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Friday, June 15, 2012

The Sunflower Club, Fire Hydrant Club Mixer ~ quick Saturday morning check in

This party is dedicated to Hanklin Strain. A wise, funny, unique, loyal good old boy, who we will forever miss, but never forget. So, let's raise one up for one of the good guys! Rest in peace buddy!
Please, feel free to share a favorite memory of Hank in the comment section. Remember, this is a celebration of his life!

Things are ramping up around here for our mixer. I woke up this morning with a fabulous idea!

So I grabbed Brigitte, and Sluggo and headed off to a sleazy
part of town where I heard the bus was parked.

Brigitte was the look out, I hot wired the thing, and Sluggo drove getaway! The perfect caper!
Now, we are on the road heading out to pick up all the party goers. We left the sluts behind!

Check back later, I have mom in the dark room developing photos as of this posting!
Well, it wasn't easy, but we managed not to get caught speeding while making our rounds picking up guests. Who knew Sluggo had such skills behind the wheel?! Then there was the radar detector!
Feel free to grab a brew and mingle with the crew. I really like having boys AND girls at our party. Everyone is getting along great!

Check out Pearl in her Daisy dukes up on the John Deer. She says she's going to be in a tractor pull later on!
Punchy's gang are all getting into the spirit!

Ok, well back to my hosting duties, check back soon!
Hi everybody! We are all having such a wonderful time reminiscing and drinking PBR's we are going to extend this party into the weekend!
Look what Winston sent!

He is going to a pug fest this weekend, but he sent us a whole truckload of sunflowers! Wasn't that just the sweetest. I have a feeling we will see him before the weekend ends.
Noodles is here, she brought an ice cream machine, so everybody eat up!

Sabrina is down from Canada, and she has some of that fancy imported beer. Welcome Sabrina!

Mia brought some fireworks for later on! Way to go girlfriend!

Mom has to go and pay respects to one of her humans, so she said she will help me catch up with some pictures later in the weekend. She'll be checking in on us. So please, everyone relax, make yourself at home and enjoy!

Good morning everybody! I'm just checking in quickly this morning to share a photo of our fireworks display, courtesy of Mia. She really outdid herself with these pyrotechnics, let me tell you. Well, how 'bout I just show you?

Everyone was in awe, as we watched the most magical show. It was so bright, I'm sure they could see it from the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. Can't wait to hear about this escapade! What a great idea...

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. Wilma,
    Hanklin is going to be sooo embarrassed that you posted that picture of him in the pink dress. So funny! My favorite memory of Hank is when Payton and I first met him at Vito and Vinny's house. I had the pleasure of giving him a massage and scratch session. To thank me, he leaned in and gave me an air kiss. He was a special pug and I'm so honored to have met him and thankful that he is taking care of my girl above. I hope all the gals and guys have a fun time at the mixer. Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing lots of pictures!

  3. Got my bags packed and I'm ready to go . . . I'm standing here outside the door . . .
    PAWTY time.
    Hank WAS A GOOD ol' boy and I am gonna miss his wisdom and humor.
    Love Noodles

  4. Hanklin always knew how to enjoy life by kicking back and having a PBR!

  5. Our favorite memory of Hanklin is his war stories, Mom would laugh so hard about those "fity men in nam" stories and the picture in the pink dress. We are sure gonna miss that ole' boy!

  6. Oh boy is this an adventure!
    Benny & Lily

  7. Waiting with great anticipation for the next episode. Go go go!!!
    Best wishes Molly

  8. With all the sadness the blogger world due to the loss of some very dear friends, this mixer to celebrate Hank's life is the best idea I've heard in a while.
    I've snuck some high test Canadian brewskies and am waiting for the bus. Oh I hope it comes soon.

  9. What a fun party and a wonderful tribute to the amazing Hank!

    urban hounds

  10. I didn't know Hank but my love goes to those who did, he will be missed but this party will honor his life! A fab tribute Wilma! I'm excited to get this party started, my very first fire hydrant party! I see my girl Minnie has already joined the fun, wait for me, I'm running late coz I have to fly from the UK! Wahoo let's get this party started, pugs gone wild style, can't believe that you stole the bus, your the man sluggo! Love to all, your Puggy Pal Frank X x x x x X

  11. Wilma, this is the bomb.

    You and all Hank's friends know exactly what he'd want: PBR, tractors and cute pugs in Daisy Dukes!

    PS Way to pull off the GGW bus heist!!

  12. I am having a great time drinking all these beers! I was thinking back about Hank when his Auntie Laura was holding him on his back and Hankster looked like a stuffed turkey! tee hee hee

  13. Loving all of these memories! One of my favorite things about Hank was that he was a real man's man. But deep down inside, he was all soft and gooey. I just know he's up there right now telling' stories, and cracking jokes!

  14. Wil, I'm having the best time! Daisy dukes make everything more fun!

    I think Hank is up there enjoying the fun with us. Sure miss that boy! Thanks for hosting our party!!!!!

  15. Perfect tribute for my best blogger bud, Wilma! I miss his sense of humor and sharing Nam war stories; but I'm thankful he's up there looking after my sweet Payton!

    Party hardy!


  16. Now, THAT'S a party Hanklin would be proud of!!

  17. Hey Wilma you asked how I ripped my entire toe nail out, well Mom can only guess since she wasn't home. She thinks it got caught on the couch when I was jumping from couch to window. I sit on the now ledge like a cat when mom eaves. Needless to say I sit in doggie jail now when mom leaves hee hee!


  18. I just saw Hank flying by with some wings. He had one of those cans in his paws!

  19. Hi Guys,

    What a weekends! I am totally exhausted but had fun fun fun. Pug gala and this party for Hank. I am gonna needs weeks to recover from all this partying.


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