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Friday, June 4, 2010


Mom spoke to the vet this morning. She had to go to work before she could give you all an update. She offers apologies for that. The good news is that there was no tumor or mass in Brigittes bladder. What they found was sand...

I asked what the heck does that mean? Mom said it was like tiny crystals...

Crystals? C'mon Mom,break it down in human pug terms.

What she said was that due to this infection, Brigittes ph balance in her urine was high. This makes the environment condusive to growing these crystals. They are not as big as stones. So they can't go in and take them out. What the treatment will be is a long course of antibiotics. There are still alot of staph in Brittes bladder...


Not like the staff I have, but staph bacteria.
The Radiologist did the ultrasound on Brigittes whole abdomen and he said aside from some thickening in her kidneys, which is probably from the infection, all her other organs are fine.
So in terms of the possibilities, this is the best case scenario. Brigitte will keep getting those pepperoni smelling pill pockets every day. She also will get some supplements that Pearl takes too. The vet said that would be good. (thanks Pearls mom) Then when she is done with the medicine they will check the urine  and check for the crystals again.
The vet also took the opportunity to say how great Brigitte was yesterday. She said she didn't get overly excited and nervous. She just sat up in the crate watching everybody and waiting patiently for her turn. Of course she did.She really makes the rest of us look bad, gonna have to talk to her about that.
We're all very happy to hear this news and want to thank everyone again for keeping Brigitte close to their hearts over the past few days.It has helped immensely.

Can I get a woo woo woo
We hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Hey Brigitte! My mom and me (ok, and Klaus too) are so glad "it's not a tooma!" A couple months ago I was getting some yucky infections "down there" too (you sunflower girls understand) and my mom changed my food, which seems to have helped so far. She's also been giving me Cranimals in my food every other day or so ( which seems to have helped too. So far so good! Glad you're on the mend!



  2. Phew! So, SO happy to hear this news! I'm sorry Britte has to continue with the meds and all, but truly the best possible outcome. Thank heaven!


  3. Oh's of course yous can gets a woo woos!! We's are so glads 'dat yousa fine and 'dat its nOt O tOmOr! Yousa can be's the urminator. 'dat means you takes your pills, gets plenty of rests, attention, treats, and pee pees whenever and wherever on whomever yous likes! (hee hees)

    We's loves yous SunFlower Sista!!
    Fell Better Misses!!
    Izzy & Josie
    (Anakin Man says s'up)

  4. Wooooo Hoooooo! No Tooma! This is great news, to bad she has sand though. We are wishing her the best!

  5. Woo woo woo for Ms. Brigitte and her lovely leader Ms. Wilma. Wes glad our sunflowers sister has something that is easy to fix and wont requires surgery...lots of that going on latelys. One more thing...Amen to the pill pocket invention. Wes thinks God has a puggums in heaven on his left side since his sons on his rights.
    Licks you Laters,
    The Slimmer Sunflower Sisters (Gracie, Lily, Mimi)

  6. Yippity da do da!! No tooma. great news.
    Benny & Lily

  7. wooo wooo!!! i am so glad to hear the good report from the vet. you all have a great weekend!

  8. Oh, Brigitte....I just HATE those pesky crystals. I've had my share of them, too.

    Anyway, glad it's not a tooma. Is that how they say it in CT? Or would that be Maine? ;)

    Lick ya later!




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