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Friday, May 21, 2010

Sluggo Sneaks on By

Hi everybody! This here is Sluggo. I am kinda bein' sneaky here. Wilma is sleeping and I noticed the laptop was open. I've been wanting to tell everyone about the hike we went on this past weekend. I don't think Wilma was gonna share cuz there weren't any pictures of her from the trip. Well, there is one. (This is the part I know I'm gonna be in trouble for)

Me and Mom were walking together when she took this picture. She was laughing and saying something about a pug sh*tting in the woods. Wilma never even turned around, so she doesn't know about this picture. But there was other fun stuff we did, and cute pictures of me and Brigitte. So I said the heck with it, I'll just give her one of my looks and tell her what a sexy couger she is if she gets mad.

As we were walking along we saw alot of pretty things.

The ferns were just waking up, Mom called these fiddleheads. She said they are very tasty. They didn't smell very tasty.

Mom said she thought these were buttercups. She and Dad were recently taliking about not seeing buttercups in a long, long time. When she put the flower under her chin, it turned her chin yellow. She said it made her feel like a kid again. I wasn't really paying attention because when she said butter, I figured these thing must taste good. I was wrong.

What did taste good was the bread and cheese they brought for sustinence. They shared small pieces with us all.

Here's Brigitte in her bag that Dad carries her in. She gets to ride in her bag when we don't take her carriage. Doesn't she look so blissed out.
 I hope you all have a great weekend, and I hope Wilma doesn't get too mad about me hijacking her blog.

Shout out to my pal Anakin. He had stupid complications from his surgery last week and had to get more surgery. We are all hoping and wishing for him to have nothing but smooth sailing from here on out. Feel free to stop by  and offer a few words of encouragement to him and his fams.


  1. Hello little Sluggo!!

    It's Anakin's Mom! I am sitting here with him while he is Zzzzzzzzz's trying to update Posts and I wanted to check in on you guys. You are a little stinker for taking that picture of your sister pooping in the woods. But don't worry, your secret is safe with me. Izzy and Josie are sleeping...otherwise, Dude, they would so tell.
    Anakin is doing much better! Thank you for putting a little tribute on your page of my brave boy! Thanks to you and your sisters and pawrents for all their thoughts and prayers to our family!!
    Sluggo, you be a good boy and look after your sisters!! I hope your little area is feeling better too from you check up last week!
    Tell your Mommy I said hello!
    Now get to bed...what are you still doing up?
    Puggie Momma

  2. Wow...what a cool walk! Mom totally got all giggly with the answer to the age old question..."does a Pug $#it in the woods?". Nice to know we've solved that mystery!

    Mom used to do that chin/butter thing too! Weeeeird!

    We went and visited Anakin's bloggie to give him a cyber hug. Poor baby....we feel awful knowing he's uncomfortable and his parents are out of their minds with worry!

    Happy Friday to all of you!!!


  3. What a awesome walk!
    You are a very cute looking pug :)

  4. Um Sluggo you are so gonna get in troubles!!! The pictures of Wilma doing business....oh my. Tuni posted one like that of me and let me tell her I let her have it. Good luck budy!


    PS Wilma don't worry its not that bad really :)

  5. BOL at Wilma doing her you know.... business. It is our little secrets. I won't tell her I saw the picture or that you highjacked the blog.


    Hi Puggie Momma,

    So far so good. Wilma is still in the dark. She and Mommy are so busy working on something that I'm thinking I may get away with this. Hehe. I hope my buddy Anakin is still on the mend, having a restful weekend.

    Hey Sal,
    Glad we could clear that one up for ya. stay cool man.

    Thanks Toby's trainer.

    you gotta keep this on the DL. Wilma hasn't found out yet.

    Thanks Winston,
    Us guys hafta stick together. Peace out.



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