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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wilma's Wednesday Words of Wisdom ~ Kickin' it Old School Edition

"It's always good to remember from where you came"

I decided to keep this weeks wisdom on the simple tip. Go back to my roots so to speak.
 Where might that be you may ask?
Well, royalty,of course.

The thing is, I want you to know, that sometimes it's OK to be by yourself. 
I mean, look at me here.
I ask, why would I need to go lay with some human or some other dog?
I'm good.

Hanging out in a pile can work for you sometimes.
And I'm not saying you can't hang with the crew when you feel like it,
but, being able to be by yourself can be very empowering.

So, if  you are one of  those pugs who constantly needs to be with someone...

I'm not naming names.(Sluggo)

Try it.
(Start small, you don't want to freak out those co-dependant humans)

( Sluggo)

You might find out, it's not so bad.

FYI Sunflower Sisters. Our new Sunflower page is under construction.
Click the tab and check it out.
Suggestions are welcome and requested!


  1. Wilma!! Brilliant as always!! And your Sluggo is like my Anakin.. Mommy thinks is adorable!!!
    Yeah, real adorable..

    Can't wait for Sunflower talk and you know Winston will be peeping the bloggy... spy filter up{

    So}}}}}} The Page}}}}}
    clever idea!!! An entire Sunflower page.. but I clicked and just the Sunflower showed up...
    Thus, the construction...
    Okay.. I go back to bed now..

    IzZY sista

  2. Mornin Izzy Sista!
    Is Anakin all serious? I think sometimes Sluggo is the most serious pug. Sometimes he gets crazy and runs around like a nut, but sometimes he looks like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.
    Yes, we must meet soon, I will keep you posted. The new headquarters should get some of those security cams like you have.
    Thanks for the feedback on the page. It should show the badge and a real sunflower pic, plus our camp badge and my WWW blanket pic with an invite to post questions. That's so far, but Mom keeps changing it. It'slike an experiment, first extra page on the blog.
    Later gator,

  3. hi wilma!

    oh you are so wise!

    what a cute and true post!

    i also love how you are looking out not to freak out your humans too.

    you are always thinking! ;)

    m & e

  4. Excellent wisdom, Wilma!

    It is SO funny that you posted this. Let me tell you that momma calls me a Stage 5 clinger. I am ALWAYS needing to be right up in someone's business. I am pretty much never independent.

    Well the other day Daddy was working from home and momma was gone. And Daddy came looking for me because I was not in there with him, and do you know I WAS ASLEEP IN MY SOCK MONKEY BED?! JUST LIKE SLUGGO! All by myself for the first time!

    hehehe! What a coincidence!

    And the Sunflower page looks awesome! NO BOYS ALLOWED. You boys stay away from there.


  5. Wilma I will try your wisdom. I loves to snuggle (well not really with Tuni unless I must but with my parents). I think it might be nice to stretch out alone. Tuni can't try this, she freaks even if mom moves more than feet from her now adays. Poor girl. We both are excited to see the fun sunflower stuff!


  6. Hi Wilma,

    We would like to join the Sunflower club!!!!! You can ask Da Josie for our recomendation letter!!!

    Meemoo, Dilly Day, Ruthie, Booboo, and BIG Boomba

  7. There is a reason you hear the term "velcro pug" used a lot. Seriously. I can't get her off of me. I try to shake her off with warning barks but it doesn't work. Mom says she loves me first, and them a distant second. Joy of joys :/
    Maybe you could command her since you are the Queen Wilma of Independence Land?


  8. Hi Wilma
    I love this "thinking stuff" that you talk about .
    To tell you the truth,,,, I - me the tweedles
    has separation anxiety. Even though I am seldom with any other doggys,,,,,unless company comes...i must be near my moms.... and the truth is I want both of them together, or I scream.
    I admire those that can be comfortables with themselves. But we are all different and there is only one mold for each of us,
    I love your deep thought page, and the new Sunflower page looks great.



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