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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Farm Report~ First Edition

Introduction by Wilma:
It's finally here. The day we talked about a few weeks back. Farmer Dad stopped gardening long enough to share a few thoughts with you all. I hope you enjoy. If not, I have no problem pulling a Donald Trump on him;) 
Take it away Dad!

Not much to look at right now, but with a little work, a lot of luck, and some help from Mother Nature if She's willing, it should look something like this in about a month. 
This was taken sometime in June of 2008, a very good year in the garden. 2009? not so much, but we still managed to kick out the jams using my special super-secret organic soil prep regimen and maintenance program. Look, if I told you all of the details, I'd have to...well...Lets just say that it's loosely based upon one very simple principle: Feed the soil first! I spend at least 2 weeks every April making my Def Mix of nutrients: fireplace ash, used coffee grounds, kelp meal, compost, epsom salt, manure, you get the idea.Then I let it cook for about 2 weeks, turning the soil frequently. During the season, I feed regularly with fish emulsion,molasses,kelp,and compost. Pest control? We usually farm out that work to nematodes,preying mantis,and birds 

On a side note, Wil usually tries to roll in the manure. I hope I didn't just blow my chance at a return appearance by saying that, but it is what it is,Willie D. Just accept it and move on, everybody's got issues,including Y.O.U. You're still the coolest in my book.
Until next time, I'll leave you all to contemplate the Grinch Pepper
Thanks for the Love,Wil. Stay Pug.

Attention Please:
There is a huge pet adoption event this weekend at the Connecticut Expo Center!!
Those of you who may live in the area and are interested in adopting a recycled dog follow this link: Shelter Dogs Rock


  1. Hee Hee Hee... Hey Wilma and Daddy of Wilma!!! We hopes your little garden will flourish and do amazing!!!! Maybe it will even bring your Momma a Black puggie (like 'dem cabbage patch kids) if you guys grows cabbage!! (hee hee) Sorry Wilma..We knows you're against that ideas!!! Just a jokes!! We wants some vegetation sent our ways ( and I'm nots talking 'bouts Josie sleeping Alls days when shes not blogging) hee hee.......
    WTF........gimming that 'puter back Josie.......
    K' I'ms back... Josie didn't likes the ideas and she wanted me to tell yous she would never suggest a black pug to your Momma (whatevers) Anyways, I will sings that ToTo songs for yous only I sing God blesses the rains down in Wilma Ville....(hee hee).....ouch....
    Josie just hit me.... Moooommmmmy...
    Gotta goes!!!

  2. oh and pee-s Wilmas You Pappy said you rolls in the poopys.....

    huuhhh huuuhhh snorts ....


  3. Hi Wilma's daddy! I love your garden. Can I come live with you? I'll help with the pest control and keep Wilma from rolling in the poop. All I require is 8 meals a day payment and I'll eat just about anything. Please tell me when to report for duty!

    Stubby xoxo

  4. Wow, paw is a farmer? cool. Don't ya just love the smell of manure. Yummy. Keep an eye on Paw so he is not buying those vegetables at the store
    Have fun rolling
    Benny & Lily

  5. Wow that is lots of work but all worth it. Yup Stubby would be very prouds!!!! We luv the grinch pepper. Keep up with the farm edition we luv it. Can't wait to hear more. Oh and not to worry Wilma about the manures. I eats goose poop and muds, yup we all haves our issues!


  6. Much LOVE for bro's guest post here! I had no idea of all that work that went into the Def Mix and the soil feeding ... all I know is that it works! Hope to hear more from Wil's dad in the future and looking forward to the bountiful harvest! :)


  7. Wil's Dad is a man of many talents and gardening is certainly one of the best. In his post, however, he left out one important thing, maybe two, and I quote: "with a little work, a lot of luck, and some help from Mother Nature if She's willing". How about a shout out for watering Grampy? A man who leaves the sanctuary of his home in the cold and heat, arranges the hose just so, and has the hardship of dealing with mowing guy who moves the hose...just to help out Mother nature on her slacking days. I say he deserves an extra asparagus!

  8. Hi folks,
    Checking in to thank you for your responses to Dad's guest blog. He assures me he will address the comments soon. He enjoyed posting and promised to do it again. Grammy, I give permission for Grampy to have all the asparagus he wants.It's an important job he does as Irrigation Specialist.



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