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Monday, May 24, 2010

Calling All Girls

  Sorry boys. but if you are reading this, please step away from the computer. Except Salinger, you are invited

Are they gone? Good.

OK ladies, I have a very special announcement. It all started back in the beginning of spring. An idea, inspired by Josie and Stubbys romance, to start an all girl club was born. Josie wanted to plant a Stubby flower.  I suggested a sunflower so it would grow so tall she could see Stubby from the top of it.
Then another brainstorming session took place on Those Elgin Pugs blog back when I was having a senior moment in April.
What am I talking about already, you are probably asking. It's called The Sunflower Club. Josie, Izzy, Brigitte and I are already Sunflower sisters, and we would like to invite you all to join us.
Mom and me have been working on making a logo, like a badge for all the sisters who would like to join. That is it at the beginning of the post.  It is also on our sidebar. All you have to do to join is leave a comment with your name, and then you can post the badge from the sidebar on your blog. We are going to be planting a giant sunflower, and you all can do the same. This is one of the ways we will be able to spy on boys.

 Now, I know there is already interest in the club. Pearl, Fifi, Bellatrix, Sequoia, Tuni, Stella and Betty. You guys are in. So go ahead and upload your badge if you like.
So far, there are no hard and fast rules to the club. But we can all work together to have it evolve into whatever we want. So enjoy and let your imaginations go wild. We are totally open to suggestions.


  1. OH BOYS WILMA!! 'Dis is exciting!! Mommy and Daddy are on 'da couch sleeping with Anakin and Izzy and I have been left to fend for ourself's these past days!! Mommy has not been ables to sleep 'cuz she's worried 'bout my bro, but I think her eye balls are shuts and I have been playing with bloggy scrap book pages. Anakin uploaded a moon yesterdays and I wanted something. I wanted a girly thing for Izzy and I. 'Den when I picked something I wents to the bloggy to look and I saw your POST!! oOH's aAH's! I knews Immediately's 'dats my sunflowers pages I's been eye balling must be loaded ups!! WILMA, I'S SOOOOO EXCITED!! I can't wait until Izzy sees too! She'll likes 'dis! She has been sad 'cuz she hasn't been able to plays wits our Bro's. She's gonna be's happy 'bout da clubs!!
    Oh's we gots to get planning...
    We need a secret pass words or something to gets in... treats for meetings...dues for field trips...outfits...This is greats!!
    Maybe a song...
    We needs a gavel too!!
    Oh's I check backs laters!!!
    Sunflower Sista Josie (SSJ)

  2. Hi! Good Morning Josie,
    I'm so glad you are happy about the club.That's what me and Mom have been working on. We wanted you girls to have something fun to keep you busy while Anakin is recovering. Me and Brigitte are very excited too. We have even been doing some work to the clubhouse to get ready. Sluggo has been hangin' around "watering the flowers". He might have to be a mascot or something. Maybe we could get him to serve treats and tea. I can't wait til Izzy gets up to see that we've gotten started. We just went over to your blog to see the badge. I think it looks great. Mom was nervous people might no be able to get it. She never did one before. And your bloggy background looks awesome! So, yes, treats, a song,allof it.We've got alot of work to do. It's going tobe fun.
    Take care, your Sunflower sister,

  3. Oh, how exciting!! I so want to be a member of the Sunflower Club!! Thank you so much for inviting us!! This will be so much fun!!! Yeah Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ~Hugs & Kisses~


  4. YESSSS! I am SO in!!!

    I'm off to download my badge! Wheeeeee!!

    Sunflower Sistas 4 Life!!!!


  5. Ohhh, Wilma, we SO want to join. Mom has planted about 16 sunflowers. In fact, Saturday's blog shows the work mom did transplanting them. We can't wait to put the badge up tomorrow. Girls RULE!

    Roxy & Lucky

  6. Hi Wilma! Clementine says she is totally in for the Sunflower Club. She never turns down an opportunity to hold something over Winston's head. She's not very good at gardening (mostly prefers to just eat the plants), but she thinks she's up for it :)
    Thanks for inviting us!

  7. This is so fun!! I am gonna start working on this. Great idea're so smart and sweet. Mom says we have such a wonderful community. I agree!

    Girlz Rule!
    Boyz Drool!!

  8. FAAABULOUS girls!!!
    I'm so excited to stir up a batch of Cosmos and give fashion advice!

    (snap snap!)


