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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Sunflower Club Edition

"Always stay true to yourself"

This week I figured I'd put out some wisdom that could carry over to our Sunflower Club. A sort of motto if you will.. I have many lessons to share with you, but I feel that this is one of  the most important ones. Above all we have to be the best self we can. We owe it to ourselves and we owe it to our people. Much of what I share with you is what has worked for me. But I only want you to take with you what helps you be great. After all, there is only one ME, and there's only one you. If you are a sweet, snuggly  pup be as sweet as you can. If you are a funny little clown, make 'em laugh til they cry. If you are a highfalutin' princess, make 'em bow at your paws. Are ya feelin' me?

So ,let me know what you think girls. This club is all of ours. If you have any ideas for other credos, please share. Make sure you tell your friends about the club. There is an open invitation for all girls. The more of us there are, the better we all will be.

Suflower Sisters unite! There's power in the flower!


  1. That's great advice Wilma!! You will be a great leader for our club!!!



  2. Oh Wilma!! We are just so excited about our clubs!! What a profound inspirational spokesPuggie Yousa are!! We's are proud to calls you are SunFlower Leader!!
    We are gathering lots of ideas and things and working on some stuffs!!
    We's sooooooooooooo Happy!!
    Your SunFlower Sista's Izzy and Josie

  3. Hi Wilma,
    Thanks for the two comments on both websites!
    Wow your grandma is 99 years old, my great grandma is only 61.
    And my grandma is 36 I tinks!
    I was born in Co. Tipperarys yanoo, us two could really be long lost cousins! Hehe!
    How cools!


  4. O.K. Wilma's!! We's got our first ideas to throws out 'deres to yous for our new clubs...
    O.K. So when Anakin got sick and people and pups were doing posts 'dats really brightened up Anakin's spirits!!
    I thinks in honors of the SunFlower Sisterhood once a month (or couple times a month) Yousa can gets all the SunFlower Ladys names in a hats and pull a names out and announce it on your Wilma's Wisdom Wedesday post...'Den all of the SunFlower sisters that following Friday (Famous Friday) or it's could be's Sunday, (SunFlower Sista Sunday) haves to gets together and alls do a tributes Post for 'dat Sunflower Sista!!! It will makes her feel special!! Whatcha thinks!!!
    Let us know!!
    Josie and Izzy Sistas

  5. I think this is the coolest idea ever.
    Wow- a real club!

  6. Tuni & Sequoia,
    Why thank you, thank you very much. You aretoo kind.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I won't be able to do it alone though. I'll need everyones help.

    Manda and Oisin,
    Ooohhh, Mom is saying she is surely feeling her age. That would be totally cool if we were long lost cousins!

    Josie & Izzy sistas,
    Brilliant! I love it. What a fabulous idea! Let's start next week. We will have to work out the details for the honored ones posts. Great way to start things off!

    Does that mean you're in? Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Even if we isnt long lost cousins lets just say we is anyways! Hehe, and tell your mom to not worry bouts her age, cos
    My mummys and her familys is Catholic so der suppose to gets married and has kids very young.
    But my mummy said she isnt goings to do that!


  8. Thanks for reading my blog. Have I told you before I have a history with pugs and pug rescue? I love them and they are very special! So are you! :)



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