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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Enough Already With the Rain

What's that Mom?

You want me to go out there?
In the rain.
                                                                    To do my business?
                                                                            I guess.
                                                                    What's in it for me?

                                                        Now I would like a towel off .

                                                  Then I'll play tug-o-towel with Brigitte

                                                           Now that I'm dried off

                                              How about you open this door for me

                                                          So that I can get my lambie...

                                                                and we can play...


                                                       Faster than the speed of Britte


  1. Wilma, you're adorable. We'll play tog-o-towel anytime!!

  2. S'cuse me, Wilma. Did you just lift your leg to pee pee? But your a girl. I thought only Stella did that! Are you two related? I'm so confused!!


  3. Hi guys,
    That's not me, it's Sluggo. You won't even get me that far out on a rainy day. Note my conspicuous absence (only Slugs and Britte) Mom needs to be more diligent in IDing us when she finishes dictation. I'll have her get right on it.

  4. Hey Sluggo!

    You look so cute with your head peeking out of the door! I can't stand rain. Don't get me started on the snow!!!

    How was your sis B-day yesterday? Did ya get some of her cakes? Food...I'm hungry again...We were just discussing food on pugelicious blog. Your Mommy should check it out. They are trying to get Debbie to loose weight. HA! Why can't they just like us for our watermelon shaped bodies?
    Love yas,
    Josie oh yeah the others say hey too.

  5. You are a cutie. Thank you for visiting our blog
    Benny & Lily

  6. Wait a minute....where IS the birthday girl whose blog this is. Probably staying indoors where a girl can stay out of the rain so her hair won't frizz. Cute pix anyway.

  7. Hi Josie,

    Sluggo here~ Thanks for the props. Wilma's Birthday was great. It was actually last week, but we celebrated at our Great Grammys on Sunday.

    My Mom went over to pugelicious's blog. She's real sweet. I saw her picture. I think she's perfect how she is. They call me a chubby chaser.

    Love Sluggy.

    Pee S tell the others hi right back at 'em.

  8. OMD, I saw your bed in one of those pictures - blue polka dots?? SO PAWESOME!!

    Hate it when mom makes us use the restroom when it's RAINING :(


  9. Hello Wilma It's Izzy! My B-day was the 24th and I'm still getting belated birthday wishes! Mommy's a little slow with thingys. She went back and read the bloggy! My boyfriend TheBean still hasn't wished me a Happy one yet!
    Whatever!!!! Anyways, Your REAL b-day photos were sooooo cute!

    From one b-day girl to another!

  10. Oh my gosh, what cute expression! Grady does the same thing when it rains here. Explain why they can go swimming in the lake, but not pee in the rain? I just don't get it.

  11. hey when you gotta go you gotta go, i know that if anyone does. But wouldnt want to do it in the rain either.



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