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Monday, April 12, 2010

Finally Asparagus

Like around 10 years ago Dad agreed to allow for the room to plant asparagus in the garden. Mom was only asking for about 18 years. Now, after all that waiting, ( you can't harvest asparagus until many years after you plant it) it's here!

It really doesn't smell like much. I was hoping it would smell like the chicken poop that Dad uses in the garden, but it really doesn't. I love to roll in the poop garden, it smells like heaven. But Mom and Dad never let me. They so don't know how to have fun. I am hoping to get a taste of  this highly acclaimed vegetable.Mom says she must confirm that it's ok for puggys to eat. I will let you know.
By the way, this in no way constitutes an garden entry like my Dad is planning. He will be on vacation soon and he told me he will write one then. In the mean time, I will keep you abreast of any relevant news from the fields.


  1. You have to let us know if us puggers can eat asparagus, because that sounds yummy. Mmmmmm...I love food

  2. you like to roll in chicken poop?
    oh my! mighty smelly stuff.
    That is a long time to wait for that aparagus stuff to grow. jeepers. But the garden soil must be very healthy to produce such a nice little crop. Good job

  3. Hey Wilma -

    What does that stuffs tastes like??? Only if it's good...will yous shares some???

    We likes us some bunny poops!

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  4. Asparagus looks pretty darn yummy!

  5. Bellatrix,
    Good news, green light on the asparagus. Just go easy, makes pee & poo smelly and too much means loose poopy.

    Lots of good smelly stuff has gone into that garden over the years.Lots of tasty morsles have come out! Personally, I love a bean.

    Hey Josie, Izzy and Anakin,
    I'll have to let you know.The parents ate all of it. According to them, it was delicious.

    I never tried bunny poop.
    There is a Mr.Lepan that lives near the garden.Hmmm, I will have to investigate.

    I guess.Looks like I'll have to wait to find out.

  6. We haven't had any asparagus. We also haven't rolled in a chicken poop garden before, but it sounds like a blast!!!

  7. Rumor has it that there will be a garden raid this weekend by some humans from New York. And they are in for a treat! The crops are great as usual and very sweet. Don't know whether or not they're pug food...that's for your parents to decide.

  8. Lucky yous! This year mum is planting all kinds of things. Specially tomatoes, I luvs tomatoes.


  9. oh my goodness!
    look at all of that yummy asparagus!
    we often give emmitt some of the stems and he just loves them.
    how wonderful that it came from your garden!
    m & e

  10. Sequoia & Petuia,
    You don't know what you're missing.You have to get past the guards first though.

    Yay, Auntie!! She will give me asparagus.She should also have some meat in her bag for me if she's gotten my requests.

    We get tomatoes again this year, we took a year off cuz of something called blight.

    Melissa, we're gonna get some too, hope my belly likes it.

  11. You too Emmitt,
    I meant to say you too!

  12. Aw CRAP! We HOPE asparagus is ok for puggies because I eat the HELL out of it!!!!

    Keep me posted before my hypochondria kicks in (cough cough!)


  13. Pee S.

    Our word verification was "GOOTA" for the above post.

    WTH is GOOTA????

  14. Salinger,
    Yes,yes,yes you can totally have asparagus. I think goota is some kinda cheese. I love cheese.



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