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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All Hail The Patron Saint of Pug Rescue

As many of you know, I can become a little like Puglet  when Mom comes home smelling of "other pugs". I mean, it's bad enough I have had to endure the addition of two full time pugs since I was brought in as the one and only beloved pug of the house. But then, when these other pugs are stealing my spotlight, let's just say, I am not necessarily feelin' it.

Such was the case over the past week or so. One night last week Mom came home smelling of a cat, my Murphy, Brigitte's Duke, and some other foreigner. Not only that, but she left the house with a whole bag of our dog food! She thinks I didn't see her, but I totally did.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. Both the rents left the house early in the morning, and didn't arrive back until the afternoon. It was kinda like a work day, but I know it was the weekend. Weekends are meant to be spent doing things with and for ME! WTF!

That isn't even the worst of it. When the meandered through the door late Sunday afternoon, not only did they smell of a cat, Murphy, Duke and that other guy, they also stunk of two additional pugs and another stinky cat!

Enough is enough! I mean c'mon! Since when do you go hang with other pugs and exclude us. That just ain't right. I had to blast them. I sent Brigitte into full on beefulo mode. I had her start slicing off the most vile slivers of beef anyone could possibly stand. I swear, there was a green fog in the air. Humph, that'll teach 'em.

Then it happened. I had to hear the whole story. It almost made me feel bad about the noxious attack, but nah, beef is always good.

OK Dad, here's the part where you can skip.
So, it turns out that last week when Mom went to Murphy's house, it was to meet the guy that Sluggos foster mom Sam had pulled from a local shelter where they, know. She convinced the warden to let her take this guy home even though the 7 day wait period for reclaiming him had just started, so he didn't have to sleep on a cold cement floor. They had been calling him Pugsley, or some other generic name shelters like to name pugs who are lost. (no offence to the Pugsleys out there, please) She named him Henry. It seems Henry has had it rough. He is blind, and deaf, and he was having lots and lots of poop explosions. Turns out he also has luxating patellas on his hind legs. They think he is around 10 or 11, but Mom says he's in much worse condition than we senior girls. During the time when she was nursing Henry back to health, Sam contacted the folks at Prone. They searched hard, and found a family in Massachusetts who agreed to foster Henry. That's where Mom and Dad come in. They agreed to give him a ride to his new digs. Sam really wished she could keep him, but you know how high maintainance us pugs can be, plus she just doesn't have the room.

Here she is saying goodbye.

Henry was a real good traveler too. Something else we had to hear about.

Even though he was pretty content in the crate, Mom says she had to take him out and hold him because he was just too sweet.

Here he is at the rest stop, not looking back!

Here is a link to Henry's Petfinder page through PRONE

So, I guess I'm sorry for being a dick about all the strange. I guess sometimes a diva has to be reeled in. I hope that Henry finds his forever home where he can be loved and spoilt just as much as we all are.

Um, yes, that would be me, counting my blessings.

OK one more



  1. I will be praying for Henry a great deal. He needs and deserves a loving family to care for him! Thanks Wilma, and deep down your just a pushover, despite all your posturing!


  2. That Henry is a cutie for sure! I hope he finds a great forever home to spend his retirement years being loved and pampered!
    PS. Both your 'rents and Sam are pug angels for doing all they do to save and help us pugs.

  3. Good luck Henry! Sorry you had to deal with your humans smelling of strangers Wilma, but you're right, it's definitely for a good cause.

  4. oh, Henry is so cute, i wish i could take him but with my breathing and all and i dont travel as fast as i use to but i hope he has aggod home

  5. I will be saying a special prayer for Henry!

    Is the a skully tattoo I see in the picture of you lounging on the couch?


  6. Hi Wilma! Owww Henry is a very Handsome Pug! I love all the photos, espesh the close up, his eyes are so wonderful! Your Pawrents and Sam are deffo a pair of pug angels for helping Pugs! Mum wishes there were more Pugs to save here in the UK because she would love to get a friend for me to save a Pug and give him or her a forever home too! Love, Licks and Phugs Frank xxxxxxxxx

  7. Henry is precious I am sure he will find a wonderful home

  8. Oh holy crap (no pun intended) - Henry is sooooooo cute. I'm sorry Wilma, but he is. So nice of your mom & dad to give him a ride! He looks so sweet when your mom is loving on him (look away Wilma, just look away!). We hope he does great at his foster home and eventually his forever home! Saints indeed!

    Later friends!

  9. henry is so cute! i hope he finds a forever home soon! my girl priscilla is almost deaf and mostly blind and she is such a little joy. .it was sweet of you to share your mom and dad to help little henry out.

  10. Oh beautiful Henry! we all hope he has a forever home soon, he is so adorable, he needs all the cuddles.

    Pug Hugs!

  11. Wilma, you make me blush! I certainly am NO pug saint, I'm just a sucker for those smooshie faces. I melt. And when I got a call about this guy, sleeping in a stinky shelter, deaf and blind, well I HAD to go and get him. And for once I balled like a baby when he left. He was so special and he taught me a lot about being brave. He learned to climb up on my couch and go up and down my stairs in a week - all without seeing. He didn't have a cowardly bone in his old body.

    I feel very privelaged to be able to foster and rescue dogs. They dead me humility and to believe there is good in life. A great many of the fosters I've had, including Sluggo's mom, came from idiot owners but they all learned to forgive, forget and be loved in their new homes. That Wilma makes it all worth it.

    Keep spreading the word about pug rescue. It's so worth it!

    - Sam, aka, pug sucker

    P.S. Your parents are saints for sure. They are the most reliable pug rescue transporters I know. And WHENEVER I get a foster, your mom and dad are quick to go out and get supplies and help a pug in need. I love them both!

  12. I'm sending lots of kisses to Henry's sweet mug xoxoxo

    He deserves a good home, just like all puggys

    Pug rescue people totally ROCK & thanks to your mom & everyone else for getting Henry to safety :)



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