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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wil's Wednesday Words of Wisdom: 2nd Edition

Listen closely my students...

Our lesson today...

"Leave No Kibble Behind"

Those random errant treats that roll under the stove, or fridge or other large pieces of furniture

They don't go away, they are still there.

You may not be able to see them, but you can smell them.

The challenge lies in getting your human to retrieve it.

*It should go a little something like this...

*The audio on this video may be objectionable to some viewers. The Howard Stern Show was on and Mom was capturing a moment. She is also new to the video posting so bear with her.


  1. Ah, the Phantom Kibble! This happens at our house too. It is a very exciting day when we find some bonus food!

  2. That disgusted look on her face was not because treats were inaccessible but because her refined ears were poisoned by radio trash. She is a queen after all!


  3. Hi Wilma! Never question the power of the pug sniffer! I find kibble (or crumbs for that matter) before it finds me. I hate to waste food and I do my job as chief vacuum to clean up all dropped or missed food. What would my peeps do without me?

    Stubby xoxo

  4. I have to say a pug nose is a powerful powerful thing and should not be abused. I always love to find a hidden treat somewhere in the house. I know there are always hidden goodies and it is our job to find them. It's a tough job, but we pugs are always up to task. Happy hunting!

  5. Thank you for passing your wisdom on to us! Tuni has no idea where to find these kibbles so I usually end up with the treats!!!


  6. Ha Ha SNORTS!!! Wilma...You looks so put outs by your Mommy! Is she not retrieving the food for you fast enough? Do you know who you remind me of.....hmmmmmm...ANAKIN!!!! MY BRO...Yup! He will smoosh his face under the cabinet and go nuts then stare at Mommy with his sad a&& eyes until he gets his way!!! Mommy will have to crawl on the floor and reach allll the waaaaay under the cabinet to get the nanner puss his one little piece of kibble. Geesh! But you're pretty Diva Esque and that's funny!!!
    I'll have to trys its!!!
    Loves, your Sista Josie

  7. Wilma, you are so wise! We have mom moving stoves and fridges to get to our treats. Not to mention, she has to crawl around on her hands and knees to retrieve Betty's tennis balls from under the couch too.. BOL!

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  8. Gen & Foo,
    Phantom Kibbles must be an exciting score, especially when your Mom has that kibble on lock down!

    You like that look? That's my look of contempt. Not many canines have mastered it, but I have it down pat.

    That's right. It's only right we not waste food.After all there are star...uh better not go down that road.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

    Sequoia & Petunia,
    More for you! Careful with that girlish figure though.

    Ohhh, I'm like Anakin, I knew there was a reason I was attracted to him. The whole kib thing is easy. Just huff and snort around, attempt mind control, and if none of that works, just bark and stare.

    Stella Gunther and Betty,
    You have trained your human well my friends. Sluggo has Mom able to know which lambie he needs just by the sound of his whine. I don't resort to sniveling, there are much more dignified ways to control the humans. They are weak.



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