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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Brigitte is a Rocker

She always has been. Whenever Dad has band practice, she's always right there, chillin', just like a groupie. Me, I prefer the softer stylings of say, coffee house tunes sung by singer songwriters or, even Biggie Smalls, when I'm in the mood.In fact, I run a Jazz Club down in the basement. A little underground place for the true beatnick. But when Dad's friends come over and start hauling in those loud boxes and round things they like to bang on, I get right outta  the way. As far out as I can get. Even though I don't recall booking them, I let them stay for the sake of the music.

Sluggo will hang for a while, like in this shot from our old house-

 But eventually his true square tendencies come out and he joins me in a nice warm quiet out of the way berth.

Brigitte has a softer side too. Recently, Dad has taken to coming home from work and strumming a few tunes on his acoustic. Brigitte loves to get right up next to him and enjoy the dulcet melodies. Now, if he dooesn't get right down to business when he gets home, Brigitte will hop onto the couch and nervously fidget until he sits down and strums her a tune. It would all be quite endearing if it weren't for the fact that this whole charade holds up my dinna.

                                                                 Rock on!!!


  1. I always knew you were a rocker at hear Brigitte. Murphy said he wants to sit in on a jam session. Duke will keep you company Wilma. He's not much for rock.

  2. Sure thing Sam,
    Anytime, practice is Thursday nights. Mom usually makes snacks!

  3. It's in their genes! Even yours Wilma if the truth were told. So glad to hear music is still a big part of your lives.

  4. I would like to "rock on too"
    Do you mind if I come over?

  5. Always Grammy!

    Tweedles, come on over,you can even sit in on Dad's private concert series!



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