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Thursday, May 6, 2010

You Talkin' to Me?

Nicknames...we've all got'em. Our people are lucky we are smart. I have been called by more names, than the preverbial Carter has liver pills (whoever that is). I thought it would be interesting to share some of our nicknames with you all and you could do the same in the comment section.  I know none of you is called only by your given names, so let's hear 'em.

Naturally, we'll start with me.

Let's see, we've got Will, Wilma Meats, Vilma and Willy D.There's Grillma(you can imagine when and why they call me that) and Chillma ( that's for when I'm chillin'). They call me Vimma, Independant Wil, Liberty Roosevelt Wilhelmena ( I never come when they call me that. It's my AKC name and I know I'm in trouble if I hear that name). I think my first nickname was The Bambeast or Bambeasty, stemming from the fact that I was a little beast as a puppy(can you believe that? I wouldn't)

Next we'll move on to Brigitte

She goes by Britte (pronounced breet, for the nickname Charro gave Brigitte Neilson on another one of those hideous low brow,reality shows they like to waste their time watching), Brigitte P, Dependable B, Britte La Feet, Her Mommy's feet, Breedletons McGee ( I know, they're ridiculous aren't they? I don't know where they come up with these silly monikors) and Vigilent B. I've also heard them call her Mrs.Bambridge and Nosy B (she get's those two when she starts acting like one of those nosy old ladies in the neighborhood) I almost forgot one of my personal faves, Mrs. Nippletitz.

Lastly, we'll look at what I've heard them call Sluggo

He's Slugs, Sir Slugs Da Pugs, Col.Chiggy Bomb and Sluggy Bee ( I will embellish on the Sluggy Bee in a future post.Him and Mom have this whole wierd thing around that one) Here's a rated R nickname-The Glig. They use this nickname when he pulls this move where he's able to take his front elbow and rub his weiner with it. (This is called jiggling the gligPoopstick or The Poopstick is another one. Notice a trend folks? The more pugs, the more nutty the nicknames.Then there's Sly. When they call him that they'll start singing this song. It goes something like...

They call me Sluggo
They call me Sly
They call me Poopstick
And I know why

This is sung in a sort of cheerleader phrasing.

So there you have it, just a few of the favorites.So tell us, what's your nickname?


  1. Oh Wilma we love this post!! How fun!!
    First we want to say we had so much fun with you at Emmitts and thanks for the chimichangas!!

    O.K.'s We loves all the nicknames and boys do we's have 'ums too. I think the Mommys must all read from the same book!

    O.K. First it's me Izzy!! Hi! Mommy has a whole host of nicknames for me so let's just begin shall we's! Izzabutts, Quality Control(I'm always stealing food in the kitchen when it falls on floor) Boobis, Tooties,
    Tootie Boots, Spooties, Spootie Boots,
    Tootie Spootie Boots. Do you see how she just started to combine the Tootie and crap...oh boys!
    Oh, And I feel I should explain why Mommy calls me Boobis! When Mommy first got me I was scared and I would snuggle in her bosom and when she would stop petting me or I got scared I would bit 'dem...hee hee hees. So 'dat how I got 'dat name. Mommy saw this loofa Elvira Halloween stuffie at petsmart with big boobies and boughts it for me's so I chews on 'dats instead! Snorts!!

    Is she dones?? Oh brother!! Blah Blah Blah... Hey Sista...It's Josie! My names are simple 'cuz I'm a good easy going girl. I'm
    Jo Jo, J - Pugs, Joey, Joeshi, Daddy's Girl, Sleep Study (O. K so I have one weird one)!!
    Sweet Potato! Hee hees.

    Hey 'deres Wila. It's Anakin. I gots lots of 'dem names to. Mister, Anakin Man,
    Mommys Boy, Fishy, Teddy Bear, Bear Pug, Pug Man.
    Poop Manufacturer... (everyones gotta be good at something)
    Mommy and Daddy had neighbors that had kids that would have a slip and slide...I would slide downs it, I love water and my baths...'dats whys I'm fishy. Daddy says the way I lay looks like a bear rugs.
    So as you can sees we have 'um toos!!!

  2. Hi Elgins,
    Izzy, your name boobis made me remember one of Brigittes nicknames, Mrs. Nippletitz her nips are long and Mom and Dad thought she might have had a litter before she came here, but the vet said no. I had Mom ammend the post to include it, but I knew you would appreciate the heads up.

    Josie, my Dad really liked sleep study. He said I could share that one with you.

    Anakin, Sluggo has that same bear rug move.Mom calls it the Pug rug. BOL, Poop Manufacturer!!
    I am very excited to hear everyones nicknames. You guys have some real funny ones.

  3. Hey Wilma! We love all your have so many! Well Tuni is obviously a nickname cuz her real name is Petunia. We also call her Tuni-woons, Tunsters, Fruity-Tuni, Wooney, Old Lady, and Looney-Tunes (yeah lets face it she is a little crazy).

