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Monday, June 21, 2010

Something's Not Right

I got up this morning and Dad didn't leave like he usually does after he's around all day for two days. Then Mom fed us and she didn't eat too like she usually does. Then they started acting like they do when they are leaving together. Alright I said, what's the deal? Then Mom sat down with me and said, "we needed to talk". "Talk? Talk about what?" Then she dropped the bomb. She said she waited to tell me 'cuz she didn't want me to flip out. She told me that my people were going to have to survive on limited doses of me for the next little bit. "WHAT, WHAT, WHAT?" She said  that her typing services would be on hold for at least a few days, because she is having surgery on her hand today."What the heck is surgery and why does it have to affect me?"

She said there would be alot of this going on over the next few days....

Well, that's OK I said. She asked if I would put my healing pug services into effect, so things would return to normal sooner than later. She did say  that she will still be able to read to me. So I will be keeping up on all your blogs, but there may be a conspicuous absence of my commentary. She also said that Dad told her he would to a garden post soon. Something very exciting is going on in the garden.
So ta ta for now my friends. I shouldn't be away long


  1. Hi Wilma!

    I have been away for a few days. I sure loved your sweet Father's Day post. Were ya able to make it all day without licking his pillow?! That was a tough challenge, I bet.

    Hey, tell your sweet momma that I will be thinking of her today and hoping that everything goes really smoothly. Maybe she'll get some good pain pills... that could be fun!

    Keep us posted on her hand, ok? And TRY to behave yourself for the daddy.


  2. Oh and your minions better be EXTRA good while Mom is healing!!!

    We hope her surgery goes well and she can get back to her typing duties VERY soon!


  3. We hope your momma is ok!!! We'll be thinking about her while she is in surgery. She is going to need all the healing pug powers you have. Make sure you all play nice while the momma is recuperating!



  4. hi wilma, brigitte and sluggo!
    please give your mom a big hug for us!
    we will be thinking of her today and we know that her hand will heal super quickly with you 3 around to take care of her!

    m & e

  5. Oh Wilma!! We hopes yous Mommy is O.K.
    What happened!!! (Oops!!) Yous 'prolly can't answer dats just yets!!!

    Wells, yous take care of hers (we know you tree wills) (ha, tree instead of three.. wills..Wilma -
    Wilma pees on tree!! WHAT!! No? .K! I stop :(

    Sluggo - Your job is to watch over 'da house -
    Brig - your job is to watch Sluggo watch over 'da house -
    Wilma - Your job is to watch Brig watch Sluggo watch over 'da house!! SNORTS!!

    Take Cares Kathy!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  6. Pee-S

    Give yous Mommy a big hugs from us too and licks her hurt hands also!!!


  7. Oh Wilma! I do believe some serious nurse-ing services will be needed for your mom. First off, extra kisses and snuggles. Next up, make sure you don't walk under feet....this is important. I like to try and trip my mom and dad (ummm yeah like by accident *wink*) but your mom may be woozy. comes the fun part...sit by mom's feet and ready...orb her with a massive amount of cuteness. She may have to look away from all that cuteness, but that's ok...the love is still there!

    Please let your mom know we're all thinking of her and wish her a speedy recovery.

  8. Hope your mama does well with her hand surgery today! My group and I rested after my hand surgery all together in was great! Loved the extra snuggle time. Hope the healing is quick!

  9. Hope your Mom does well today and we knows she will heal with all of us puggies sending good thoughts her way! We will miss you all take care of your Mom Wilma!


  10. You take good care of your mama Wilma!!! Sending good thoughts that way!!!

    Lola and the Crew

  11. Momma better be okay. Who will tend the garden
    Benny & Lily


    You Mom can't write, you Mom can't type
    You Mom must rest and hold you tight!!

    You Mom can't clean or you Mom can't cook
    Grillma, get some burgers & Brig bring er a book!!

    You Mom must rest and get some peace
    So Sluggo no Buggo you sisters and kiss dere feets!! SNORTS!!

    You Mom must have piece and quiets so no startin' of any puggie roits!!!!!!!


    Izzy and Josie Yours SunFlowers Sista's

  13. Hi Everybody,
    Aquick note while Mom's hand is still numb from surgery and she hasn't started taking narcotic pain meds. Surgery was a success(carpal tunnel).Mom gives a huge thank you for all the good thoughts and well wishes.It really helped a lot while she was waiting to go under the knife.
    Josie & Izzy, your poem was the best! I was being kinda of a ball buster, but when I read that, I decided to bahave.
    Later everyone and thanks again!

  14. Oh sooooooo Good to hears for yous!!! Now keeps yous Mommys hand safe's!!
    Wilma, It's IzZY you just have to behave for lil bits just to keep an order sort of speak...make Sluggo and Brig follow suit...when they start behaving 'cuz of yous example you sets...yous can feel frees to gets a little nutty, but not too much!! Just a nuffs to keep Sluggs and Briggs in 'dere places!! MoiHAHA!!
    Oh's and Maybe's yousa Mommy can blow through a straws to types?? Ouchie...Josie just pinched me's...what'd I say??? She's cans gets a speak and types?? No?
    Do 'dey have those yet? When Mommy painted her nails Daddy tolds her she needed a straw or he tolds her to use her foreheads!! HA HA!!

    Love you guys!!


  15. Hi Wilma!

    Daisy and I have been thinking about your mom today.
    We wish her a speedy, sexy recovery!

    -Dana & Daisy

  16. we are keeping your momma in our thoughts and prayers. here's to a speedy recovery and lots of puggy healing!!

  17. hi wilma, brigitte and sluggo!
    I am sending healing thoghts to your moms hand so it heals nice and soon.
    I will be thinking of al of you everyday even though you have mommy sitting still .
    I am sending puggy kisses to you , your mom and dads- all my love

  18. JD and I know that you three cuties will take care of your mom so that she will get better quickly. our warm wishes will be with all of you while she is recovering! <3

  19. HI GUYS!!!


    Just checking ins making sures yous is taking care of Mom!!!

    Izzy, Josie, & Anakin Man

  20. Oh's and pleese don'ts replys back!! We's knows yous doing wells!! Keep yous Momma's hand safe!!

    O.K. We's chk backs laters!!!!

    Now what are you still doing ups!! Go rest!! SNORTS!!

  21. I know Wil's mom can't write back right now ... but if you're reading, I'm sending you magic healing vibes and hoping your recovery is going well! I'll be missing the blog until you return. Good luck!




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