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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Evil B

Brigitte here...

 Be afraid pug-world, be very afraid. It is time I reveal my diabolical plan  to overtake this blog along with this family. For years I've sat idly by while this Wilma ruled the roost. Then they brought in the kid. Ohhh so cute, look at that mug, what a sweet boy". Meanwhile this brat is stealing my lambies, peeing on things, trying to take over. Well no more. Things are gonna change around here, like it or not. No more will I move aside when laps are full and little miss Wilma wants a seat. No more will I allow her to take over my custom seat under Moms desk. From here forward, my lambies! I get dibs on which one I want to play with and I play with them with the Mom, Sluggo. And furthermore, we go where I want to go for walks. No more of this digging your paws in and parking it when we don't take the direction you want, Wilma. The new name for the blog...Brigitte's World. I'll be featured in every post, my pictures will be prominent and the profile will be about me! All  subject matter shall be approved by me. Last but not least, I'll eat poop, all the poop I want, till my belly is full of poop and none of you will say a word, or I'll serve it up to you on a platter!

Aw shucks...who am I trying to fool.

April Fools everyone, I can always only be me, sweet Britte, Brigitte P, Reliable B. It was a good joke though huh? I bet I had you all goin' there for a minute. It was kinda fun lettin' loose like that. But it just isn't me.

I'm more like this sunshiny flower, bright, happy, easy and breezy. Besides, I wouldn't want to end up like this guy...

In the clink

I hope you all had a good laugh, I know I did. Happy April Fools Day!

Love, Brigitte


  1. Ut oh look out..Brigitte in the house! Benny
    & Lily

  2. hi wilma, sluggo and bridgitte!
    we are so happy to meet you!

    thank you for saying hello today and for coming to my partypalooza 2010!

    we love making new friends and have added you to our blog reader. :)

  3. BBBBridgitte,
    You got me soooo excited at first! I thought to myself, self... who is this little diva! We must start a club! Bridgitte, let me know if you do ever turn evil... I have plans of my own!

    Your friend,


  4. Pee-S - sorry about putting a "d" in your name! Hey, the "d" is for devil dog!


  5. We thinks you're pretty cute Brigitte. Maybe the Devil Dog will let you have the blog once in a while.

  6. Note from Wilma:
    THis is MY blog and only my blog! Precious little of ME have you seen lately. What's up with that, Mom? Get on it or I'll run away.

    (April fool---who me run away? I don't think so!)

  7. Ha! You nearly had me for a minute there, Britte, but then I thought ... our Brigitte? There's not an evil bone in her body! :)

    Happy April Fools Day, darling puglets!!


  8. Hi Benny and Lily,
    Thanks for stoppin by. Look out, that's right

    Our pleasure.Thanks for the inviite.Wilma and Mommy have been lurking on your blog lately. I can't believe they hadn't said hi yet.

    Do tell Izzy, do tell.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty,
    Oh I'm sure she will, she's not nearly as bitchy as she makes herself out to be.

    Oh Grammy,
    You had me 'til the run away part. She could never have it so good.

    I knew I couldn't get anything by you. You know me too well. Happy April Fools!

  9. That was me Brigitte. Sorry no sign off, I'm new at this boggy thing:)

  10. I love me a smushy face! Wilma is a cutie!

  11. Bridgette
    You really had me going for a minute.
    I am so happy to see your sweet face, and spunky attitude.
    You sure a re adorable

  12. It's Brigitte again,

    Hey Josie, Wilma wanted me to tell you, those are the kinds of sunflowers to grow for the sunflower club.

    Hi Norman Featherstone,
    glad I almost GOTCHA!

    Misty, Thanks for coming by,come back any time.

    Toby, I know youcan appreciate a good joke, youhad a couple people going today yourself.

    Hello Tweedles,
    I'm glad you liked my post. I enjoy sitting in from time to time.

    Toodles, Brigitte

  13. Awww....even when you're trying to take over thehouse, you're still being sweet. I'm lucky I've got mom's and dad's lap all to myself. I do share mom with my best friend though, but he goes home with him mom, so it's not long term.



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