    I am Sequoia-boy-boy-ums, (even though I am a girl..hmmm?) Executive Chef (I help cook). I think I need more nick names like you all have.


  4. Love the nickname post! My favorites for you guys are: Wimma (which I pronounce Weema), Britte and Vigilant B., and of course, Sly!

    My own nickname is Lucy or Luce - which comes from a Seinfeld episode and is too complicated to explain. And I like it so well that I named one of your cat cousins Lucy.

    We call her Lu, Luce, Lulee, Lucinda and Lucevinda, or some times Lu-head.

    Your other cat cousin, Zelda, gets called: Zel, Zeldie, Zelda McFadden (no one knows why), The Hoot Cat, Hootie, Hootep and Hootine.

    Its good to know we're not alone in our insanity! ;)

  5. Hi Wilma! You and your siblings have lots of nicknames! Sheesh! How do you know when your parents are talking to you or just talking?

    I don't have that many nicknames. Mom always calls me Wubby which I think is the lazy version of Stubby. She also calls me Stubby-Roo and sometimes just Roo. I'll answer to anything if she has food in her hand!

    Stubby xoxo

  6. Wilma, this is the funnest post! You're so right, it's a good thing we're so smart and can figure out all our different nicknames.

    Let's see, Stella is called; Peanut, Stella Wella, Baby Girl. Gunther is called; Man Man and Gunter. Ms. Betty is called Lu Lu more than she's called Betty these days.

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  7. Love your nick names!
    I never gave any of my animals a nick name - but one of Toby's blogging friends always called him "Tobster", I love it!

  8. I am loving all these nicknames. I hope everyone continues to post with theirs!

    Tuni and Sequoia boy-boy-ums,
    I like your nicknames, but you definitely need more. Sequoia, I like that you are executive chef, do you cook?

    Auntie Luce,
    I knew my cousins would have lots of nicknames. Assigning them runs in the fams.

    It doesn't really matter what they call us,cuz we only come if we feel like it. And like you, that usually involves food!

    Peanut, Man Man and LuLu,
    Isn't it fun. Of course, Mom and Dad thought of more of our nicknames after the post. Maybe there will have to be a part II

    Toby's trainer,
    I understand why Tobster didn't have any nickname. He had much stricter guidelines than us pugs. There is a reason you don't see pugs as service dogs.(Although we do provide comedic service which is very important!)

  9. Hi all our puggy peeps. We have bunchums of nicknames.
    Let us begin.
    George--George Pooh, Pooh Bear, Pooh Bee Woo Bee, Honey Bunny, Honey Bunny Pooh Bear, Big Man, bubby, bubba wubbas, baby boy, my sunshine (i.e. deals with two songs "You are my sunshine" and "You are the sunshine of my life.")
    Gracie--Gracelynn, Little mamas, Gracie lynnums, The cleaner, poopie eater, queen bee, sugar plum, petite princess, --add luv luvs to any of them), sissy, baby girl, baby guuurrrl, etc.
    Toby--Little Mans, Toby Mans, Sneaker Poopers, Huner Bunners, whittle man, bubba, bubba man, Toby Tobkins, Tobsters.
    Lily--Lilers, Liler Beans, Lily Beans, Jealous one, little one, my little lils, my lil lils, Liler Jaynes (I knows I ams in troubles when I hear that ones), cuddle bunny.
    Mimi--Mimers, Mimi Roo, Mimi Roo Roo Beans, Coffee Bean, Lil' bean, Lil' beaner, little munchkin, lil' munchkums, little peanut.

  10. Oh, oh, oh....mama #2 also calls us her "tater sacks of love." Wait...we don't have those rudes! Just kidding ma! :)

  11. Wow you guys have lots of nicknames. The one Mum has for me that she uses most of the times is..... are you ready for this one?....... "small guy". BOL this is funnies cuz you know what? I am not a small pugs I am a big pug. I have never mets a pug as big a me! When I get into trouble I am called "winston wilbur", when both my names are used Mum means business!

    Winston aka Small Guy.

  12. Hi 5 pugs,
    Love tater sacks of love. Wow 5 pugs with all those nicknames, you guys have to be really smart to know when your peeps are talkin to you.

    Hey there Winston,
    Small guy. Thats like when they call the fat guy tiny.

  13. I like this game. I saw the game happening but I had chores to do and could not play. So I am back.
    I love all your nick names, and everyone elses too. My nick names are:
    Tweee Tweee
    Tweet Tweet ( i was this before Twitter you know)
    Stinky poo poo (i don't know why)
    Mamas's baby
    How do you like those?

  14. Oh my!!! These are excellent nicknames! LOL Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Tweee tweee, Love your nicknames. I think Mama's baby is my favorite.

    Hi Puggyspice, Thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked it!



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