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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sooooo Meaty

Hey folks, hope you're getting started with an awesome weekend. I just need to talk to you about crazy humans for a minute. My humans in particular.
Last night we're sitting around watching The Soup. Yes that's right 10:00PM Friday night and my people are home watching TV. Although, to their credit, they did go out for a few hours last night, and came home smelling of beer and rock and roll. My point is though, that by 10:00PM they were home on the couch. Then it occured to me...for like the past 5 or more years, let's just say, a long a**  time, this has been the scene around here. Particularly, every time a certain segment of the show comes on. Mom and Dad get all excited, then they make sure Brigitte is within reach. Which is never difficult, considering if you're sitting, she's sitting right next to you. Then, they place their hands on her back, and when this comes out of the TV...

they grab a hunk of her pugmeat and give it a nice squeeze.
Now, I don't know what is more disturbing, that whole display or the fact that they then become uncontrollably giddy.

I mean, what is it with these people. I don't see the humor in it. And, the fact that this ritual continues to be so damn funny week after week. Can anyone explain? Help me see the light? Any insight on this bizarre display of human behavior would be greatly appreciated.

You now may resume your awesome weekend.


  1. Sorry Wilma our parents are home buddies too and well my nickname is Meatball. I hope some other puggie can helps you.


    aka the Meatball

  2. HA HA HA!!!!

    Our Pawrents watch 'dat show too!!!!

    Izzy and Anakin always freaks out during 'da kick a$$ clips of 'da weeks!!!! Wit 'dat little dorky doggie (Mommy thinks he's cute..butt he's aints no puggie)
    Oh's and 'deres plenty more of 'dem shows I's can bust Mommy and Daddy outs on too's!!!

    I save though for blackmails purposes!!! Ha HA!!!

    Glad yous Mommy is feeling betters!!!!

    Josie and IzZY

  3. Hey Willma!!! It's IzZY!!!

    What is up LadY!!!

    I am trying to get into your Oscars post and can't!! Hmmmm...

    Is there a secret SunFlower decoder?//HA Ha ~ SNORTS!!!!

    Oh Yeah.....
    So I am totally going to bust out Daddy....ha ha...
    he watches a show called Robot Chicken!! Ever hears of 'dat ones!!! Mommy always rolls her eyes, but some of them episodes are funnies!!

    So Meatys ~ SnORTS!!!

    IzZA SistA

  4. Hey Izzy,
    It's kinda silly, there really isn't supposed to be an "Oscar Visits" post. I mean, Oscar did visit, and I'll probably post about it, but it was an accidental post. See Mom was showing Oscars Dad her new iPad and telling him how she can't blog with it. Then she showed him by starting a '"random post". And it worked. Well she didn't even have content yet. She wasn't even authorized by me to do such a thing. She did delete it, but I guess you can still see the title. Sorry for the teaser. I will post about it, but look for a title change. Something with bromance in it I think.
    Mom and Dad didn't know about Robot Chhicken. Thanks for the tip though. They just checked out an episode on line and said it was right up their low brow alley.
    No taste Izzy, was are refined women such as ourselves to do?
    ttyl, Wilma

  5. Ha Ha Ha!!!

    I know I Know!! Just what are 'da pawrents watching!! My my!! I do say!!
    Now I must go and fart!!

    IzZY Sista

  6. hoomans watch this lowbrow idiotic stuff too!!!!! They've been watching it since Greg Kinnear used to be the host!!!

    ME? I'd much rather watch old Joan Crawford or Bette Davis movies on Turner Classics.


  7. i know what you mean salinger the pug.



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