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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sluggy's Got a New

So, we're hangin' out this morning, full bellies, all pooped and peeped. Mom's running around doing those things she does before she leaves the house for hours. Then, comes a knock at the door. And look who it was...

                             See him, there in the middle? He's pug colored, but he's no pug.

We all checked him out, gave him the once over. The kid was moving way too fast, and  after an initial sniff, I really couldn't be bothered.

Sluggo, on the other hand, was very interested in this fellow. He kinda reminded me of a longer, taller version of  Sluggo, only with a nose, a tail and green eyes.

Turns out, he moved in next door with Brigitte's girlfriend Meekus. His name is Jagger, and he's a puppy.

Then it occurred to me, Sluggo is the only boy around here besides Dad. Plus, he's the baby.Well not anymore. There is a new kid in town. I have a feeling that he and Sluggo are going to be fast friends.

                                             He was so sad when he sad to go home.

        Can you say "Playdate" ? Oh yeah Brigitte, looks like we may get a reprieve from the little bro.


  1. Sluggo, you are awefully handsome. Just saying. I bet you have lots of adventures with your new neighbor dog. His green eyes are very unusual.
    I have a english bully neighbor, but his dad won't let him play with us eventhough we see him in our very own yard!

  2. Hey 'dere Sluggo!!

    'dat is super cools 'dat yousa have a new friends named Mick Jaggers!! Oh wait!! I's mean Jagger!! So use to hearing Mommy talks 'bout Mick Jaggers alls 'da times!! Hu Hu's!! I's so happy yous got a new friend and he must be in 'da Fire Hydrant Fellows Club and have 'dat sister of yous Grillma makes us some of 'dem burgers!! I's like some cheeses wit mines!!
    Ouchie...Izzy just pinched me's... whaddi do's?

    I's taughts Grillma's likes to cooks for us??
    Hu Hu's!!
    We need to have a meeting soon Sluggo!! I don't know what about butt we need to have Winston tinks of some um's!!

    Later dude!!


    Mommy says yous looks cutes watchin' yous friends leaving ups 'da stairs wit his hoomans!!

    Your Fire Hydrant Fellow!!
    Anakin Man

  3. we hope you have fun with your new pal, Sluggo!

  4. Sluggo
    I think that is awsome that a new pup moved into the neighborhood. Just think about all the fun and adventures you two can get into.
    Play and chase ball and bark!
    Yes fun, fun, fun



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