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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Late Edition

"Sunflower Sisters Stick Together"

Alright girls, I haven't got much time tonight, but as you may well know, those boys were up to no good last weekend!

Activate spy filters

Activate secondary security squad

That's right, the first thing I did after smacking down Sluggo for stealing our map was to upgrade our security.

I hired these guys from Australia.
So, just let those boys try it.

So one of the things on today's agenda is retaliation.
We are not gonna let those Fire Hydrant Club boys think they can get away with trying to compromise our fortress.
So, I will be taking suggestions on how we can assure they don't try any funny stuff again.

Also, remember, we will be having a Halloween Party. Date to be determined. We'll have a costume contest giveaway, so get those costumes started.

Field trip location is on the table, let's nail down where we'll go.

That is all I'll put out there for now. The floor is is open to all members.
Please be patient, I will be checking in, but Mom is working all crazy hours so she won't let me go on the computer without her. Parental controls...meh.

Spy filters deactivate.



  1. I stand strong with my sisters!

    Your sunshine pal, Pip

  2. Hey Wilma I just heard my brothers tell the fire hydrant gang that they should plan an attack on us! I think that the German Shepards are a great idea! Maybe if we dug a mote and filled it with alligators and snakes it would keep them away!


  3. Will you have a virtual costume contest for those of us not living close?? It makes me sad that we are so far away...too many sunflower fields to count

  4. You are one prepared pug after what the boys did. From Australia you say? Let's hope they will do their jobs!
    ~Baby and Lucy

  5. OOOHHHH WILMA....girrrrrrrrl! I knew you were talking about hiring some security specialists, but THAAAAANK YOU (and snaps!) for hiring THESE fellas!

    If you need me...I'll be out making sure the "Thunder From Down Under" are suitable for this type of security detail!


  6. Wilma, love those boys from Australia!! They will defend our sisterhood! (Mack says "Bite Me") I guess he forgot he is a little puggie..
    Humom is working on my costume. She is trying to recycle a few from the past, so who knows what she will come up with.
    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  7. Wilma, I need to work on my Halloween costume immediately.

    As for those boys, I think they will be VERY scared of our new security! Other things boys are scared of: household chores and relationship commitment. Maybe we can work that into security somehow. :)

  8. Hey Pip!

    A snake and alligator filled moat! I love it!

    Oh yes Bella, The party and contest will be virtual. It's all good. I do wish we lived closer though.

    Baby and Lucy,
    Let's hope. I can fire them as quickly as I hired them if they don't!

    Oh yes S-dog,
    I'll put you in charge of quality control!

    Hi Minnie,
    I'msure whatever it is will be fabulous! Can't wait. My Mom hasn't figured out what we are going to be yet either.

    Wow Pearl,
    You said a mug full there fo sho! Yeah, maybe we should invite them to join the club,for life! then put them in charge of laundry! That'll get rid of them.

  9. LOL! "Spy filters deactivate." You are so cute!

  10. Hi Wilma!! I just had to stop by and comment on how sweet and adorable you are!! I also wanted to thank your mom for her comment on my blog. It really meant a lot to me for her to share a similar story.

  11. Wilma, I'm not a member of the Fire Hydrant Club so I hope you will allow me to comment on this post! (Full disclosure: the only reason I'm not a member of the Fire Hydrant Club is that my Mom is such a blog moron, errrr...I mean, newcomer... that she doesn't know how to put those little icons on the side of my page. But that's neither here nor there.) I just wanted to let you know how much I like the picture on the banner of your blog!!


  12. oh how fun!
    can emmitt come to the costume halloween party?
    he is running to the closet now to put his on!
    m & e

  13. Dearest Wilma,
    Can't we all get along?
    Your darling boy,

  14. Hi Sallie,
    Thanks for noticing how cute I am. Sometimes Mom needs reminding when I am being particularly fresh!

    Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks for coming by. Mom said she was happy to share and she is glad it helped a little. Did they sell YOUR house yet?

    Hi Vito,
    Thanks for the compliment. Posting the badge in the sidebar isn't that hard. It took my Mom a little while to figure out how to do a lot of the things for blogging too. If you go to your design page and click on any of the add a widget boxes, there are step by step instructions for a bunch of fun things to add.
    If you go over to two cats and a pug and tell Winston's Mom the trouble you are having, I am sure she will let you join the club. If Gina would like to join the Sunflower club just let me know and I will have Mom add her to the roster.

    Hi Melissa and Emmett,
    Yes of course you can come to thew party. Truth be told, I am thinking of inviting the Fire Hydrant Boys to all come too. I'll have to put it up for a vote!

    Oh Murphy,
    You are so sweet. You are appealing to my softer side. Between you and Emmett, I am caving in to extending an olive branch to those hydrant boys.



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