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Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a Wonderful Weekend

It all started Saturday morning at our meetup. It was at an outdoor venue, which was cool. Number one because it was so beautiful out,  and number two, because Sluggo could run around without freaking out about the slippery surface of the floor indoors.

Murphy and Sluggo were checking out a new small human.
Brigitte was lovin' life!

While Murphy guarded the donation jug. Our meetup saved a puggle from the shelter and got them taken care of at the vet. Now they have a new life at their forever home. We are very happy about that! There's Dad in the background.

Today we went to Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury. It's in the same town that chick in the stupid Idol show Mom and Dad are still watching, even though it totally jumped the shark, lives.

Nevertheless we had a really great time.

That handsome Sluggo enjoyed the scenery.

I even managed to steal Brigittes' seat for a short ride.

Here's Sluggo enjoying some time in the pavillion. None of us understood why Mom and Dad didn't bring any meat for the grill.Hope you all had a great weekend too!!
'Till next time, Wilma


  1. Wil, your mom is so talented ... these pictures are fantastic! I love the one of you in the tree and Britte lovin' life! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Wilma. What a cute pug you are. Nice pictures.

  3. Auntie,
    So nice of you to say that. You know she wouldn't be half as good if it weren't for her fabulous subjects!

    Mr. Puggles, thank you for the compliment as well. Stop by any time.

  4. The sun brings happiness even to pugs! They never looked better. Great shots.

  5. Hi Wilma!

    Penny and I love your photos!
    Looks like you had a fun time at the

    We hope you have a great week!

    -Dana & Penny

  6. Yes Grammy, the sun makes us very happy. Hope you got your dose of vitamin D over the past few days. Looks like rain for the next few.

    Thanks for stopping by Dana and Penny. We are having a great week so far, some might even call it sexy!



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