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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Check Up

Where we goin' Ma?

Lemme see, lemme see,c'mon move Sluggo

Why don't you guys just chill out and enjoy the ride?

I know where we are going, to the vet. Me and Sluggo are having our annual exam. Brigitte's just along for the ride

Really Mom?

Ah hahahahahahaha no shots for me

Hmff . That's not fair

So, we got to get seen by our new vet for the first time today.I knew I would like her 'cuz we met her at her open house, where she gave us lots of rubs and treats. I got an excellent bill of health with my nine year old self. Props to Britte and Sluggo who got really upset when they were trying to take my blood away.
Then it was Sluggo's turn. He did ok too. He needed his ear flushed out and the doc found a couple odd things. She said he had a prolapsed urethra and one of his pupils was sluggish. Pretty wierd huh? I told the vet his whole self is sluggish, he's Sluggo! Then she explained that one of his orbs' black spots reacts slow to a bright light. She told Mom just to keep an orb on his pee hole and she said he checked out fine neurolog...some long word I don't know. So maybe that's just how his orb is. Returning the favor, I yelled at the vet when they were taking his blood away. She just laughed and said I was cute. Well duh, I know I'm cute, I want you to stop poking my man.
Over all it was a good day cuz I got the Mom to spend lots of money. Now it's off to our accupuncture today. Mom said something about eating alot of  beans and pasta next week.Whatever, just keep the premium kibble coming.
Anybody out there have any experience about this prolapsed pee hole thing? Even though the vet told her not to , she's insisting on worrying about her little Sluggy Bee.


  1. Sometimes we wonder why vets enjoy dabbling in the hiney area then take all our money... Nutty. Hope your hineys and nuero's are ok
    Benny & Lily

  2. Oh poor sluggo!! I moved my paw to scolls down to post a comments about his pee hole and
    That you might also like: showed Adventures at Hopbrook withs Sluggo standing in a big O hole and it's mades me chuckles a bits. Sorry!!
    I's not sures whats'dat pee problem is. I'm sure it's nothing a cookie or two won't make him feels better and 'den mabe a day trips to your friendly neighborhood petstore for a stuffie perhaps? I wish I hads more answers! Sorry 'bout the issue. I hopes he'll be's o.k. And sorry to hears 'bout Sluggo's sluggy eye ball too's. Poor man!
    You all look cute in 'da car. My Mommy does 'dat too. When two of us have appointments, she doesn't want to leave the other one out. So Brigette I'm sure was enjoying the ride and 'den some!!
    Glad your Mommy took you all and loves you sooo sooo much!!!! Your Mommy is Kathy?? Mine is Katy. Her full name is Katrina. Around 'da house...hey wait...member when yous did 'dat name thingy?? Mommys gots lots of 'dem. So around the house it's Katy, Kat, Kitkat, Daddy calls her Kitty, Kate, Kit, Special K, Hurrican Katrina. WTF?? Mommy's got more 'den us??
    But Katy is just fine!! Is your Momma Kathleen or Kathryn. Mommys Mommy (Grandma is Kathy too and is a Kathleen)
    Wells, nows 'dats I've eaten ups your entire blog page...oh's danks for the wells wishes for my bro and I's sorry to hears 'bout your toof cleaning accident. Tell your Mommy that it wasn't her faults either!! Wells, I better goes.
    Josie Sista

  3. Glad you got a clean bill of health Wilma!! I'm sure Sluggo's pee-hole is nothing to worry about. Mommas are just like that though. The vet says one little thing and they get all worried! Poor mommas. They really need to learn to be more laid back like us!!!! Hope you have a good weekend and we'll keep Sluggo in our thoughts so your momma doesn't have to worry by herself! =)



  4. Hi Wilma! What a day you guys had. I'm so glad to hear you got a clean bill of health from the vet but poor Sluggo has issues, huh? I'm not a doctor but I agree with what everypug else is saying about the pee hole.

    Stubby xoxo

  5. Wilma, I'm glad you had a good check up! Poor Sluggo though. When I was a little pup I too had problems with my pees, all because of my "reproduction issues". I had to show lots of people my privates and they kept poking my pee pee made me sad. Luckily I out-grew the pee pee problems. I hope Sluggo is ok, I know it's no fun. I will put him on my positive pug wish list!

  6. hi wilma, sluggo and brigitte!
    oh we are so glad you like your new vet!
    sounds like she is very throuogh.

    i would not worry about anything if sluggo is not showing any signs of discomfort. it is just a good thing to be aware of. :)

    hugs to all of you!

    m & e

  7. What a second?... A lazy eye and an even lazier pee hole? Maybe Sluggo needs a trip down to Beverly Hills to get some cosmetic surgery to fix his eye and then his pee pee.

    Glad for the most part everyone checked out okay.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  8. I have my arms stretched out so far to give you all hugs for all the love and kind words you left for me .
    I love you all so much.
    I don't have any answers about the pee pee hole thing. Maybe some holes are just small. Since I am a girl- I just do not know.
    You have such a good mommy to take you all to the doctor.
    I loved looking at all your photos. They made my moms and me smile. Thank you for sharing

  9. Hi everybody,
    Thanks for checking in.I tried to reply to your comments over the weekend and the computer ate my words.I was so mad, I had to wait to rewrite every thing!

    Benny and Lily,
    So far so goodin the backend and neuro department for Slugs.

    Anakin, Izzy and Josie,
    Seems like our Moms have a lot in common.My moms name is Kathleen and it is her Moms middle name. Boy does she have lots of nicknames from Dad. Mostly they have to do with her maiden name, so they don't sound alot like her real first name, but here area few I've heard. There's Hanch, Hanchi, The Hanch, Hanchicare(thats for when she's taking care of sick people. Um,let's see, there's Kathy Hanchick, Kathy Probchick (when she's having a problem)and Hanchicrab. Pretty good huh? seems like our Dad's are lucky their chicks have good senses of humor!

    You are right,I keep tellin' Mom to chill.Maybe someday she'll follow my words of wisdom.

    Stubby, Thanks for the words of encouragement. It means a lot.

    Thank you for sharing your pee probs. Sluggo definitely does not want anyone fooling around down there, so hopefully he willbe just fine.

    Hi Melissa and Emmett,
    Yes, we love our new vet, even if she uncovers things we would rather not hear about.

    Sella, Gunther and Betty,
    Oh no. If anyone is having cosmetic surgery around here it will be me. Maybe a tummy tuck, I've already had my eyes done.

    Hi Tweedles,
    I'm glad we could help you smile.We will keep working on that for you.



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