man pushing you all is priceless-
    Super cute!

    What a great weekend!

    the girls,
    IzZY & TriXie

  6. Wow, you guys had a great trip and topped off with whippy treats!
    Mr. Froggy was extremely cute. Did he make it back to the river? Yes, it would be great to have working thumbs.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. We don't mind the frogs and toads, but Mom and Dad hate the garter snakes. Bailey stepped on one when Katy was getting too close to it. It suddenly developed an interest in moving on.

    We had frozen doggy yogurt at the Whisker Walk this weekend. It was so tasty.

  8. I've always been in favor of expanding your circle of friends, but I might draw the line at snakes! What a great weekend you lucky pugs had, thanks to your doting parents. Way to go!


  9. Oh Wilmaa, you got a bitey on your face from your sweet sissy Brig? Gosh,,,, Do you have a big band aid on your cheeck now? And all that over a piece of food?

    The froggy is adorable.. and I bet he can sing good too.
    I loved your special weekend, so much fun and stuff to explore.. finding snakes and wading in the creeks. I think riding in your carriage was the best fun ever, being pushed by your daddy
    Thank you for sharing this fun time with us,,,
    and this beautuful story! And the icing on the cake tripple whippy
    nitey nite to the froggy

  10. Wow, honey....that was one full weekend!

    Sorry yer sis bit yer chops. O'Mally helps herself tuh my food sometimes but I don't git too excited. That old bird needs some meat on 'er bones!

  11. What a fun weekend you all had!
    Daisy and I can't believe you saw a frog
    and a snake! Daisy hasn't encountered any snakes
    out here yet, but if she did, she would be
    running so fast her panties would fly off.
    Glad you had a good time!

    We hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Daisy

  12. what a weekend!!! Yah totally cool, I want a frog in our yard. We have a pond all set ups and ready to go for it. Mum says no way...... having to listen to me snore all night long is enough noise nevermind throwing in a croaking to the mix.

    Way to go enjoying the water. That Wil what a wus!!! Come on girl get those toes wet!

    PS Sluggo is not a SLUG!


  13. i loved your weekend adventure except for the snake. oooooooooooooooh i do not like snakes in the grass or anywhere. The last time i ran into one was in millinocket , maine and i jumped overhim near a stream, i was all by myself. I did'nt have anyone near me at the time.Thats another story
    Love, Nana



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