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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Rudy ~

OK, here is my dilemma. Not only is my Mom leaving us to fend for ourselves for hours on end, but now she expects me to blog about some dog I have never even met.
I mean, is she trying to get me to poop on the bed?

This guy really is pretty cute, and he smelled like a friendly when I sniffed Mom as she walked in.
Plus, he goes to work with his Mom at a nursing home and makes a lot of people really happy.
Mom has known Rudy the puggle for quite some time now. His Mom is a Nurse Practitioner at a place where Mom has taken her students for their clinical rotation for  years.
Rudy comes in and pretty much has the run of the place. He hangs out with his favorite nurse Jack, and visits with patients.
Mom says he is the sweetest boy, all squishy and lovey.
He has a bed at the nurses station, but one of his favorite places to hang is right up on the desk

So, I cut Mom a deal

I told her I'll need the fancy treat of my choice from our favorite store, and I want one of those sock monkey beds.

Clearly, she complied.

There's only one problem...

Brigitte tried it out~

I think we are going to need another one.

Any other random unknown dogs want to be a  guest on my blog?


  1. Wilma nice maybe you can fake Britt out with a "whos that? Whos at the door?"

    We hope that works!


    PS Tuni is still waiting for her Walgreens to be built to get her one of those socky monkey bed, silly Tuni.

  2. OH OH OH pick me pick me. I can be a random dog on the blog. (ulterior motive.... to gets info on the sunflower clubs).


  3. I thinks you needs another sock monkey bed post haste. The queen needs her bed and her sleep.
    A queen from another kingdom,
    Gracie Lynn (The Slimmer Puggums)

  4. Hi Wilma! I want a sock monkey bed too! I am glad you got yours!


  5. so sweet to have a pug on the desk!

  6. Awww, Rudy is so sweet! Don't be too jealous of him, your mamma loves you more! My humom gets to take Mack and me to work, too.
    Can you tell us where you got your sock monkey bed? Maybe I'll get one for my burfday next week!

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  7. I think they should each have one! Sluggo too.

  8. Awwwwwwwww!!!! Super cuteness all 'da way arounds!! Rudy is cutes and so are you in 'dat Socky Monkey beds!!

    Yep!! Yous need another ones for Brigs!! or.. not!! BA HA HA HA HA!!

    'da Josie.. who - else..

    Izzy is sleepin and I have takin over 'da blog..
    'da Josie has plans...
    Just kidding.. Izzy will be backs to say hi..



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