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Monday, April 26, 2010

Do They Shed?

Do we shed? Do we shed?
You be the judge.

It always makes me laugh when people ask Mom that question.

And this is mostly from me and Britte, Sluggo has a single coat and sheds very little.Especially for a pug. Can you believe Mom still even buys black clothes?

Looks like we are pimping out the products this week.That is a furminator, and we love it.


  1. Hi Wilma!

    I am always amazed by how much one pug can
    shed. It's like a pug hair magnet of love.
    Someone needs to come out with a tiny portable
    vacuum for the humans, so we can
    take the hair off really well
    in a hurry.

    Hope you have a great week!


  2. Hee Hee...
    Wilma, Your face is too funny! You're like "dat is my fur...put it backs" My bro sheds the MOST. Holy cow! It's craZy. Mommy says she gets a whole nother puggie from him. Then...hee hee...if Mommy is not careful with putting his fur up away from him...he will trys to eat it. Mommy tries to brush him outside. It looks like it snows when she does it. Big fluffs fly around everywheres. His coat is so thick 'cuz of his barn life before Mommy and Daddy rescued him. (He still thinks he lives in a barn sometimes) Izzy sheds the second most. And I of course shed the least 'cuz that's the way I roll. hee hee. Mommy has to change clothes as soon as she comes home so she doesn't ruin her good clothes? #@^*! O.K. Let me put on my good harness! Please. Anyways, we have beige sofas round here and all Mommys sweaters and coats are Puggie colors. hee hee.
    Josie Girl

  3. Do pugs shed? HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Does a bear $#it in the woods??????


  4. see your mom has to get a black pug...we shed less and when we do shed, it matches her clotes! That's my answer and I'm sticking to it.
    Bellatrix's mom here....she sheds a lot and doesn't even take the time to clean it up! Luckily I have hardwood floors, otherwise she'd have to learn how to use a vaccuum

  5. Oh Wilma, I think I need a furminator thingy! I am a shedding machine, just like you!

  6. Hi Wilma! We have that crazy furminator and Mom loves it! Tuni sheds non stop. I don't shed that much probably I'm like Sluggo. Tuni though that girl can shed! She has a weird coat, Mom says its becuse she spent alot of time outside in her other life. I am exited to see what your wednesday wisdom will be!!!!


  7. Hi Dana,
    Mom said thats a great idea, although she kinda gave up on being pug hair free a long time ago. Hope you have a great week too!

    Hi Josie,
    We have beige couches too. We had a nice leather sectional, but then Sluggo came along and he ate it.(He thought it was the biggest best combination rawhide/lambie in the world) That took a while to get over, especially since Mom and Dad are still paying for it.


    Go easy girl, I'm tellin' you, one more little furball around here and I might have to head for z hills.Thanks Bellatrixs' Mom for being the voice of reason.

    Yes, you must try one. It feels really good.I start going into a meditative state whn Mom uses it on me.

    Brigitte has a weird coat, kinda coarse with a wave down her back.Probably from the chihuahua in her.She never used to give up much fur with our old brush,but now,it's amazing how much Mom gets.

  8. Why is mommas hair up there? BOL
    Benny & Lily

  9. Hi Wilma
    I don't have much hair it seems- but what I do have sure does shed.
    I think a pug vacume is a good idea- course it could not make noise.

  10. a pug vaccume, another thing for me to laugh about. i didnt realize that all pugs do not shed alike. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. well hope everyone get vacumed up o.k.



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