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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sluggo's Nemesis

Just like Brigitte has a girlfriend on the other side of the fence, Sluggo's arch nemesis lives behind the other fence in our yard. Sluggo goes nuts every time he hears this guy barking. They have never met mug to mug (and frankly, they won't 'cuz that guy is kind of a d*ck) but whenever he goes outside and starts barking Sluggo starts acting all tough. If we are all out at the same time, Sluggo starts going into fits at the fence. It might be kinda charming, if I didn't know that Sluggo is really a big wimp.

Check out this display...

Note me and Brigitte in the background shouting out orders. We never leftthe comfort of our bed.

Note: Mom promises not to post any more videos until she figures out what the h*ll she's doing. For whatever reason, she cant get rid of the still of Sluggy. Whatever, hire a pro.
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  1. Sluggo is just a big dog trapped in a small dog body..... or at least that is what us boys thinks! I have a nemesis too. He lives 8 doors down and when he is outside he barks ats everything. I totally have to barks back!


  2. Hey Winston,
    Mom is totally experiencing technical difficulties.That is supposed to be a video of Sluggo flippin'.Hope to ammend the situation pronto. Duh, she just posted a video the other day, you'd think she'd remember how to do it!!

  3. But I love the videos! I can't figure out how to do them either, so you're in good company.

    Anyway, aw, your little tough guy is standing up for himself ... literally! LOL

  4. Remember one of the jobs of the pug is defend the house from all evil doers in the universe. That can include other dogs. Job well done!

  5. Hi Wilma! You and Brigitte were smart not to leave the bed. There are days when I shout all my orders from the comfort of the bed.

    Poor Sluggo. My neighbor on one side has a dog that hates me. I don't know why she does because I've never done anything to her. I'm super sweet but she obviously can't figure that out.

    Stubby xoxo

  6. Hey Wilma...
    It's Anakin here...I must say, that Dog looks like he would be taking twinkie monies for sure! I'd be staying away from him too! I'm like my man Sluggo. I'll act all big and bad...ruff tuff long as the Doggie is ons the other sides of the fence, BUT -if they escape their fence or Mommy is walkin me and they are by me.... Oh boys... but then I likes to thinks I turn into Leroy Puggie Brown...The Badest Puggie in the Wholes PugTown!!!
    I was once attacked by a great dane. It was my whole lifes...I had to go to the hospitals...I needed stitches...That was 5 years ago! So I have a fear of big doggies!
    xoxoxo Anakin Man A.k.A. Anakin Brown

  7. Hi Auntie,
    Mom found some answers on the blog help site. You'll have to have a video tutorial next time you talk. He's funny huh, all long and tall standing at the window.

    Hi Bellatrix,
    Sluggo here: Thanks for the props.That Wilma just doesn't appreciate how lucky she is to have me around.

    Hey Stubby,
    I can't imagine anyone 2 or 4 legged who wouldn't love you. That dog clearly has issues.

    I am so sorry you had such a terrible experience with a big dog. Thank goodness you are OK. Was that before or after you lived with your Mom now?

  8. BOL...screamin dogs just kill me..
    Benny & Lily

  9. Video looks good! I'm afraid!



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