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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

And Now Your Feature Presentation

A while back I was talking to my Auntie Diva over at Beacheats. She told me about a new blogroll that was starting up. She said it was affiliated with Foodie Blogroll . Now, quite frankly I had no idea what a blogroll was. Sounded like it could be food, ie; eggroll, swissroll, chickenroll,so I was all over it. Then she told me it was not food, but a central networking community of pet bloggers. The Pets Blogroll is all about building the best community online for pets bloggers. So,being a pug blogger (not a pet), I figured I'd check it out. Besides, if Auntie Diva knew about it, then it must be the next big thing. You see, my Auntie is like the most hip, smartest, funnest, most creative, best cooking, and best food blogging chick I know. She may not know it, but she is my diva idol.

Isn't she pretty!

So anyway, back to this blogroll thing. I went ahead and signed up and my blog was approved. This is a brand new blogroll, so I feel pretty good getting in on the ground floor. Already, since I've joined, I won a book called One Good Dog, and now I am one of the featured blogs of the week.
There are alot of horse blogs and a few cat blogs on Pets Blogroll. Their partner Foodie Blogroll has over 7500 members and this year alone they have gotten almost 1,000,000 hits(if that kind of thing is importantant to you). I think it would be a great platform for spreading Puglet and Stubby's messages as well as sharing all of your fabulous blogs with the masses .I encourage you all to check it out and sign up if  you like You can tell them Wilma sent you.


  1. Oh Wilma!! What fabulous information!! Thank you!! We will go and check it outs right aways!! And yes, Your Auntie Diva is very Prettys!! Oh We are getting hungry already!!
    Chow... (get it...Chow...)
    Josie, Izzy & Anakin (S'up)

  2. Oh thank you for the info Wilma..And yes she is a hot number..
    Benny (& Lily)

  3. Once your Auntie Diva sees this picture, Wilma, you may very well be in the doghouse! She will appreciate the comments though. How cool is a blogroll!

  4. Well, at least my hair looks good! LOL

    Aw, thanks so much for the shout-out darling Wil! I appreciate it and I'm so glad you joined the Pet's Blogroll. I'm even more glad that you're the featured blog this week ... CONGRATS!!!!

  5. Hi Josie, Izzy and Anakin,
    BOL chow, that's funny.You guys crack me up.

    Benny and Lily,
    Thanks for coming by and I hope you check out the blogroll. Us flat faces need to take over!

    Oh Grammy,
    you had me scared. I would hate for Auntie to be mad at me.

    Thanks. Yeah,I was pretty psyched when I got the email notifying me of the news.

  6. well willie,
    all i can say you are something i also agree that is a nice picture of your aunt of coarse she is very pretty. but nice of her to share the info and nice for you to win bloggie post,now im sure all your freinds are excited tooooo.



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