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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finally.... Good Hiking Weather!!!

Disclaimer: prepare for a gratuitous amount of cute pug pictures in this post.
It's one of the reasons you come here for  anyway, right?!

So, even though Hurricane Earl was a bust, it did manage to sweep out all that nasty, thick hot stinky weather.
We had a beautiful sunny, breezy clear day today.
Mom and Dad decided to take us to our favorite place for hiking,  White Memorial Conservation Center.

We were very happy to get in the car and go on an adventure.
However, I decided it would not be as easy as that.
Mom and Dad had to pay a small price for letting so much time pass between hikes.
And no, having the hottest Summer on record is not a legit excuse.

So I planned a little breakout attempt for the trip up.
It was brilliant.
First, I had Brigitte back out of her harness and walk right into the front seat onto Dad's lap.
This was just a diversion though. In the meantime, I was in the back seat writhing around like Chris Angel escaping from one of his locked straight jackets, under water , in a trunk.
So when Mom pulled over to re-secure Brigitte, I barreled right into the front for myself.

You can just call me Wilma Devil!

I jumped down onto the floor...

climbed back out

and proceeded to mock the Mom.

I was so proud of myself!

Dad was in the store when I pulled all this, leaving Mom to corral me and Brigitte by herself.
She took these pictures as proof to Dad of what I did.

Doesn't matter, I did it in such a cute way, there was no punishment.
Dad thinks everything I do is cute
Off we went to the park!

There are 4,000 acres within White Memorial, so we almost always choose a different path.

Sluggo was a little moody, I don't know if he was upset because we didn't include him in our plan, but almost all the pictures of him show him looking sulky.
I don't know if he really likes hiking, Do you like to hike Salinger?
Just asking.

Here's Brigitte, half in the bag.

Sluggo poses on a rock.

I think I would like to come back on Monday.

Brigitte too, we'll have to check back with Slugs.

We hope you are all having a fun time this weekend!


  1. what a fun day! you are all so cute, even if sluggo wasn't up to snuff. and brigitte...half out of the bag, well that made me giggle. and good job of escaping, wilma and brigitte. our pugs agree that a good game of keep away makes it a good day.

  2. You pugs and pugettes are just too cute! Love your hardware (collars, harnesses, etc.) The pictures are priceless, too. Maybe our humom will take us hiking when it cools off, I can always go so maybe we can leave Mack at home.
    What kind of bag is Brigette in?

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  3. Hi Puglette,
    Yes, sometimes Sluggo is way too serious. We always have fun.

    Minnie and Mack,
    It's the best time of the year for fun in the sun, I hope your humom takes you out! The bag is from Outward Hoiund Pet Gear. Mom got it froma shop owner who's dog didn't like it.Britte rides in it for walks because of her arthritis paw.We are glad she loves it, cuz she really enjoys walks and we were afraid the bag would stress her out. Does she look stressed?

  4. The car ride looks almost as fun as the hike! Have fun!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Hey Girls! Its Sequoia here. I have one of those riding harness things and I always sneak out of it too!!! Mom thinks I dislocate my front legs to wiggle outs of it. Oh silly Moms, they just don't know huh girls. Love the pictures.


  6. Sure does look like a good place to hike. I like Wilma's idea of a walk..BOL.. How dare mom take all those pictures of you being a devil...she was obviously trying to get you in trouble..Hope it was a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  7. Sounds like you pugs had tons of fun. Thank goodness you didn't get into any trouble. We are still in Key West, Florida and still sharing a two bedroom house with literally twenty humans and three other doggies. Baby made an nice first impression - when he walked into the house he went in for the kill. And when I mean the kill - I do mean some kibble action even after we stayed outside for
    about an hour before we got into the house. It was chaos. One human was mad at our human for the accident even she cleaned up the kibble. We can't wait to go home - tomorrow we will be home and will post new video of our adventures.
    ~Baby and Lucy the Puglets

  8. HAHAHAHAA! I think Sluggo and I might be brothers from another mother! I DO love to go hiking, but the peeps are always all hot in the ass to MOVE and actually hike, while I'd rather HIKE my leg on every single tree that we pass, so it can be a bit of challenge and make me get all wrinkle faced too!

    Mom LOL'd at Brig HALF IN THE BAG!!! LOL!!! Tell her to get herself to a meeting for crying out Pug!!! HAHAHAHAA

    Have a great Labor Day!


  9. Hi sweet friends
    This was the best story ever. I was waiting in antisipation as I read about the little escape artists, and looking at all the photos.
    Good thing mom took the pictures as proof!
    Bridgette, half in the bag, half out photo is too funny!
    I think Sluggo was getting in some sun rays as he sat on that rock. Sun rays are a good thing.
    Wilma, I love the photo of you looking at the 4,000 acres within White Memorial.
    Such a beautious photo.
    I loved your adventure



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