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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome Summer 2010

Hello Peoples, Here it is, the unofficial start of Summer. After a pretty harsh winter we couldn't be happier. We hope all of you are celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday with lots of fun, friends, family and food. We will be picnicing and hiking, landscaping(with poop) and hanging loose.

As you know, us flat faced breeds can be pretty sensitive to the heat and humidity in the summer. Our friends over at Pug Possessed and Little Miss Pearl posted some excellent information about the dangers of summer heat at their blogs and I am going to send you to Sluggos rescue Curly Tail Rescue to check out there info.What ever you are doing have fun and be careful! Sluggo has something to say, for all of us...

Hi Everybody, Sluggo here. I wanted to be sure and offer up thanks and appreciation to all of the brave soldiers who have given their lives and continue to fight for our freedom. It is thanks them we can enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of liver treats.

Thanks Sluggo. Hope you all have a great weekend. I can't wait to hear all about all the fabulous treats you manage to trick your people into!!


  1. Have a great weekend landscaping hehe!

  2. hi w, s and b!
    what a perfect post!
    have a wonderful weeeknd and kick off to summer!
    we love your photos!
    m & e

  3. Oh My Goodness just look at you trees!!
    Sooooooooooo Cutes!!
    Yous are starting a paw-ty!!
    Sorry we's lates! We's been celebrating and stuffs too out heres!!
    We just love the costumes and the picnic baskets and your festive little flags!
    Rock on little Pugga's!! So Adorables!!
    We's can sends Anakin overs to helps wit 'da landscapin' toos (hee hees)

  4. Pee.S
    Yousa speech was very thoughful!!
    Your Mommy must be so prouds of her Sluggo Man!!
    We most certainly will give thanks to our Military Heros!!

  5. hi kids! i am so jealous of your beautiful weather! it is still cool and wet here in washington. we won't see summer until july. sluggo, that was a great speech. you all look wonderful in your holiday outfits.
    have fun!

  6. VERY nice post, guys!!! look very Mediterranean in your outfit!!!!

    That picnic looks nommable!!!!


  7. Dear Wilma,
    Sorry you couldn't trick us into any kind of treats at the annual opening of the potato salad season yesterday, but your parents would not stop giving us the evil eye every time we mentioned the t-word. Even your best friend Jimmy was afraid to sneak you some goodies. We'll do better next time, promise!
    Love y'all

  8. Hi Sequoia &Tuni,
    we did have a great weekend. Got lots of work done in the yard (hehe).

    thanks Melissa & Emmett,
    mom made us get all festive. As you can see, I wasn't in the mood to play dress up.

    Hi Josie,
    Thanks for stopping by. How about Brigittes costume. she was supposed to be a bee, but she kept shaking off her antennae and her suit was all kaflooey. Listen, I was thinking. After we get the club all up and running, maybe we could have an occasional boys night and Anakin could come to the club too. What do you think?
    Ask Izzy too. Tell Anakin we are thinking of him, and we hope he feels real better, real soon.

    Hey Sal,
    Yeah, that's Sluggo's sailor suit. I think it's a little Village People, if you know what I mean.

    Thanks for thinking' of us. Mom and Dad were being a couple of nudges. Like to see what would happen if someone tried to take their treats away!



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