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Monday, September 27, 2010

And the Winner Is

As promised I will be giving away a bag of tasty treats to one of you fabulous friends for being so supportive of my Auntie in her contest.

One of you lucky dogs will soon be enjoying some of these...

So, how we decided to choose the winner was to have Mom write every ones name down on a sheet of paper.

then she tore the names into strips and wrapped them each around cheese!

We locked Sluggo, Brigitte and Dad in the other room,

and this is what happened next

Then, everyone busted out of the back room, so we let them stay for the reveal...

OK, so Mom really hates trying to upload videos.

For whatever reason she has been unsucessful for the past hour in uploading the proper video that reveals the winner.

Inside the paper was Minnie Moo's name. Brigitte got really excited and was barking, and we all got a piece of cheese.

Congratulations Minnie Moo!

Now be sure to have your Mom e-mail mine your address so we can send you your treats.

Thanks again everyone!


  1. Wow Wilma yous are really goods at drawing names. Mum really liked the techniques of the cheese wraps. Congrats to Minnie Moo.

  2. Congrats Minnie Moo! Thanks for hosting this fun contest!


  3. Oh how funs!!!

    Congratulations Minnie Moo!!! And thanks Wilma for this fun contest!!!

    IzZY and Josie Sista

  4. Yay fur Minnie Moo!

    Woofs ad Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  5. Congrats to Minnie Moo!! Thanks for hosting this fun contest Wilma!! :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  6. Woot Woot! I am so excited! I'm running in circles trying to catch my tail!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much!!!!
    I'm making my Mom look right now for your e-mail address!


    Minnie Moo

  7. Most excellent at drawing names Ms. Wilma! Congrats to Minnie Moo.

    The Smushies

  8. Loved hearing the first part of the experience! Good girl Wilma!


  9. congratulations minny-moo. you pugs are too much



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