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Thursday, April 8, 2010

We Interupt This Mystery for a Very Important Announcement

I'm so excited I can barely contain myself. Over the weekend Mom and Dad were working in the garden, turning over the soil, and they found these!


Yes, those are potatoes. They are from last years crop, they survived, and grew over the winter. Now, judging from the fanfare, this was very exciting for the  humans. I was, whatever. Can I eat 'em?

What's got me so amped up is this idea I had while going over seed catalogs with Dad. You see, truth be told, my Dad is an awesome organic vegetable farmer.

Dad has flirted with the idea of blogging about it but the garden keeps him very busy. This garden is at my Grammy and Grampy's house. We didn't have enough sun at our old house to grow much. Now that we've moved, we are going to attempt some veggies atour new house. Dad will continue to garden at Grammy and Grampy's too. So now he will be even busier. So I thought, what if  Dad was a guest blogger on my blog? He could write about his garden when he was inspired to do it, but not be obligated to post all the time.

He accepted my offer!!! Now, this announcement may be premature, because I don't know when he will start to write, but I was bursting at the seams with excitement and just had to tell someone.

Fear not B fans, I will reveal her whereabouts soon. She is not in harms way I can assure you of that.


  1. We were screanong with excitment for you. Tators, yum E you are one lucky doggy. We are ooking forward to your update
    so suspenseful..
    Benny & Lily

  2. WE ARE SOOOOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!! Mommy and Daddy can't grow anything!!!! Can we come live with you guys?????
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  3. Pee-S

    hey...pssst...Willy... did yous get my message yesterday...


  4. How exciting!!! Will look forward to the master gardener's posts ... should he have time to write them. Awesome! :)

  5. What a Pug second! That is your vegetable garden? Wow, we are most impressed. And our mom and dad LOVE heirloom tomatoes.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  6. Num Num, that is one cute lickety-loo tongue shot in the last picture! Your garden looks ridiculously amazing too.

  7. oh look at that yummy surprise crop!
    wow! i wish my thumb was just the slightest shade of green!
    how exciting to have such a wonderful talent!
    we cannot to hear and see more!
    what are you going to make with all of those yummy potatoes?
    m & e

  8. My Woman is a gardener too! Her garden blog is at

  9. Benny & Lily,
    Thanks for your entheusiasm, I am still very pumped.

    You Elgin Pugs can come anytime you want. I suggest later in the season to reap the bennys of the harvest.

    Dad is on vaca next week, he said he would post then. I can't wait to link to some of your great recipes using the spoils from the garden!

    Yes I got your message.Check yesterdays comments. Although today the mystery is solved. ( I hope you aren't in trouble for trying to ship off Izzy. Just tell your Mom a girl's gotta dream.

    Stella Gunther and Betty,
    Yes those are shots from previous seasons, but every year is a delight!

    Heather and Walter,
    Thanks, I was gettin real hungry.Good to hear from you!

    Melissa and Emmit,
    So far,Dad made his signature homefries for Sunday breakfast. Next, the first potato salad of the year.

    Hi Norman Featherstone,
    We checked out your Womans blog.We are followers now. Can't wait to show Dad about the onions and garlic. He grew garlic for the first time last year and is devoting much of the space at Grammy and Grampy's house to it this year.He is doing onions again too. Bad for dogs but the people love them!

  10. That is an awsome crop of organic veggies.
    We cannot wait to hear how your dad works with mother earth to grow such fancy looking crops.



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