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Monday, June 7, 2010

Housekeeping Please

Hi everybody, not sure if you all are familiar with the proper technique for preparing a freshly made bed for sleeping. It requires personalization. Some people think a nice fresh line dried scent is perfect for bed sheets. I say no. What you need is a little eau de mug. They really ought to bottle this stuff. Now, observe carefully...


  1. You got that right. Hiney in the air, digging, rearranging and smooshing everything all over the place. All set.
    Nitey- nite
    Benny & Lily

  2. Arrrrgh, that is not supposed to be a picture of my butt! Mommy is having a time with trying to post a video. What a pain in the you know what!

  3. Oh my mum is laughing so hards. I thinks you have great technique. I agree that linen spray is not the sames as pug smell. I need to trys this out at home now.


  4. That's hilarious! James Dean does the same thing every night. What's even more amusing is that he does this to the couch after every meal. I don't know what it is... it must be something in the food that riles him up :]

  5. Hee Hee Ha Ha Oh's my Goodness!! Mommy's crying!!
    'dis is too darn funnies!!
    Wilma!! Yous a riot!!
    I thinks your Mommy and Daddy should be very grateful 'dat yous helps 'dem outs like that!! So very thoughfuls!! :D :D :D

    Izzy, and Josie Your Sista's
    and Anakin Man -(hu hu's 'bout Sluggo's Piggo)

  6. wilma, you are a cutie!!! i love how you tossed the pillows around, fluffing them up good!

    ollie and charlie like to do this in the morning. but they don't have quite the technique you have! ollie also likes to suck on the corner of a pillowcase. i think it's like a pacifier.
    pugs...what wonderful little creatures!

  7. Hey Wilma, I think you missed a spot! But your fluffing technique is awesome. Luck ydawg, our momma never lets in the "inner sanctum"!! We just want to fluff her pillows.....

    GEn & the Foo

  8. Great technique Wilma!!!!

    I help with the sheets just like that...but my extra special bonus for the peeps is when I lick daddy's pillow until there is a big wet spot on it and THEN...I rub my PugButt all over mommy's pillow!

    It's all part of the service!!!


  9. Oh yes Winston, you must try it at home. You won't believe the sense of satisfaction it provides!

    Hi Jessica,
    Every night huh? You have a very faithful servant there. Hmmmm, I'll have to look into the couch thing. If only Mom would put more pillows on it.

    Hey there sistas, and of course Anakin,
    You are right! They should be grateful for my service. Instead they just laugh and laugh. What is it about these humans that makes them think that everything is a joke?

    Oh Puglette,
    I knew there was a reason I liked you special. You have such a great appreciation of we pugs and our greatness! Sluggolikes tosuck on his lambies like pacifiers. Must be a boy thing.

    Gen & the Foo,
    You poor dears, you have no idea what you are missing. If you are ever out my way, come on by and you can sleep in Mom and Dad's bed with us!

  10. Hey Sal,
    I looooove to lick Dad's pillow, but that's a morning ritual, after he gets it nice and tasty. Butt on Mom's pillow, I'll have to try that one.

  11. She's left no pillow unturned! She always was a thorough pug. Love it!

  12. I do the same thing to the bed once mom makes it. And I do that to clean laundry as well. It's sooo fun.


    PS Lucky and I are part of the Sunflower Club, right? Do I need to send you sunflower photo updates to share with everyone?

  13. We must be related or somethings!! I like to let mom make up the bed just so, and then it is on like donkey kong. I do a few laps to get warmed up, then take the corner of the bedspread and rip it back. I finish with the big wet spots like Sal. A+ to you Wilma.
    Sister and I also LOVE to root around in dirty towels. Sure do.

  14. Hi Wilma! Your peeps are so lucky you pugify the bed for them. How do they think they'll be able to sleep with it? Sheesh. The work we do to keep our peeps happy.

    I use to be a serious pillow licker. I would like Mom's pillow until it was totally wet but then she started hiding the pillow from me. I think she switched hair products because her pillow smells icky now and I wouldn't lick it for a million bones!

    Stubby xoxo

  15. OMD Wilma you really know how to get things smelling good, we loved it!

  16. Heheheee! Wilma, you are a PRO housekeeper!

    I did a little housekeeping on my bloggie today too, but I obviously have some things to learn from you.


  17. BOL! You should come over and get our bed ready too! You're so good at it.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  18. Wilma
    you are a riot!
    Lets have a pillow fight while your at it,
    You got it down girl!

  19. I see that its really important for her to get every single pillow. I like the grunting too. Well done, Wil!


    p.s. - tell your mom that I want her white bean/garlic scape dip recipe! :)


  20. Hi Grammy,
    Thanks for the compliments, you are so good to me

    Hi Roxy,
    Yes of course you and Lucky are in The Club. You don't need to send pictures at this point, but you've got me thinking of our next activity.

    Hi Coco,
    Oh yes you have it right. I love dirty clothes too! I even posted about it a couple of months ago under Guilty Pleasures.

    Hi Stubby,
    I'm so sorry you don't get those tasty pillow licks any more. ( maybe I could sneak you one in the mail hehe)

    Sequoia and Tuni,
    Glad you enjoyed!

    Hi Pearl,
    I saw your post. You are such a good girl. I could never control myself like that around all that clean laundry!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty,
    No problem, any time.

    Hi Rudy,
    Thanks, but don't take your lessons from me. You are going to be a well behaved dog.

    Yes Tweedles!
    What a brilliant idea. I will now institute evening pillow fights!

    Hi Auntie,
    You like my technique? It's just not the same without the sound effects.



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