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Monday, May 17, 2010

Pug Parts

    Betcha can't figure out which part belongs to who.


2_Brittes eye____

3 Sluggos paw_____

4_Brittes ear____

5_Sluggo's mug____

6 my mug_____

7_Sluggo's wrinkles____

8_Brigittes nose____

9__Sluggo and Britte___ _____( yes,parts of 2 pugs)

10_My smile____

If you are so inclined, take a stab at identifying the above pug parts. I will post the answers on Thursday. I'll give you one hint. They are all either me Brigitte or Sluggo. Enjoy!


  1. This is too funny!! I do this to Rob all the time! He will be at work and I will send him pictures of puggie ears, tails, tootsies and make him guess who it is!!
    O.K. I got this!!
    1) Wilma
    2) Sluggo
    3) Sluggo
    4) Brigette
    5) Sluggo
    6) Wilma
    7) Sluggo
    8) Brigette
    9) Sluggo and Brigette
    10 Wilma

    Pugga Momma

  2. First of all, I hope Wilma and pugs are wishing their Mom and Dad a Happy Anniversary! 8 years ago today the happy couple tied the knot and it snowed in Litchfield county. Many happy returns my dear ones. And here are my answers:
    1. Wil 2.Breet 3. Slug 4.Wil 5. Slug 6. Wil 7.B 8. B 9 W & B 10 Wil
    Love y'all

  3. Just stumbled across your blog and LOVE IT! I will not guess just yet who the parts belong to since I just got here. I will have to keep coming back in order to get to know your adorable pugs. :-)

  4. Nice work Pugga momma and Grammy. No one has it 100% right yet.

  5. O.K.
    I'll have to do some damage control and bring in my assistants~~~Josie, Izzy, and Anakin...
    we will be back.....

  6. Thank you for the smiles today.



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