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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let Them Eat Cake....or not

 As promised, there was cake. Lovely, isn't it?  Does anyone notice a problem?  Anything unusual?   Something wrong? It's chocolate!!!  Dogs can't eat chocolate. This was it, nothing else. No special doggie cake from the doggie bakery. No little gift bags with fancy cookies inside. Not even a liitle ham or turkey on the DL  from Uncle Jimmy. Noooooo....   

They say it has something to do with this.
Note my party dress. Yeah, that's right, I'm only half dressed. It didn't fit. Apparently, I've put on a couple pounds over the winter. I'm not proud of it, but it happens. That means no cake for my own Birthday?  My people are no light weights, they could stand to shave off more than a couple of pounds. Nobody deprived them of cake. Nobody stopped them from eating little chocolate eggs.
I thought this was MY birthday.
I'm not really sure what to do about it, but I'll figure it out.
Besides that, I had a wonderful time visiting with the rest of the family.

Can you believe that? Ninety years between us and we're totally in sync We love Gramma Mary.She totally gets us.

Sluggo jumped right up to visit. He's all about the people. He doesn't even care about the cake issue. Whatever, he's one of those skinny pugs, that can eat anything and not gain weight.

  I say, let out the dress, and let me enjoy some cake. Take me for an extra walk, you could use it Mom and Dad!

This is what we saw on the way home.


  1. BOL! Wilma, you're our kinda gal. Stella is so fat, we haven't seen her neck in 2 years. Seriously. Mom put out an APB on it awhile back. The most snacks we gets nowadays is carrots. Whateva.

    We have wild turkeys around here too. They're dumb as tree stumps, don't cha think?


  2. Not fitting into your party dress? Honey, we've all been there! LOL

    I didn't get any of your cake either, so I'll join you in pouting, Wilma! ;)


    You look sooooo cute in your dress! Although Mommy was laughing so hard when she saw your photo. Don't you worry. My Mommy had to go to Hobby Lobby to get velcro extenders to add into some of my dresses and my Halloween costume this past one. Hey, you know what... Eat the cake! Have Valentino make you a larger (X that out) a different dress!


  4. Happy B-day Girl!


    Wilma oh Wilma, you look great to me! Have a good one!


  5. The rest of us did have cake, unfortunately, and it was wonderful! Sorry Auntie didn't get to have some but maybe if it weren't chocolate heath bar crunch.....there may have been leftovers. NOT!!!!! Many happy returns Wilma dear.

  6. Happy birthday Wilma!! Your dress is super cute, and I think it looks amazing on you...your a BBP. Rock it like you bought it.

  7. Oh Wilma I agree let you eats cake!!! I mean they could have made you a healthy cake....carrot cake. That's what I get since the vet marked "overweight" on my chart. Humph. You only live once girl. Enjoy the taste of life! Happy birfdays.


  8. Hey Gunther,
    My Mom and Dad call that extra flesh up around my neck and head my "meat helmet" Thank you for the support

    Auntie, sometimes I think you're the only one who understands me. Next visit, you & me...cake!

    I like the way you think. If you've got it decorate it. Yes, Valentino, now you're talkin'

    Oh Anakin, thank you for the special message. You really know how to make a girl feel better.

    Thank you Grammy,
    Don't worry, I don't blame you. It's all on the rents.

    Thanks girl, us big girls hafta stick together. I do know you've been trying to get into shape, how goes the battle?

    Thanks for all your support. It really helps. And you're right, they coulda at least offered me a healthy alternative. Hmph...



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