  9. Oh's!! Whats up ladys and Sals!! This is wonderfully fantabulous! I just woke up (plenty of beauty sleeps) and have this great news to enjoy over my Cucumber Tea Sandwich w/ Mint Mayonnaise~ it's just simply divine...I do say!
    I can make them for them for us!!
    They are just so splendid! Josie is working on some stuff right now and I must soak my tootsies... we'll check back!
    Later Sunflower Sista!!
    Sunflower Sista Izzy (SSI)

  10. Hey ladies! I'm new to your bloggy, but I'd loves to be a sunflower sista too. I haves to check with my Momma first. We are moving to a new condo soon and who knows WHERES she will find space to plant a giant sunflower. Any ideas? I spends most of my time with my dumb brother, Klaus, I hopes it's ok if I hang out with a boy. It's not like I haves a choice, right? Catch you later!


  11. Cosmo for Momma please! We are IN!! Momma also says she has a "black thumb" so she is willing to make everyone a fabric sunflower badge for their collar or harness cuz she'll kill the real flowers! (We've seen it, it ain't pretty!)
    Thanks for inviting us!

    PeeS: Great logo! but ya gotta make sure it says NO BOYz!!

  12. This is so much fun Wilma. And how fabulous to have Sal in our club. I hear he can bake like no other!

    Gunther will probably be bummed, but he and his buddy Hanklin can start their own beer drinking club.

    Stella and Betty

  13. HI Wilma!

    We sure would like to join!!! We loves sunflowers!

    Pug love from,
    Pearl & Daisy

  14. WE love the sunflower badge thanks for making its for all of us! I told Mom to get it posted asap!!!

    Sequoia and Tuni

  15. Oh wow! So cool! I am so excited about the response to the club. Thanks everybody, this is gonna be great fun.

    Welcome, I'm so happy you have joined! Go Girls!!!

    Go sista. Sunflower girls rule!

    Hi Roxy & Lucky,
    You go girls. I saw all the sunflowers your Mama planted. They are going to be beautiful.

    Hi Bellatrix,
    Woo hoo!!!!!!! Isn't this the best!!!

    Oh Salinger,
    Can't wait to hear your opinions on our decor.

    I knew you would love it girl. We are going to have a ball. Those sandwiches sound delightful. Should we have scones too?

    Hi Natty,
    Welcome to the club. No worries about the sunflower planting. And don't worry about hangin' with boys. That is totally not against the rules. They just can't join our club. We'll probably spend much of our time talking about boys.

    Gen & Foo,
    Gardening skills are definitly not a prerequisite for joining the sunflower sisters. Special accutrements would be really awesome. I like how you specified no boyz on your badge. Great idea!

    Hi Betty and Stella,
    I'm glad you are excited about the club. It's hard not to include some of the boys, but they will appreciate a break from us. Trust me. I hope Gunther is feeling better after that stupid gopher terrorist ambushed him. We have those too.

    Yea! Daisy and Pearl,
    It wouldn't be a proper club without you.

    Hi Sequoia and Tuni,
    Glad you like the badge.Me and Mom worked hard on it.

  16. Hi Wilma, we would loves to join your club, too, if membership is still open. Looks like it's shaping up to be a great group of girl power! Love the badge too, great job.

    Grins and Kisses,
    Ying and Yang

  17. Oh how fun!

    emmitt knows he is a boy and cannot join this club, but thinks it is super cool!

    if you ever need fertilizer for your sunflowers to grow tall, emmitt says he is your puggy. he has been practicing for years and would love to help.


    m & e

  18. I hopes you'll allow us Slimmer girls to join. My name is Gracie and my little sisters are Lily and Mimi. Pretty pwease? with maybe ice cream on top?

  19. Hi Wilma!
    I would love to join the club! I would love to be in a club that my stinky brother Chewy can't join. :)
    Great idea!!

  20. Ying and Yang,
    Absolutely! Membership wide open. The more the girlier!

    Melissa and Emmett'
    Thanks for the props!

    Gracie, Lily and Mimi,
    You're in. Tell your friends. Together, us girls can do anything!

    Happy to have you. For a stinky brother, he sure has a great name.

  21. My curly tail is dancing! I love the idea of an all girl club, but I have one question..Is it for pug girls only? I could never leave my boston sister behind (I am her shadow after all). Can we both be in your club please??? I vote for whippy cream cups for tea time.
    Pee S. Nice to meet you! We heard about you from the Elgin clan.

  22. Hi Coco,
    Oh no, we are not a pug exclusive club.We would never split up 2 real sistas. Welcome to the Sunflower Club!!

  23. This is exciting...Mom finally got around to letting me post to. Can I join? It sounds absolutely divine!

  24. Sorry...forgot to sign it.
    I'm Maggie!

  25. Welcome Maggie! Happy to have you!

  26. I would love to join the Sun Flower Club!!!!


  27. Oh my a club with no boys!!! Yeah, I would love to join. I wanna be a Sunflower Girl!



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