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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mystery Puke

This post is mainly for those of you living in multiple pug homes. Humans, does any of this sound familiar?

It's been a long day, you're tired, ready for bed and you head up to retire for the evening. You climb under the covers and snuggle in. You start to drift off almost immediately, when you hear a familiar sound. Up you sit, you turn on the light only to find one of your pig dogs scarfing down a nice big pile of puke.
Great, time to strip the bed, discard of the biohazardous material,start the washing machine and remake the bed. Still tired? I didn't think so.
Here's my questions:
Which one of your parents deals with this situation?
Which one begins gagging and contributes to the mess?
How far do they go to determine the contributor. Examine contents? Smell breath? Check mouths?

Just curious. If you haven't figured it out on your own, we had an episode.
My guess, it was Sluggo, there was lambie stuffing in it. I didn't care, tasted good to me


  1. I am the only puggie- so its easy to decide who puked.
    But, its no big deal,,,, when mom hears it happening- well she just moves across the bed to the other side- after she just sorta wipes up whats left of it.
    She thinks there is always tomorrow.
    We heard a story from one of my friends - I think it was Pearly and she told us about dangerous stuffing in some stuffys.
    I hope the stuffing you found was cooked,

  2. O.K. My Mommy was laughing so hard she was crying. I can't imagine why this would be funny to her? Well, like your house of three...Ours is the three little puggies or Mommy would say house of the three little piggies. Now, trying to determine the puke perp can be difficult. I normally do not puke. But Izzy and Anakin barf alls the times. So one time (hee hee hee)(ohh Anakin gonna be mad) Mommy was fostering a boy Puggie named Rolly. They both had peeing contests. Mommy had to put what she calls grandpers on Anakin. (His little diaper - still thinks he's hot Wilma?) Anyway in his diaper goes a sanitary napkin. Well, Mommy wents upstairs and she heard Blahhhhhh really louds. She cames down stairs to big pile with white puffs. Anakin ates his own diaps. Snorts....
    Izzy eats rocks so anytimes pukes has rocks in its that would be Izzy.
    I am great.

  3. Well I'm a spoiled only child and mom is very happy that I don't puke. I will get upset tummy though if I eat too much beef, so mom makes sure to avoid that. I'm sorry someone got sick, I hope everyone is ok.

  4. OMG...this post made us laugh (and then we laughed again and poor Anakin's story!)

    I'm an only Puggie too, and the peeps got wise to me trying to blame my hooman brother for puking (because he doesn't eat kibble too often).

    Here's an interesting puke story that ties in with your last post about asparagus.....
    Mom grilled a bunch of asparagus the other night and gave me some. I kept scarfing it down, so she just gave me a few whole big long pieces. All was FINE until the next morning when mom was getting dressed and saw something at the foot of the big cloud bed that looked oddly like ROCK CANDY kibble puke clung onto the LOOOONG piece of asparagus!!!!

    She really should have taken a picture because it was oddly beautiful in an artsy fartsy sort of way.

    Happy Thursday! Good luck solving the puke mystery!


  5. Tweedles,
    Mom likes that idea, wipe it up, throw a towel on it and worry about it in the morning.Unfortunately, Dad has a weaker stomach than anyone in the house.
    Thanks for tellin' us about dangerous stuffing. Sluggo loves to murder lambies and disembowel them. Mom tries to catch him when the entrails start coming out but some times he gets a few bites. He's not interested in those flat unstuffed lambs either.

    You are great,justlike me, that's why I like you so much. My Mom was cracking up about Anakin. She keeps threatening to put one of those on Sluggo, but she's afraid of the same result. And, yes, I do still think Anakins is hot. (some pugs are into that infantalism you know)
    Oh, Izzy,I can't believe she eats rocks. How big are they?

    Thank you for being concerned.I hope everyone is ok too. I think what's going to happen, as hard as it will be for Mom, is that Sluggos stuffed lambs will need to be retired. There I said it. Oh, it won't be pretty.

    Now my Mom is laughing so hard, she said something about peeing a little. Gross.
    I think you could call that asparagus piece conseptual art. S-dog, you surely are an artiste'

  6. LOL! Gunther is usually the puker. Betty would be the eater. Stella just raiser her paw, like ewww.... Dad lays there, huh.. huh?? Mom kicks everyone off the bed. Grumbles. Changes everything. Gets everyone back in bed.



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