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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My First Giveaway!

I was going to have my Dad and his band make the announcement, but I didn't want their speakers to fall off the speaker stands.

I am very excited to announce, what I think is an awesome giveaway sponsored by the folks over at CNS stores.

This is it.
It's called the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Dog Cooling Vest

 It's to help keep us from getting overheated.
When I was contacted by the people at CNS, they told me I could choose the item for the givaway. I was so excited when I found this vest.
We all know how important staying cool in these warm months is. So I feel pretty good knowing that one of my great readers will have the opportunity to check out this item and stay safe.
All you have to do to be eligible is leave a comment on this post and I will choose a winner from those entries.
I will announce the winner, next Monday.
Please feel free to share with your friends about the giveaway too.
Don't forget to leave contact information so my Mom can contact you to find out where to send the vest.



  1. My dog could use this.

    hewella1 at gmail dot com

  2. Wow are so generous thinking about other pugs and the warm weather. I'm pretty lucky where I live, mom says while it gets hot, it's not humid and we're close to "the fog", which sounds kinda scary. This will be my first summer ever! and so mom has read up on everything to keep me safe. We've got a cooling mat coming soon and we have what mom calls a kiddie pool, to hang out in. Mom says lots of bath time for me too, which I love.
    I know it's important to keep cool, so getting the word out via bloggies is soooo important. Wilma you're one cool cat (that's a compliment I'm really not calling you a kitty cat...just so you know)

  3. Wow that is a great prize!!! Count us in!

    PS - The gang doesn't see their names on the Sunflower Club list!

  4. Oh wow Wilma, such a good prize for a giveaway!

    Count us in, looking forward to seeing who wins :)

    Rudy's Raiser

  5. i have been looking for something like that for charlie. she does agility and with her black coat and warmer temps i worry about her overheating.
    please count me in!!

  6. Oh boy, oh boy! That thing looks really neat. I think I'd look smashing in it dahling, but I'd probably have to let my dumb brother Klaus wear it. He's a black puggie and he gets SO super hot whenever we're out in the sun--even if he's just laying around! I just loves to sunbathe, but Klausie always needs to find the coolest spot in the shade, or he'll have to go inside. Even then he pants like a maniac! Poor guy. What a "cool" idea, Wilma! (hee) Good luck everypuggy!


  7. What a great giveaway!!! Some pup is going to be very lucky!!! Can't wait to see who wins!!!

    ~Sunflower Kisses~


  8. Can you say summer in Alabama?? Holy smokes it is hot and super humid. I have way more fur than my boston sister, but she is always panting and scaring mom outside. Mom keeps it VERY cool in the house so no worries there. Anyway, great giveaway.

  9. COOL Wilma! Any of us pugs could use that- I have been DYING in this heat and it's only June 1st! Yikes!


  10. We are the other 2pugsinapod, Tallulah and Petunia. We get to play in real life with Sequoia and Petunia! Here in Virginia, we could sure give that vest a try.

  11. Hi Wilma
    You have such a big caring heart.
    That would be so awsome to win.
    I am happy to hear they thought up this idea.
    Talk to you later my friend

  12. Hi Ashley,
    Consider yourself entered

    Hi Belly,
    I love that you signed Belly. Dad's friend had a dog they called Belly or Bellymeats. I always hear funny stories about Belly. She was a very special dog to Dad. Just like you are.

    Oh Punchy,
    How could I? I put my secretary, I mean Mom right on that.

    Hi Rudy,
    welcome to the blogosphere. I hear you are a very smart puppy.

    Hi Puglette,
    Charlie is in. Those black pugs really have the hardest time in the heat!

    Hi Natty,
    That's pretty good of you to think of your bro. I know it isn't always easy.

    Hi Lilo, Sunflower sista. Isn't this exciting?!

    Hi Coco,
    Mom was in Alabama in summer once. She said it was like camping in the mddle of a campfire.

    Hi Pearl,
    I know, it's been so hot already here too.

    Hi Tallulah and Petunia,
    Any friends of Tuni and Sequoia are friends of mine.

  13. Oh boys!! Wilma this is fantastic news!! O.K. O.K.
    So sign us ups!!! We's definitely wants to enter the contest for sure!! I look goods in white (hee hee) and I can share it with Josie...If she will fit in it's HA!!

    whaT!! Yousa should TALKS IZZY!! Mommy has to keep adjusting your harness not mines!!

  14. What a fantastic and generous giveaway! My pug, James Dean, wanted one of these vests badly from the local pet boutique, but unfortunately the nice lady's items are very expensive and our wallets were not quite full enough. Thank you for visiting my blog and letting us know about this wonderful raffle. JD and I have been browsing your blog all morning and are very happy to be new followers since you have so many fun-filled and sweet posts to read :]

  15. That sure is a neat-o vest
    benny & lily



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