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Monday, May 3, 2010

A Little Under the Weather

Our  plans went a little kaflooie this past weekend. We were supposed to go to a meetup on Saturday but Brigitte was acting a little funny.  She was taking forever at the water dish. She was just drinking, and drinking and drinking. Other than that, she seemed to be fine. Mom got real nervous about diabetes, because that's what Moms do when we aren't right.Worry, and call the vet. So, off they went, Mom and Britte( sometimes I think she pulls this stuff just so she can have private time with the Mom). The short of it is, it looks like she has a UTI. They did some tests and are waiting for results. In the mean time, she gets some kind of pill, stuffed into what smells like pepperoni. Mom can't stop raving about
these things.Brigitte is an ace detective when it comes to taking medicine. She will detect it in cheese, peanut butter, hot dogs, you name it. With these awesome smelling pockets, it's like...GULP.

Mom and Brigitte brought home this list of emergency supplies that the vet had. We thought it would be nice to share. I know you all want to be prepared with what you need to take care of your beloved pugs,dogs and/or cats.

  • Feline/Canine nail clippers
  • Quick Stop
  • Digital thermometer
  • KY Jelly
  • Bandage Material (rolled guaze/pads & tape etc)
  • Teaspoon/tablespoon
  • Benadryl 25mg tablets
  • Karo syrup
  • Neosporin ointment
  • Eye flush
  • Hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting)
Please date your bottle and replace it yearly.
Call your vet for dosage.


  1. My sweet friends
    I am so sorry that Brigitte did not feels good.
    It is so sad to be so miserables and mommy worrys so.
    We hope she gets her UTI fixed soon.
    Thank you for sharing the emergency kit with all of us.
    I think that is a wise wise decision to be ready for when sickies happen and injuries too.
    I hope you all get to do something fun - real soon

  2. Noooo Way! Betty has a va jay jay infection too! What are the chances. Maybe because the weather is getting warmer? Mom thinks maybe because Betty can squat like no other and gets her coochina really close to the ground so some bacteria got in her hooha. So, off to the vet we ALL went. Betty got some more pills (what's one more in Betty's world, right?). She started feeling better immediately. How are you feeling Ms. Brigitte? Did the pills make your va jay jay feel better right away?

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. Oh Poor Brigitte! We hopes she feels better!!! We will be thinking of her and drawing pictures for her for a super duper extra fast recovery! Tell your Momma thanks for sharing the lists she gots from the vets and thanks Wilma for typing its! Now Wilma we know your Diva status will always remain intact, so we won't tell anyone... (that we know you are a super sister to Brigitte and that we know you'll take good care of her while she's sick!)
    xoxoxo Josie Izzy Anakin

  4. We hope your hooha is better soon Brigitte!!!

    Your list was very helpful...but WHAT is the Karo syrup for? Emergency snacking????


  5. Hi Tweedles,
    Brigitte says thanks for the well wishes. She seems to be feeling better. Still drinking a little extra, but Mom said that'sgoodto flush outthe infection.
    I have a feeling we will be doing something fun real soon

    Brigitte here:
    Your va-jay-jay is broken too?I can't believe it.Do you think it has anything to do with our lawn sausage habit? Because I have no intention to quit. I doslowdown in the summerthough. Too hot.I like mine slightly chilled....oh, off subject. Anyway, I hope you feel better real soon.

    Elgin gang,
    Hi guys, thanks for your thoughts.I hope Britte is better soon, cuz I want to join you at Emmits. Maybe bring a little Mexican flavor for cinqo di mayo!

    Hi Sal,
    Brigitte hooha thanks you(and not in a straight way)She is already feeling better. Still needy though.
    Not sure on the Karo. Mom thinks it is for when we eat something stupid and need it to travel through fast and slippery. I heard peanutbutteris good for that too. I never had any,you?

  6. In case noone has noticed.The space bar on Moms computer is not responding. So unless she fastidiously checks for words sticking together, you guys are getting these word sandwiches. I will try and get her to slow down and check her work, but she says us pugs don't understand how busy humans are.
    Oh but Mom, we do. And thats why we say slow down. Can't she see us pugs know how to live?

  7. We're sad to hear that Brigitte's not feeling well. Stupid UTI's. But we're sure you'll be up and around in no time.

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

    P.S. That is one cute picture!!!!!

  8. Um...when I was a wee little pug I too had um..some "girl" because I have boy and girl like um I had pee pee problems...a little embarrassed here. So anyways I hope Brig is feeling better and that her broken bits feel betters too! Wilma, make sure you're extra nice to her, but only until she's better, then it's game on!

  9. Oh no, Brit! I'm sorry you're under the weather. Sad. Keep drinking your water and eating those yummy pepperoni things mom's giving you and all will be well.

    Incidentally, your cousin Zelda used to have to take a pill and she rejected the cat version of those pepperoni pocket things. She's a crafty little one alright.


  10. Hi Pearl and Daisy,
    Brigitte here:
    Thanks ladies, I am really feeling much better. I won't let a broken vajayjay keep me down.

    Oh my,bad enough you get extra parts, then they're messed up.Hope everything is AOK now. I am being a good sister, and taking care of Brigitte, I know she would do it for me!

    Very crafty indeed. Whatever you do, don't tell Britte Mom's putting pills in there. The package said not to touch the pocket with the same hand you touch the medicine with.So Mom is being very careful.



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