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Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Anakin

Hey there everybody. I'd like to take this day to salute our friend Anakin. I believe today is his birthday cuz his girlfriend Sequoia posted a birthday greeting for him today.Under normal circumstances,I might be suggesting that he lay back,chill out and enjoy the day. Now, I certainly would recommend this activity, however I am adding an addendum since Anakins' circumstances are not normal. See Anakin found himself in a little trouble last week with some chicken.

This said chicken wound up in his belly, along with it's bones.This caused all kinds of problems, as you would imagine, and Anakin found himself  going under the knife to get rid of the damn things. So, instead of  having days like this...

I am going to wish him the return of days like this...

Happy Birthday Anakin!!! Many Happy Returns!!
                                                    Love, Wilma, Brigitte and Sluggo


  1. Awww Wilma that is so sweet! With friends like you, Anakin is one lucky pug!!

  2. Wishing sweet little Anakin a happy birthday and a *very* speedy recovery! Poor pup!

  3. Oh boys!!! Wilma!! Yous are sooooo Sweet!! 'Dis is super cools! I's laughs at the pictures yous chose. You's funny!! I already starts to feels better with friends likes you!!
    Thank You!! You mades me smiles!!
    I can't waits to show Josie and Izzy when 'day come backs inside from playing!!
    Anakin Man

  4. Haha I loves the picture of Anakin on his back!




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